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5 Factors To Consider Before Starting a New Business  
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Starting a new company presents many problems and challenges to an entrepreneur. Having a choice to set up a brand new business from scratch is tasking, but so is the choice to get over what ever the ultimate decision, the outcome is dependent upon the foundation, the expertise/ exposure and the financial standing of the entrepreneur . For an entrepreneur to start a fresh business or an individual to take up a brand new business he has to understand some things that are specific so that you can begin Successfully. 

Where by one needs to understand the kind of business he wants to do, strategy for the business and assess website and finance of the Business, it is well supposed that the entrepreneur new business would embrace a well laid out processes via:

 Decide on the company that is particular to undertake:
 here the individual (entrepreneur) need to plan, choosing in the list of opportunities, and on what company to undertake (ie merchandise or service thought) accessible to him/her.
It has to contain the raw material conditions needed place of the organization and also the creation process etc as a way to enable him.

Pick from the options. The feasibility report may also affirm if there is room for another similar business in the community or demand. Ie to say the person needs to be capable in carry out the company if he is able to find a way to defy the challenges and problems that could come out from it and also to know.  
Decide on the name of the business: The name of the company needs to identified together with the ownership name ie it has to bear the owner's name, should be exceptional(must not be the same name to an existing business name). The name needs to be registered because its corporate personality is really crucial, to reveal it.
Decide on the shape of company ownership: The form must be legal type of sole-proprietorship according to the desire of the entrepreneur, liability businesses, venture or ownership public limited. Here, it's required for the entrepreneur to prepare Article of Association and a memorandum for the incorporation of the enterprise entity. 

Finance the business: The entrepreneur has to decides on source of raising funds for the business. It involves financial decision and fiscal planning on how much funds will likely be needed for promotion fees, fixed investment etc. and working capital. The ownership must find out how owners equity or borrowings or balance that is suitable finances whether the company. He additionally has to know whether he is able to get from buddy's, connections, private economy or institutional sources e.g commercial, community, merchant banks etc.
 He has to know kinds or the type of funds needed by him whether short term, moderate or long term funds. The importance of short-term funds could be due to the seasonal character of the organization, or haphazard events could order the search for it e.g failure of consumers to pay. 

So, an entrepreneur need to possess sufficient money to start up a business and an extent that even when it is being Debt by the customer will not affect him or affect the company. But when the entrepreneur is competent dynamic and resourceful with deep personal commitments to the business that is brand new, notably getting the marketplace, the product/service furnished or to be sold, in starting a new company, the achievement rate could always be higher.     

Many entrepreneur or aspiring ones fail to analyze some of this factors before going into a business, this factors is a necessity that must be considered in before starting up a new business.
Now, over to you have, have i missed any one, or do you want to make contribution please do using the comment box below.

5 Factors To Consider Before Starting a New Business

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Saturday, 28 November 2015

How to Become a Real Estate Agent
-- Make up your mind to be an agent

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

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Intercontinental trade is one of the newest millennium's promising business. Though it's old. Recall Polo. Recall the scriptural age with their cargoes of silks and spices' fantastic caravans. Recall further back again to ancient male dealing seashells and sodium with tribes that are distant. Industry exists since one party or region includes a supply of several item or items that's in-demand by another. And as the entire world becomes more and more technologically-advanced, as we transfer in subtle and not therefore delicate techniques toward one- processes of imagined, business that is worldwide becomes a growing number of gratifying, both when it comes to personal and profit pleasure.

Importation of laptops and mobile Phones is actually a scorching business in Nigeria marketplace. The need for laptop is growing in Nigeria. Individuals are not unwilling to spend N80,000 -N100,000 as cost on laptop. You will find market out-there where you could get laptop that is cheaper and renovated for N30,000-N50,000.

Lot of youngsters in Nigeria are creating thousands from importing and selling laptop computers. Subsequently companies emerge who when you buy from them they will process your laptop orders and ship them to you, all you have to accomplish to tap into this scorching market would be to get laptop from online retailers like Alixxxxxxx, ebay yet others sell these ( note i will provide you with online retailers where you can securely buy laptops and phones). For example, if you purchase a laptop from an internet shop, for N60,000 and sell it for N70, 000 or 80,000 then you have made a profit of N10,000 to 20,000. But before you start this business, you'll need set several points into consideration.

