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Business Name
The next obvious problem facing many entrepreneur after developing a business model is creating or coming up with a unique business name i.e. a business name that has not been used by others. just like finding a domain name to register because all name seems to have been take or is in use by others.

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In this article we will learn how to create a unique business name / domain name that is yet to be used or taken. Irrespective of the area or type of business the need of a good name cannot be over emphasized as a good name speaks much of a business thus the need to come up with a unique, yet original business name (you wouldn't want to imitate or copy others).

I will categorize this into two sub heading

1. Clipping method

2. Blending method.

A little study of English language under word formation discussed compounding as a major process of word formation. Compounding is divided into clipping and blending also. These two methods I have come to appreciate as they have helped me generate unique names for myself and my clients and i would want it to do for you, so let’s analyze each.

Clipping method of word formation: - clipping as discussed under word formation is the process of forming new word through the omission of some parts of a word.

Example: - AREO. Often we used only the word Aero which originated from the world aero plane.

PHOTO. Often we use only the word photo to refer to images, photo have its origin from the word PHOTOGRAPH. Applying clipping method resulted to the formation of the words- aero and photo etc. the list goes on.

You can utilize the process of word formation to create a unique business name. for instance you want to use your name like My name IKENNA i can clip it to have just IK. apply it. may companies actually utilized this method.

BLENDING METHOD:- this is my best method, most business name i create are often under this process. Blending simply means formation of new words from part of two different words.

Example: - TELECOM- this is a word formed from the blending of parts of the word TELEPHONE and COMMUNICATION. The list goes on; I wouldn’t want to add more.

i used this method to come up with my first business name EUCARL GLOBAL RESOURCES. Considering the one in bold, this how I created it:

My mother’s name is EUGINIA while my father’s name is CARLOS. Dividing this world’s syllabication and applying the above rule of blending leads to the formation of EUCARL. I applied for registration and was rejected three time before I learnt this method and coming up with this name it was approved and registered without delay, domain name is available in fact there is no trace of such name in the whole wide word I originated it and you can do the same. You can apply that as well

the famous business name MICROSOFT owned by Bill Gates was created through this method also.....being a computer-technology company with its development round MICROCOMPUTERS and its development of SOFTWARE . Dividing syllabication and applying the blending method produced MICROSOFT. The list of companies that utilized this method goes own but this is not our aim ours is for you to create yours.

Haven learned this two method you can create unique business names or domain name and still be original. Now you can it as well- guessing your name, name of your parent as in my case of name of your daughters is....................... Applying clipping or blending is sure to give you a unique business name.

Have you learned something from this article? If yes please drop a comment.

How Best to Create a Unique Business Name

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Professional Technical Translation Services
As technology is highly growing and changing in the global world, the business sector is highly covering all parts of the world because of technology that has simplified communication between people of different languages and dialects, and cultures as well. The growing technical businesses like medical, manufacturing, Automotive and pharmaceutical are successful in different markets because of the technical translation services that have been adapted. This has helped to avoid language barriers and has helped the target clients to communicate with the service providers effectively.
What is a professional technical translation?
One may have many questions as possible about technical translation such as what really it means, who should perform such a kind of translation, which areas need it and many other questions.
This type of translation involves translating documents produced by specialized technical writers in different fields or dealing with documents that involve technical applications and technological subject areas, in the translation industry, every person specializes in a particular area where he or she is conversant with, therefore, it will need not just a translator, but a person who has technical background in dealing with technical subject areas, language proficiency, and clear technical terminology background.
Areas where it's applied
Most businesses in the world that deal with technical texts need technical translations. These include;
• Medical
• Automotive
• Pharmaceutical
• Engineering
• Manufacturing
• Telecommunication and many other businesses
Technical translation has helped medical service providers to deliver their services to the market, how? We know how the medical field is too technical, any single mistake in translation, will lead to problems in people's health, therefore, people who are involved in technical translation for the medical field are well-trained as doctors, for example, and also train as medical translators, they know how to deal with any medical terminology they come across when translating documents like; patient's history, patients' record and translating from the source language to the target language.
Global technical translation
When operating globally one is expected to ensure that his business documents cater for particular languages of the target customers. The major used languages in the global market include;
• German
• Portuguese
• Chinese
• Korean
• Japanese
• English
• And many others
Translating documents in all language you are targeting is necessary to have your products and services understood by the clients.
Many translation agencies employee technical linguists who are carefully passed through a rigorous interview process to test the capability since they are to provide translations in technical fields. As said earlier, any technical document translation must be accurate and should be performed by a professional translator with update technical knowledge and can find new words to translate newly formed terminologies.
If you are in need of professional translation services for a technical business, you have to check technical translation agencies around and study their profiles, ask for the current projects that they have handled, ask the way they carry translators recruitment, then choose the right one that has want you want.
John Kerri, a marketing at KL Translations agency, a translation agency that provides professional technical translation services worldwide. For more information, visit the link below

