Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How to Setup and Start Bitcoin Mining and Exchange


Following the advancement in technology, there are thousand scores of things one can do from his comfort zone (home) and earn a living from it. Some are real while some are just time and fund consuming making ones choice for an online business even harder. If you are looking for a good, legitimate business with good return on investment rate to start from home, then I strongly recommend you start Bitcoin mining business or bitcoin exchange business.
What is Bitcoin? Or what is bitcoin currency exchange business? Bitcoin is a term used to represent or refer to a non-denominational currency (i.e. a general currency so to say) that is different from every other countries currency.

Bitcoin price- like wise other foreign currency, bitcoin have an exchange rate which is referred to its bitcoin price through which it can be converted to other currencies for use. Note bitcoin price varies from time to time, and from currency to currency. 

Research and study proves bitcoin is a business that makes money. a business in the united state for example a lucrative and non competitive business for anyone that would want to start.
In this article you will be provided with killer steps to take to start and enjoy high returns on investment. They are thus

1.       Get a computer with steady internet connection- likewise other online business the first step is to get a  a good computer and steady internet connection to enable you surf the cloud easily and do your business without interruption.

2.       Inform yourself- unlike most other internet business, bitcoin is not a popular term nor business, the step I will recommend you take after you might have secured a good computer and steady internet connection is to take time, inform yourself and understand Bitcoin. Learn all you can about bitcoin. Read eBooks, articles, Google search bitcoin to see crews before investing your time and money .

The best option would be to talk to a seasoned bitcoin miner(s) and have them explain and educate you on the business or better still work you down the process to start and earn.

3.       Choose a good wallet- a wallet in this context refers to your means of buying, accepting, saving and trading your bitcoin. Choosing the right wallet for your bitcoin has a positive effect on your earning so invariable; a wrong wallet will have a negative effect on your earning. As a rule of thumb choose a wallet with all bitcoin features, i.e. a wallet that will help you do all transaction eg- accepting bitcoins, getting merchant etc.

4.       Get bitcoins- after you must have chosen and had setup your wallet the next step is to get bitcoins, to get bitcoins you can fund your account or accept bitcoins from clients and customers.

5.       Join a pool- Basically, there are two ways to maker money from bitcoin mining, one can make money through this ways, you can make money from bitcoin cloud mining from your computer or through joining a pool. The later provides more earning potential and also considering the period it takes to get back your investment. There are lots of good bitcoin pool to join. 

6.       Start mining- either one of the above ways to earn money from bitcoin mining your sure to make profit. So after the above steps your ready to start mining and making profit. You can then start selling, accepting, and exchanging bitcoin. 
Did i miss anything? if yes please do share with us using the comment box.
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