Before you start importing laptop, you'll need certainly to outsource several dependable stores where you are able to obtain laptops from
if You'll desire a US supplier,You'll need certainly to choose the way the laptop is likely to be transported to you personally. You'll determine what brands of laptop you intend to be working with. As an example, fresh or refurbished laptops.

Laptop and phone -Importation-Business-In-Nigeria

Getting only a little capital will aid in this type of business, after considering the above information. One which just begin the importation of laptops in Nigeria, you must have up at least N30,000- 50,000. Having that amount, which can get you at least a laptop, as a starting point. depending on the type of suppliers you want to buy from. with this specific business, you may be pocketing even more 000's  regularly  according to your commitment.

You have to generally try to find superior and trusted merchants on-line; you need to likewise take advantage of savings and ads. Before anyone venture into eCommerce,conduct an extensive research ( i have conducted one my self and can provide it for you if you indicate interest). After buying any laptop, you will need certainly to look at the price in the “shipping cost” market value” before you choose your price tag.

Finally, I'll like to share how many importers get there laptops.most internet vendors ship free to Nigeria straight. In case you get yourself an online merchant that sells laptop at cheaper rates and after discovers that you can’t dispatch the laptop to Nigeria, RELAX, there are many tactics by which you can get your laptops within Nigeria even though your goods can’t be delivered directly to Nigeria. However the easiest way it may be performed is through mail sending services. With email forwarding services, you will possess a digital people handle you will utilize to get your things, and after, the goods will soon be ship to Nigeria. One of the finest website that offers this type of services is MyUS. You will have to pick the delivery selection that suite your design in order to use MyUS solutions, after that you will be granted a US handle where you could direct your product from the shop and afterwards reship it to your tackle in Nigeria through – Communicate shipping via DHL, UPS or FedEx Express. Economy shipping via USPS or Economy. Products shipment via FedEx Products.

do you understand all discussed in this text, do you need more details? if yes then call email me, i will provide you with detail A-Z of importation Business in Nigeria. the eBook will teach you all that is necessary to import anything from shoes, jewelries, etc down to cars to Nigeria. email me @ [email protected] or [email protected] or via phone 08180081665 or 08168710034. 

How to Start Laptop and Phone Importation Business in Nigeria

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Benefits of Investing at a Young Age.

One of the very essential things that you are able to do as an investor is to get an early start.
Investing is understood to be making an investment in order to make a profit, and bringing in that profit will probably not be much more difficult to do if you get an early beginning. The advantages are numerous and can not be missed, although investing at a young age isn't always difficult.


Time is on your side
- Waiting to start saving can have a significant effect on your retirement. Yet this can be the most significant of them all, although it is the most straight forward of the benefits. Quite frankly if you start investing in a youthful age history tells us that you are likely to end up with far more than people who invest later in life. Having time on your side means having a longer time period of being in a position to save money to invest of being able to find investments that can grow in worth rather nicely, and also an extended time period. Usually, when it comes to investing, enterprises which are more explosive yield the greatest return on investment. Investors, who possess enough time to recover if something were to go wrong, have the liberty to make moves that are more high-risk.
Those who start to get in life are frequently inherently more cautious with how they invest their money.

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Compounding returns
- Make money on your own cash" is the concept behind compounding. Compounding is when the money you get from your investments is reinvested for the chance to earn more.
By buying a retirement plan, the investor can get much more benefit in the energy of compounding with tax-deferral. The investor's account really has the capacity to grow faster because the amount of money can earn additional cash and you'll have paid in taxes on gains each year remains in the account.
Keep in mind , though, that while compounding can make an impact over several years, there could be periods wherever your money will not grow.
The earlier you start, the longer your money has got the chance to compound.
Compounding returns are extremely powerful on the long term, and the sooner you get started the greater your chance will be to make the most of this. Put more simply here is the power. Routine investments or a retirement account can lead to compounding gains that are huge.

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Expanding futher, By continuously reinvesting your earnings, you're exponentially increasing your return on investment.
Knowledgeable investors understand the benefits of investing early and benefiting from the potential gains from compound interest. To help the investor realize how compound interest and time are related, here's an example: When you start the trail to investing early, you give a great edge to yourself that only time can provide.