Professional Technical Translation Services

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Evolution of Entrepreneurship

We all want to become an entrepreneur. Recently, i designed a blog lately for someone and after complimenting me on the work he said he dosent like the about me tab that he wanted it to be About the CEO Or About The manager Tab. Essence, the desire to become an entrepreneur or to be seen and addressed as one. in this article and the ones that will follow we will learn about the evolution of entrepreneurship / entrepreneur. we would learn about this in parts as we cant learn all in a single post. thus have divided it into pages this is the page one as you can see from the title, frequent series will follow comprising of page 2, 3, 4.......end. please always revisit us to keep track. you can bookmark us or better still sign up to get all our daily post in your inbox. sign up below.

You cant claim to be an entrepreneur when you don't know its origin and evolution. its important you learn this.

Who is and entrepreneur  what is Entrepreneurship  these frequently asked questions reflect the importance attached to the term entrepreneurship.
An entrepreneur is a french word which mean ' a go-between' or to 'undertake'(entreprede). an entrepreneur is an individual who takes risks and starts something new.

An entrepreneur in the early ages portrays the definition of a 'go between'. this period can be traced to MARCO POLO, who attempted to establish trade routes to the far east. he signs contract with a venture capitalists to sell his goods. while the capitalists was a passive risk bearer, the merchant-adventurer (MARCO POLO) took the active role in trading, bearing all the physical and emotional risks. when he has successfully sold the goods and completed the trip, the profits were divided with the capitalist taking most of them (up to 75%) while the merchant-adventurer settled for the remaining 25%.

In the middle ages, an entrepreneur was used to describe a person who manages projects. this individual does not take any risks, but merely manages a project using the the sources provided, usually by the government of the country. a typical entrepreneur was the CLERIC- who was in charge of great works, such as castles and fortifications, public buildings, abbeys, cathedrals, etc.

The connection or risk to entrepreneurship developed in the 17th century. here an entrepreneur enters a contract arrangement with the government to perform a service or supply products for a stipulated time. any resulting profits or losses were the entrepreneurs'. a famous entrepreneur in this period was JOHN LAW, a Frenchman  who was allowed to open a royal bank. the royal bank eventually evolved into an exclusive franchise to form a trading company in the new world- the Mississippi company. this company later went bankrupt when JOHN LAW attempted to push the company's stock price higher than the values of its assets. 
RICHARD CANTILLON, a noted economists and author understood law's mistake and developed one of the early theories of entrepreneur. he is regarded by some as the founder of the term entrepreneur  he sees the entrepreneur as a risk taker who buys at a certain price and sells at an uncertain price, therefore operating at a risk.

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This is open to contributions, suggestions, thoughts and comments. use the comment box below. thanks

Evolution of Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneur |page 1

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Entrepreneur or solopreneur
who's a Solopreneur?