Enhances spending customs - Investing early on definitely helps acquire positive spending habits, although many usually overlook this benefit. Individuals who invest early on are much less likely to possess issues with overstepping their bounds in spending over the long term. Investing teaches important lessons and the earlier you're able to learn those lessons the more you can profit. Investing early lets you develop disciplined spending habits by focusing on cutting expenses and your budget when needed. The aim here will be to earn money by saving cash.
This really is not possible with poor spending habits along with a life filled with impulse buying. Through investment that was early, the lessons learned when the investor have more capital, will pay off in the future, particularly and restraint is required.

Ahead of the private finances match
- If you're a youthful investor you are putting yourself in the universe of personal finance in general. By growing your investments you may be able to manage matters that others can't. Your private finances are bound to get at times throughout your own life, and investing in a young age will help in those tight times. The early bird gets the worm is an idiom worth adhering to. The earlier you begin investing, the better your private finances will be down the line.
Compared to your own counterparts, who may have decided to invest later in life you will be able to manage matters that others can't.
Additionally, at some point your finances may become shaky, but you will be ready to face such hardships, by investing early.

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Quality of life
- The investor need to be able to avoid having to make frantic moves near or during by investing in things like retirement accounts and Roth IRA's. Quality of life through your retirement years will soon not be much worse because there will be more of a nest egg to work with and less pressures.
It's important to be aware that saving cash to invest in a young age isn't easy, but the investor simply can not afford to wait to invest when it is not inconvenient. Do not shy away from investing because you just begin with making modest investments don't have enough and give them time. Investing when you are young is among the best choices one can make.
Early investment will reduce the danger that you'll be forced to generate dangerous choices to secure a stable retirement.

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Benefits of Investing at a Young Age.

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snail farming business

Snail farming also called Heliculture, is simply the domesticating snails at home, making them feel as though they are in their natural habitat (home). Heliculture is quite a lucrative enterprise that's yet to be appreciated in the Agro industry, because very few are conscious of its profit potential. But the bright few in the business discovered this, and are making a fortune.

Snails are seen by individuals here and there, Some people take it but quite a number don't know how to go about rearing them. This can be made worse because snails, which belong to the family of animal is a hermaphrodite- It has both the female and male sexual organs one cannot actually distinguish between its female and male specie.

But the simple fact is the fact that snail farming is as easy as ABC. The sole thing the snails may always demand from you is the attention and care. Themselves barely fall sick. You do not have to purchase their food and you may not need to spend much to assemble a Pen (House) . The wonder of it is the snails reproduce rapidly; they are effective at producing countless eggs, which hatch into snails. It is now possible to produce 1,000,000 snails worth more than N5 million twice a year. That is made possible because of the accessibility to really tremendously prolific ACHATINA. ACHATINA species of snails, which lay 200400 in one batch 2-3 times a year. There is the urgent demand for Nigerians to really have a radical shift on government for occupation from complete dependence to self-employment. Certainly one of such alluring place for self-employment is snail rearing. It truly is a great money-spinning company that provides a substantial supply of protein to complement carbohydrate meals that are Nigerian. Unfortunately Nigerians where thousands have already made their bundle disposition to go into company has led to the ulter negligence of such successful section of snail farming in Nigeria or export at international marketplace.


-- The demand for snail is more compared to supplies as such snail's market potential is not exhaustible and globally.
-- This technology has really been approved to be most lucrative farming enterprise presently, as it requires far less capital investment, while much gain has been generated in a short interval that was substantial.
-- Nearly every part is of critical use in Food, Pharmaceutical industry, production and fishing businesses.
It truly is a foreign currency income earner. Our climate is among the best in snail breeding.
-- Snail farming requires the running cost as well as small capital is very low, therefore their feeds are extremely local
-- Snail company really is a JEWEL in the livestock business. So benefit from the opportunity of being among the forerunners in this unbeatable enterprise.
-- you are able to handily earn income a higher than your current making. Since your present job will not demand much time you'll be able to keep it and do this.
-- This is a genuine export market without you running from pillar to post, that brings in foreign revenue.
-- This is just not fiction but factual. Not fantastic but a fact.
-- No pressure, no time consuming, no noise no odour with no annoyance.
-- Snail farming is a feasible and practicable enterprise yet unexplored in Nigeria. It is going to work in Nigeria, if it's worked elsewhere.


There exists a ready market for snail, globally and locally. They is only going to need your guarantee of routine supply weekly. There's also great marketplace for snail meat in the international marketplace if only you'll be able to do a packaging that is good. It's possible for you to make millions from this vast and inexhaustible market. Snail farmers are making huge gain as the global need for the delicacy increases. In Nigeria the prices of raw, matured snails goes for N250 to N600 determined by the size. The international trade in snails is flourishing in Europe, France, China, and North America. The usa imports more than $5million worth of snails per annum from throughout the world, including Nigeria. France additionally demands about 15000 metric tons per annum.

At this point you see that this really is a chance for one to get loaded. You don't have to go in search of Job when you can conveniently make millions of naira right at your backyard on bases that are part-time and with little capital.
The snails reproduce rapidly. They've been effective at creating more than 300 eggs. It's now possible to produce snails that are 1,000,000 worth more than N20 million twice a year.

Snail meat has been consumed by people worldwide since prehistoric times. A current study has revealed that the glandular substances could be of worth in fighting with various ailments, including whooping cough. Snails also can be helpful to Asthmatic patients.

If you're seeking a company which you would have you raking in millions within a short while and should start with very little capital, then you should really start looking into Snail farming. Would you understand that you can also export snail both in large and small scale?

Well, you're likely to learn everything you need to know in this post. Even though this post is using Nigeria as case study, the techniques, approaches as well as ideas shared here can be executed in virtually any nation of the earth; whether Ghana, United States, Canada, U.K, etc.

Why you need to begin a Snail Farming Business Now

  •   With a population of over 160million individuals, and eateries scattered all around the nation; then starting a snail farming business in Nigeria is actually a clever move as the demand cannot even be fulfilled by the existing local farmers.
The feeds are readily available and also you can also create yourself to it as snails feed. You can not start large out of your backyard and grow from there.
  •   because of its high nutritional value, snails have become a very popular delicacy.

  •   Snails are also a good source of protein. Snails are very popular among weight watchers as they are extremely low in fat and calories. Snail meat is likewise very good for people afflicted by cancer cardiovascular diseases and individuals trying to recover from an injury.

You'd need some snails to start up your snail farm and also you need to ensure in perfect condition as well as they are productive. The best spot to source for your first stock is in the bushes. Snails gotten straight from their natural habitat are in the very best condition since they haven't been exposed to too much sunlight which would dehydrate them and cause them to become less fertile.

In case you feel getting snails from the bush would be too much of a strain for you, then you can get snail eggs in the market and cover them up with wet sand inside it with cocoyam leaves in a plastic bowl and leave them to hatch.
The hatching process would take about 21-28 days you then watch your snails multiply in amounts because snails reproduce rapid and in large numbers and can begin feeding and taking care of one's infant snails. You should learn about the various species of snails and which ones are best for raising, before you rush off to the marketplace to get your snail eggs.
The Achatina Achatina is, in addition, easy to locate.

Snail feeding
Snails are very versatile feeders. They could feed on anything from leaves to fruits. Snails can feed on eggplant leaves together with cocoyam leaves, okra and cassava leaves, cabbage, lettuce, pawpaw. Snails can also feed on fruits like tomatoes, banana, pawpaw, mangoes and pears.
There are specially invented snail feed in the market that you may use to feed your snails for productivity and improved growth.

  Picking your snails
It is vital to handle them carefully, when harvesting your snails. You can pick them or in a carton to be carried to the point of sale. Don't overload the containers. 10 kg in every container is simply okay so that the snails do not get hurt or stressed.

  Marketing your snails
There are different advertising chances for snail farmers. You are able to sell them to hotels and restaurants that have snail meat or sell to market men or girls who will buy them from you in wholesale amount. It is also possible to process your snails to other nations for export.

Challenges of Beginning Snail Farming in Nigeria
The opportunities in snail farming far outweigh its challenges / difficulties. Apart the challenges of raising capital, obtaining a great place to back the snails, getting advertising and their feeds your snails; the sole concern you could confront is the issue of pests such as ants, termites, hawks, etc. Snails scarcely fall ill.

In conclusion, I want one to be aware of that snail farming is a very profitable business guaranteed to bring an enormous source of income to you in a brief period! Venture. I bet you won't repent it! Get our ebook which will equip you with the info you have to begin.

Conclusively, I would advice one to give it a daring trial and you're certain of being on your approach to some sound financial liberty and freedom you so much desire; if you judiciously and religiously use the principle highlighted in the ebook, with good luck and Almighty God's blessing and guidance, success is ensured.