In the simplest of terms, solopreneurs are entrepreneurs who run their industry alone or single-handedly. These are independent authorities who're engaged in building a individual company with the aid of performing every of the business duties themselves. They are themselves dependable for achieving personal and economic success from scratch and would not have any employees or support staff working for them. The time period ‘solopreneur’ is a huge term that's used to refer to one of a kind specialists together with freelancers, consultants, small trade house owners and on-name staff.

Difference between a Solopreneur and an Entrepreneur

it's a customary proposal that those walking their possess corporations are called ‘entrepreneurs’, but the same definition may also be utilized to ‘solopreneurs’. However, despite the slight similarity within the definitions, there are many variations between the two. Even as, on one hand, a solopreneur works independently without any employees, an entrepreneur may go with a gaggle of individuals including employees contributors, workers, and consultants. The next are probably the most other differences between solopreneurs and entrepreneurs:

1. Differences in aspirations and pursuits: whilst the intention of an entrepreneur is to generate profits, a solopreneur is also more involved in carving a brand or title for himself in the market.

2. Entrepreneurs are thinking about building a organization while solopreneurs are more inclined towards developing their own small area within the enterprise.  

3. Entrepreneurs work hard on constructing and increasing their firms but may not be peculiarly connected to it. All they goal for is to transform the industry right into a lucrative venture in order that they may be able to sell it out. However solopreneurs usually are not stricken a couple of buyout and don't plan handy over their so much-adored enterprise to any person else even as Solopreneurs are not stricken a couple of buyout.

4. Variations in hiring employees: Entrepreneurs must hire workers with the intention to meet their goal of maximizing profits in the fastest approach, however solopreneurs are not fascinated by hiring any one. 

Diadvantages and purpose why you shouldn't turn out to be a soloprenuer

1. Solopreneurs are workers

2.You're your biggest roadblock

3.Solopreneurs believe small

4. There’s only one means things get carried out: you. Matters can get tremendously lonely

5. Separation of personal and business finances is intricate

6. Solopreneurs shun useful partnerships i.E  Lack of collaboration

7. Setting apart industry and individual funds is next to not possible 

8.  Lack of resources

9. Not for everyone

10. Solopreneurs are hard for higher businesses to rent.

Performing a giant number of duties daily and being responsible for success single-handedly can show to be very disturbing. From the stress of making a living to the stress of obtaining resources, the list is never-ending. The burden of the work tasks and the possibility of failure can make any one disintegrate, at the same time the stress may also have an impact on the efficiency of the individual.Start thinking significant.  Freelancing is high-quality, however it's better and extra moneymaking to role your self as a CEO.  Earn sufficient capital to hire a employees abroad, teach them, and worry concerning the enormous matters that are going to deliver you increasingly pleased consumers.  The more that you've the possibility to dream up new approaches of serving your consumer, the more your small business will develop.

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Become an entrepreneur not a solopreneur

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Babies Wears Selling Business
Starting a business is likely one of the most desirable approaches of attaining financial freedom mainly in the event you setup a business that is season independent. If your intention is to generate profits all by means throughout the year without being redundant, then you definitely should consider establishing a business that isn't seasonal. It must be one business whose services or products are wanted all year round. Of such business you can start that is season independent is the business of baby’s wears/clothes sale business- baby boutique.
Quite a lot of opportunities exist and are on hand whilst you decide in starting a business established on toddlers. You probably have been looking for a business to start and you aren't sure of what to do, then you can start a business of baby wear sales business.

Hundreds of thousands of kids are born every year which means many parents are looking to buy little one wear of the others such as toys and different important gadgets. Even when spending is down, one subject the placed persons are not able to prevent putting out cash is in the case of their children, particularly a new born baby. A baby wear selling business or boutique is a place mom and dad and the would – be parents purchase clothes, shoes and all type of kids and child stuffs from. The business involves you shopping babies’ clothes or wears from detailed places either at home (locally) or abroad (through importation) and selling to your consumers and making a benefit from the sales.
Baby’s wears sales business or baby’s boutique has the advantage to be moneymaking and can also be started in a few steps (see steps below), however you'll have to cautiously plan your enterprise earlier than starting up without planning.