Take Action Today! Order The E-book for a give a way cost of 
N5,000 only payable into our Bank Account. In case your purchasing from outside Nigeria, pay $40, send through any acceptable payment medium available or direct bank deposit or western union. Yes with such little amount, you may get started on commercial level with Heliculture.

Pay into account
bank: GTBank
Account Name : Eucarl Global Resources
Account Number: 0179415426

after payment send your payment details and email address to 08180081665 or to our email @ [email protected]

1. Important reasons for snail breeding

2. Economical significance of snail

3. Medicinal value of snail

4. Site building and location of the pencil

5. Other types of Home snails

6.The best way to have the species that is proper to begin your personal farm

7. Hatching/ incubating care of creation and the Hatchlings of snail eggs.

8. Snails' Foes and Disorders

9. The Break Down price of beginning a Snail farm

10. Stocking capacity

11.Organizations that were significant to be reached in snail company

12. Overview of snail breeding secrets that are contemporary

13. The future prospect of raising a lot more and snails!

14. What's snail?

15. What's snail farming?

Bonuses include. Only if you act now or before the year runs off.


How To Start A Snail Farming Business

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Counting down, we have just 37 days or less to 2016, what ever be our expectation for next year starts now. for abode business financial security is our watch ward and in such, if you want to attain financial security in the next year 2016 then there are certain thing you need get done. of those things we will in this article outline money action steps to take before in this 37 days before 2016.

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                Home Based Companies- Start Easily and Attain Success

In this article we will find few simple means of what to do with money. Idea will be to use money to improve our financial position this new year 2016.
We will present to you of things to do with cash 8 manners. The purposes are in order in which they must be performed. Like, executing point number 1 is essential for long time success. We've got lots of written material on net about personal finance direction. But do we follow those propositions supplied by them?
The suggestions supplied are either overly complicated to or are too extended. Reading and enactment are just like expectation that is distant. Folks miss the article itself and get bored by random ideas. But here we will present to you all suggestions in arrangement that is most rational. It is possible to choose to implement these in the order by which they're listed. Your financial position will improve for sure, once all 8 measures are implemented.
What things to do with cash before 2016...

Prepare a Budget & Track Expense

This might be the best thing you can do with money before spending. Preparing a budget gives our spending's a direction. Budget preparation activates ones interest to track expenses. Once one starts monitoring expense and does not overspend the journey towards good fiscal health start taking enormous leaps than budgeted,.

Prepay Loan with Annual Bonus

In this element of earth, bonus is received by employees during festival seasons. Some might even receive performance bonus in the end of the year. From this year onward, instead of spending all of the bonus on holiday and presents, use 50% to make the prepayment of loans.

Compute Income Tax Liability

Your worker to plan your tax outgo is not depended on by this year. You do your computations yourself. Record all existing savings down (including home loan EMI). Compute your taxable income. Take steps to make use of them this new year, if you realize your savings are not sufficient to utilize all tax reliefs furnished by the government.

Take Steps to Decrease Your Fixed Statements

Reduce electricity bill by switching to LED lamps. Shift (reduce) if you see that you are not utilizing your internet broadband to fullest every month, its strategy. Unsubscribe to those DTH stations that you never see on TV. Create a prepayment of your loan and reduce the EMI. Alter the mobile phone-strategy and see if you could reduce at least couple of dollars every month.

Prepare a Balanced Investment Portfolio

If possible attempt to buy one invest (different) every month. If you have spare-funds be sure you include real estate property in portfolio. If resources are insufficient, buy REITS. If you curently have an investment portfolio, make sure to review REITS and sell anything which is not performing. Additionally make a sure to publications profits on investment that has attained its aim.

People frequently ponder about what to do with cash. Answer that is evergreen and my favorite is associated with retirement savings. Increasing contribution to retirement savings plan is the best. Instead it is possible to decide to prepay loans, invest cash in mutual funds, purchase precious metal etc.

Buy a Monthly Income Plan (MIP)

Monthly income plans (MIP) asks one to invest now. From the 11th year the monthly income begins getting generated. Not only the is able to spend less in short term, but also in long term, he/she can generate a certain side-income. This adds to ones monetary freedom.

Buy Health Insurance & Life Insurance

Be sure to incorporate life insurance and health insurance policy . Not only they can save income tax but additionally forms a part of your crisis savings. In time to come the will prove more than useful although initially it might look like an unnecessary price. As folks starts getting older, it's discovered that emotional effect are very positive on the insurance company.


Before we start to do anything with cash it essential to first prepare a budget. Here we must not only budget the expense but also savings and investment. Any fiscally conscious man doesn't spends a dime without budgeting. All the money that is coming in pocket shall be utilized in this type of way that it improves ones financial position. Therefore it is essential to budget a fixed portion of ones income to manage balance and day to day needs to be used for savings & investment. As rule if a person can save 30% of ones annual income, it's considered very great.

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37 Days Left of 2015 - Money Action Steps To Take Before 2016

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Real estate business is great, money-making and money whirling. It has a platform that is world-wide.
I am not attempting to brain wash you to catch your attention. Make no mistake, there's lots of money to be made from this business.
Are you really interested in being self employed as a real estate broker? Do you want to learn how to be a real estate agent or an agency? Do you want to know the conditions needed to become a commercial agent or broker?

then this is for you.

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There are a lot of opportunities awaiting you to cash into since most human dream of owning their own home, and can be bought through real estate agents and brokers.
Now with respect to the ongoing tax reforms and also the economy's current state, you would anticipate the number of houses being purchased and sold hands to fall but the reverse is the case. Using the rates of interest that are dropping, the residential and commercial real-estate marketplace is still going strong. No matter what is occurring nationally, houses will keep being bought and sold because everyone wants a place to call home. Shelter after all, is one of man's basic needs.

All over the world the real estate business is one sector of the market which offers a great financial opportunity. Landed property will not depreciate but appreciates. That is not an exclusion in Nigeria.

There are different rates of involvement in this sector. There are players that are enormous and small players. Ascertain what category of the people you are going to function, high end, mid- end or low-end earners? You undoubtedly cannot serve all classes of the populace.

Whichever way you choose to come in and manage, there's an assurance that you bring in some decent profit from your investment and will locate your own landing pad.

Nevertheless, it requires that you take cognizance of particular guidelines in order to begin and operate an effective real estate business.


Uniqueness of service delivery and
Government policies on real estate determine to an excellent extent

when and how often you are getting returns on your investments.

I'd like to make some points clear before we discuss this in details or before I go to the intricacies to become a real estate agent. Though you can seek employment within an estate company gain experience and to hone your abilities. Then you could carry on becoming a self employed estate broker or begin your own real estate business. I'll share with you details about how to begin a start a real estate business in following articles.

Secondly, of becoming an estate representative, the principle is the same all around the world. What's going to be different are demands and the regulations of country, each state or area and also the market of the said area. So whether you would like to find out how to be a realtor in California, Texas, Illinois, NY, Nigeria, Canada, India, etc; you'll find these details useful. You can also get our real estate agency business plan to begin ( email us @ [email protected], or phone 08180081665)


This can be a very fundamental factor to note when getting into real estate business.
Real estate business is generally capital intensive. Meaning, you might need a sizable sum of money before you can do the business.
Because of this, various options might be looked at in the capital market or to pool funds collectively, which might include, joining an investment club, getting financing from your bank, private savings through the years.
After the funds are secured as well as a deal that is workable is embarked on, the rest is garbage in, garbage out.


That is just another factor that may determine how soon you'll rake in returns on your property investment.
Siting a great place for the real estate business is critical to a successful real estate enterprise.
Areas with high development speed would be great to put money into, even though real estate thrives to some large extent everywhere.
Nigeria is a developing nation and real estate as it were, has great effect on the economical situation of the country the need for a planned environment that is built and nicely.
Lagos that was the prior capital of Nigeria has been estimated by the United Nations Organization to truly have a population of about these people and 17 million people who grow on a steady basis, will need shelters for companies and their residences.
Thus, real estate in Nigeria's viability is guaranteed when done properly in the ideal locations.


Advertorials possess a huge impact on the success of real estate ventures. Create public recognition to your organization and with time, you may attract investors or customers.
Yes, magazines, newspapers and the offline media are not very cheap to run adverts with.
Nothing precious and extremely good comes easy, so you need to budget an incredible number of foreign currencies or naira for your advertorials.
But, know from day one that the use of adverts require uniformity and patience on your adverts to be seen by your prospective investors and customers.
Should you not have millions, don't be discouraged from beginning your real-estate vision. With few thousands, you get exactly the same mind blowing rate of returns yearly out of your investment, though unexpectedly to your investment.You can join a real-estate investment club.