This form of business requires just minimal capital to startup and it doesn’t require any technical ability, it is much less traumatic and it's indeed a moneymaking venture if the business is strategically placed and well managed. This can be a business that has an excessive risk of succeeding as it's a business that receives excessive patronage because of its demand.

How rewarding is this business?
One factor that would derail this business from continuing and flourishing is that if babies are not many anymore. This does not appear like going down any time quickly as babies are born at a common and constant expense on a day-to-day basis.
With a many babies being born, they're going to need to be clothed and their mothers and fathers comprehend this and are inclined and ready to move and purchase wears for their infants.
Steps to follow to be ready to start your baby boutique or baby wear sales business in any location of your choice
Babies Wears Selling Business
1.Learn and understand the business
2.Decide on a area of interest for your youngster boutique. You might promote natural little one apparel, 2d-hand youngster objects or fashion designer baby manufacturers, new born toddlers or promote for babies within the range of three-6 months, three months to a 12 months, and so on. Your niche will determine your goal market or target client.
3.Identify your child boutique, paying shut concentration to your target market and niche.
4.Carry out Feasibility studies- Although this is a moneymaking business enterprise to, it's possible to begin this sort of business and battle to make earnings if due diligence was not pay to business plan and was not implemented before launching the business. So, what you have got to do earlier than launching your proposed baby boutique is to carry out a feasibility be trained and carry out a market survey.
5.Write a business plan-even though you can startup this type of business without writing a business plan/marketing strategy does not make it the perfect thing to do. Irrespective of how small the business you intend starting could seem, simply make it a point of obligation to take go through a well written professional business plan before venturing out to start executively your online business thought.
6.Carry Capital you-  probably you  have raised the capital needed then you have overcome this step but if no longer nonetheless, you then  needed to begin your own baby wear sales of baby’s boutique
7.Decide upon a location: establishing a baby boutique just isn't one of those businesses that you may simply start from your house (though can be started at home but It will restrain possible market). 

 It is primary to state that the location of the store you lease or hire to your little one boutique will go a long option to determine how positive the business will grow. When renting or leasing a shop for a baby wear sales business or a baby boutique, be certain that you simply rent a store that is near a place of major human activities, a sanatorium and maternity center or a market that's great for the sale of children’s and baby’s wears or even a residential field with appreciable numbers of younger couples, amongst others.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

How to Start Babies Wears Selling Business in Nigeria

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

 weavon and hair extension business
Weavons and hair extensions are essentially the most sought out product in the complete female world considering “The hair on a woman is the beauty, with out the hair  am not sure ladies can also be entirely attractive, so ladies hair is a one in every of their pride, a girl has to make her hair,” to look presentable and because of the popular selection for an extended, straight hair as opposed to the short and kinky nature of the African woman’s hair, hair extension and wigs are unarguably probably the most wanted hair products.

Weavons are extensions used by females to complement their looks and considering that looking good is good business; ladies believe that a lady’s hair speaks volumes about her persona and style so many ladies spend some huge cash on their weaves. Averagely ladies maintain a weave for 2 to 3 weeks so there may be at all times demand for weavons.

Have you ever considered venturing into the weavon business?
Do you love making people look good? If you have answered sure to those questions and have been looking for a way to start the weavon business? Then this is for you.
Alternatively in case you are effectively looking for a business to invest into, you may also do not forget the weavon business.
One business which is particularly beneficial and which you could with a minimal sum of money is the weavon business. The weavon trade isn't gender specific it may be done by both the female and male gender, so guys don't say that is for only women.