How helping is the article please let us know using the comment box below.

we will update more informative articles on this topic that you would not want to miss. to keep track put your email below 


How to Start a Real Esate Business in Nigeria

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Start and Finish a Business

There are two genuine things to do in order to starting a house based business that is successful. You must begin it and you must finish successfully. You have to start together with the correct business and follow up before you succeed with a legitimate online business if you would like to be successful having it. The problem is, how does one keep it up and decide one with many chances out there?

Choosing a business opportunity is the most important measure which will lead you to success. There are business chances and numerous scams which are just there to make the owners wealthy. You are going to surely not only delay your success by registering with any one of those opportunities, you are going to definitely get prevented and might not really place your trust in a method which is not unlawful. Right here's the most effective means to comprehend something that can find you the success you favor for the long term and will definitely work for you personally.
A lot of people go blindly right into an opportunity simply because of how it seems superb. That opportunity now must be placed through the speeds and have really been shown to be successful to be able to find success with a company chance.

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Exactly just how much work is required for you personally? - Everybody are frantic, particularly if we need also have a few other responsibilities and to work. Not a lot of people are able to do all that we must do after beginning an effective business, and also look. That's the reason the leaders that take part in this business enterprise must be willing and able to manage all of the legwork for you personally until you discover your success. Doing so will surely help both them and you see that they agree to care for you personally as a business associate.

Could it be multi-level marketing? - Yes, many people have truly brought in cash with multi-level marketing yet usually they only take a vacation from application to program.

As a result of the Internet, automation is a thing that could be achieved through finishing the procedure from the start. You have to actually be a part of a tested opportunity to ensure the process is actually hands off for you personally that can automate it. This may allow you to develop your business also to find success when you are taking care of one's other duties that are vital.

Remember if you are joining any business opportunity to check out the leader. Locate your success by following those which are now successful and allow them to develop your firm for you personally through their system. Not only do you want to find your success, you are going to truly start living the fantasy of working from house.

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Home Based Companies -Start Easily and Attain Success.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

7 Free Tools To Run Your Business Online

Familiarity with methods and blog is vital to run your business online. You'll need right resources to accomplish the things correct. Not one tool could work secret; you'll need a mixture of these of coaching too, and little bit. Without training one can't get wanted advantages as assured by the methods coders. Whatever instruments you select upon to make use of, whether settled or free or a mix of each, must fit time in learning together with your coworkers of these.

"Occasion will be the new-money ". While conducting business anyone not simply need certainly to cut on wasting but also save on occasion and convert more productive. In taking your organization to next amount here are eight free instruments for business to help you

 Hello Sign

Globe is going global; seated in a Goa beach you can find a small business deal from Manchester or Paris. You must change signatures while package struck. Join HelloSign. You can request e Sign from twenty folks that are various. Encryption technology is worked on by HelloSign; you don’t while signing significant legal or organization documents need worry about protection.


Do you have a website or weblog developed on Wordpress? Currently get observations about these potential customers utilizing lead-in WordPress Plugin. Anyone not merely understand who visited with your site but in addition know what they're undertaking. The Plugin provides intelligent insights about everyone who fill a form out. It’s manufactured by integrates and HubSpot using plans like Continuous Contact MailChimp, and Strategy Check.



Slack is awesome production device save very well plenty of time and to help you. The Home Page says: the Jet Propulsion Lab of NASA is one of thousands of teams around the world applying Slack to produce their functioning lives easier, easier, and much more effective.

For crew that is modest utilization of Slack is Free; nevertheless significant companies could selected for subscriptions that are paid.


Perform from Wherever is great, nevertheless, comes with several challenges. Being truly a entrepreneur you have to vacation a lot. Wherever Trello will come in company this is. It is viewed by me as being a Blackboard over which everything is written and everybody in the college could view. Whenever you make use of Trello, everybody knows regarding the fresh assigned task; what’s coming following in the offing; who is working on what; and modifications in deadlines etc. It has cards and forums to assist you as well as your staff in task administration. People include responses may publish documents, create checklists and delegate payment dates etc. should you be small business join Trello for free, but, large size enterprises could decided regarding settled options e.g. Business Class or PROFESSIONAL.

Dropbox is my personal favourite regarding holding significant information and collaborate between down line, since decades. I enjoy its suggestion method. He/she makes Sign Up for Dropbox and once I consult with a buddy, I get more free storage. As an IT Man while on the move the one thing we bring within my scalp is; 'What's my Dropbox?'