As the countdown for the tip of the 12 months season starts and the Christmas mood sets in, hair product is bound to be in excessive demand and which you can leverage on this as hair sale shops is sure to be fill with flurry of exercise as buyers search to switch their appears with new hairstyles and wigs. So if you wish to start, this is the time ( I really think it’s time we start  investing in natural or artificial(synthetic)  hairs as well and watch the cash flood in)……..Carrying on with this  reading. Listed below are instructions to starting a weavon and hair extension trade.

How to:

To  start you ought to recognize what style of weavon you want to sell and which is fashionable and is in demand, with no demand you can’t make profit in this business. There are two varieties of hair extension, Human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair (because the identify implies is real human hair) It is gotten from all over the world usually indian, Brazilian and peruvian. This type of hair is in excessive demand because of its smooth texture and durability.
Human hair may also be curled, straightened, colored etc.  Its basically human hair. Due to its versatile nature this human hair is extra costly than the substitute hair.
The fee depends on the size. Weavons most of the time are available in exclusive colours and lengths, so it would be excellent to make certain you have got many colors and lengths for customers  to choose  from.
Additionally, You are to ought to

•    Do a normal market survey for the prices and dimension of your market.
•     look for a supply with good price.
•     You may also buy online from online E-stores
•    how to buy in bulks because when you buy in bulk, you get good deals.
•     Import your goods into the nation and do the vital clearing.
•     find a retailer or warehouse, strategically placed, where you resell to       wholesale distributors,
•    outlets and end users at a good profit margin.
•    No person gets to learn about a business that isn't promoted. So, utilize various marketing procedures as a way to sell your hair selling business.

To help you start we have packaged all this information and every other information you will need to start up this business in and ebook format which you can order.

It’s a contains the business plan, cost analysis market, contact and address where to get goods at cheap price, how to import this product and from where to import from, how to start and how much it will cost to start etc. to start order for this business plan to order

Pay the sum of N3000 naira only to our official business account  

Bank: GTBank


Account number: 0179415426

After payment send name, email address, bank payment details to 08180081665

For enquiries please call 08168710034.

If you’re in this business or just want to start you can leave a comment.

Drop your comment below. Don’t leave without commenting.


How to start weavon and hair extension business in Nigeria

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Friday, 23 October 2015

 Decorative Asbestos production

Its not a matter of what we know but its what we do with that which we know, if your just on this page just for reading sake , you might as well reconsider and consider starting something that is sure to keep you financially buoyant for the as long as you do it.Of such things to do is production of Decorative Asbestos. The decorative asbestos business is a lucrative business that for long been kept a secretly, serious guided by those that have ventured into it. but here i let you in on the secret provided you make money from it.

Decorative asbestos in this context refers to ceiling sheets that comes in measurement 2 * 2 and the common colour is white. It's utilized in many structures. this type is that which is now in large application as its preferred over its alternatives, it became widely accepted most from 2002. On account, that then it has been adopted by the middle classification, high category, inns, eating places, banks and only in the near past middle class started to admire the fact that they need it due to its price which is lesser to that of the customary ones and its capability to attract stunning colors thereby beautifying house than any one can think.

When the creation started right here in Nigeria it was a single sample in the course of but simply few years in the past it won more floor by using the introduction of different patterns like vegetation, pass etc to make the residence more lovely. The observations and feedback so far expose that it make house cooler than the long-established ones.Dear reader, as a result of all these qualities and its lucrativity out there the producers had made it one zero five% secretive simply to avoid people understanding what it takes to make it actual which I consider cant aid making this nation higher ‘cos it has been constrained to a distinctive field most effective.

Learn how to produce

 Decorative Asbestos production

Producing the asbestos is regularly by means of materials which might be mendacity waste around us, and for those that aren't in our on the spot environs we get it free at any place ‘cos they are different companies waste.

Cost OF production

The fee of producing a single piece of the ornamental asbestos is lower than the 1/2 of its promoting fee. The gain on it's at all times a hundred twenty five% i.E. If you invested N1,000 you’ll get N2,250. Mind you there may be continually a in a position market for it and a single plane one goes for N220 whilst the painted ones are between N240 and N260 relying on the number of merchandise wanted.

Amount needed to start

you need not as much as N2000 to ! Sure I imply it and the N2000 will fetch you your first contract ‘cos you’ll use it in producing like 20 piece of the asbestos for persons to see and once they comprehend you are into it, the industry started.

It’s invariably 60% down cost and you’ll use 40% for getting the whole product ready so even out of your first gather you've gained 20% and right away you provide your final product you get your stability, i.E. You’ll use the consumers cash to provide all its product with out going to borrow or get a mortgage.
Pal, I suppose I've stated little about what a decorative ceiling/asbestos is all about.

The step by step manner of manufacturing it with out stress or confusion is now on hand. It’s effortless to provide, not time ingesting and it’s a life time trade that you may’t have the funds for to miss. This is unique from different stream of earnings ‘cos it is constant as long as folks proceed to build house you’ll make your cash.

It’s effortless to do and that you can! So  a lifestyles time business now and also you’ll not ever regret doing so.

Ready to start? the order for our eBook which shows your all you need to start and start earning. to order call 0816710034 or 08180081665. the ebook is for a give away price of N2500 only. start now and enjoy hughe profits.

drop you comment below
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How to start and Produce Decorative Asbestos in Nigeria

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In this complex business world a business success is often depends on proposal, we have past the era where lands was the order and also have we past the industries days where industries was the order. We are in the information age and sooner we realize this better as information is the order. Getting just the right information to work for you is what success in this is our age.

Gone are the days where you need to own plots of land or have billions of dollar/naira to startup a billion dollar/naira worth of business. What you might need is just a well written proposal. Do you have a great business idea? A business model that you’re sure will be successful? Then why wait? You don’t need to wait for the money to come because money never seems to come in its required amount most times besides we are needful creatures so why don’t you start with a proposal-

Am not left out as I started with one, I always tell my clients I started with just a proposal. when I heard about bulksms and I needed to own my own bulksms website I had no money besides then I was just a secondary school graduate so all I need was to write a good proposal (thanks to my writing skills) I submitted it to individuals( planning to have weeding or any other ceremony), company’s, schools and churches etc . I was amazed to find out that few of this companies knew about bulksms then- I made a lot of money just sending bulksms as I charge 4 naira ( the normal charge for textmessage0 while I pay 0.99kobo to 1 naira per number i.e. 3 naira and above per number- the power of proposal.

Need another example- 2013 I wrote a motivational book, I gave it out to my pastor, and later to a university English lecturer and both confirmed its worth as my lecturer said “it will Move Market”. I wanted to publish it since then but the cost was in higher hundreds of Naira  and I don’t that to spend ( having many project at hand) recently on my birthday this year I was thinking of my life, achievement and it came to my knowledge that am yet to publish the book though I have written many more. I thought to myself why write when none gets published and have only friends and family read them and tell you how splendid they think it is?  

I picked up a pen and in less than one hour I drafted out a proposal to a stated company, in the proposal I offered one year full advertisement on my websites and free review in this blog and advertisement on the cover photo of the book and boom they accepted even without reading the book- power of proposal.

Do you want to do real business- then you need a proposal. Do you need to make supply of your business to hotels, churches, schools, supermarkets etc or to sell your goods to major companies in Nigeria or abroad? Then you need a good proposal. Just an idea is not enough. Do you need proposal for sponsorship? Then hire us. 

Recently I wrote a nine (9) page proposal for  sponsorship for a friend that wants to host a pageant show and he has been calling to say thank you many times as a company’s he submitted to have accepted to sponsor his beauty pageant.

Do you need a compelling business proposal for?





Then hire us to write if for you!
To hire us click here
Do you have a similar or any testimony to what proposal can help facilitate? 

Then share with everybody using the comment box below.
please don't leave without commenting.

Power of a Proposal- Hire Us to Write a Compelling Proposal for You

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