Whilst doing work for a well-known social media marketing firm as Net Developer, my main problem was working with pictures, since the task was truly frustrating. This can be after I discovered, a great tool both for designers and non designers. This demonstrates big time saver for me personally while creating Infographics, Artwork and Photographs.

 Yahoo Apps

I prefer traveling without laptop and working with Yahoo Software specially when I'm away from personal-computer. With the objective I proceed use Blankets Google Files, Slides, and Sites Incognito in Google Chrome from any PC and give my colleagues. To start out utilizing Yahoo you simply desire a Gmail Identity 

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7 Free Tools To Run Your Business Online

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Friday, 20 November 2015


  Have you heard of MORINGA before now? if yes Do you know you could make hundreds of thousands of Naira from Moringa? Have you ever thought of going into this physical business of  Moringa? if not you have been ignoring an excessive profiting business.
moringa business is now a means of generating agricultural income, developing the food processing industry and founding new businesses. These moringa plant are rich in vitamins and minerals and are used in fighting  many (if not all) health problems and against malnutrition.
      Moringa plant (Moringa oleifera) is known worldwide as The miraculous/wonder tree due to its nutritional and medicinal benefits and industrial uses. And almost every part of moringa plant has it own nutritional values.

Below is a detailed nutrient of a typical moringa plant:

 Some useful ingredients in parts of the moringa.

 Tree Part
Linolenic acid
 Oleic acid
 Seed and leaves
 Leaves, flowers and stems
 Linoleic acid
 Seed and leaves
 Linolenic acid
 Arachidic acid
 Seed and leaves


Plant parts and their benefits.

Tree  Part
Use or Benefits
 Nutritional, forage, biomass,
plant growth hormone, medicinal
 Rope making, gum for tanning hides, medicinal
 Nutritional, medicinal, honey
 Cosmetics, food, water treatment, medicinal
 Nutritional, medicinal
 Paper, alcohol production, animal feed, medicinal

"The moringa plant (Moringa oleifera) is known worldwide for its nutritional and medicinal

benefits and industrial uses (Tables 1&2). Almost every part of the moringa plant

has nutritional value. The pod is cooked as a vegetable and exported to many

countries for  expatriates, fresh or canned. The root can be used as substitute for

horseradish. Foliage is eaten as greens, boiled, fried, in soups or for seasoning. Dried

leaf powder can be added to any kind of meal as a nutritional supplement. The seed

can be roasted and eaten like a peanut.

The seeds can be used as a flocculent to clarify water and as a source of a non-drying

and very stable oil, known as Ben oil. This oil, which was once used for lubricating

watches and other delicate machinery, is clear, sweet and odourless, almost never

going rancid. It is edible and it is becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetics

industry. Leaves and young branches are used as fodder. Moringa may also be used

in fish and poultry feeds. The bark yields a blue dye and can also be used in tanning.

The wood can produce paper. A plant growth hormone can be extracted from young

shoots, which when applied as a foliar spray, increases yields dramatically in almost

any plant. Last but not least, almost every part of the plant has pharmacological properties. "

Over the years moringa plant farming has continued to flourish, as many farmers seize opportunities it offers for them to earn a living.
In up to date instances there’s been a worldwide crusade for a inexperienced revolution and agricultural sustainability thereby opening the transformation agenda, accordingly enabling individual and corporate institution key into the business.

Moringa pods can be cooked as vegetables and also can be exported to many country of your choice. these moringa plants can be used to cure many kinds of diseases like; diabetes, hypertension, chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Osteoporosis etc. i will tell you this moringa tree is such a miracle tree. No wonder they called it the tree of life.

    Now enough already, you might be wondering how you can make a figures of money out of these Miracle tree, its very simple. The best way of making money  through these tree is through one of these process

  • Through Moringa farming
    Processing and packaging of seeds
    Through leave processing and packaging
    Through moringa oil extraction


 No part of moringa plant is a waste as they are all very useful . which ever aspect of it you want to go into be guaranteed of huge profit. eg, say you start moringa seed oil extraction and you Produce  at least 10 liter of moringa per day believe me, you will be making a hell of money.

To get you started we have packaged all the information you need to start up theis business either as a moringa farmer, processing and packaging of leaves or seeds, or oil extraction. this information is packaged in an ebook format and can be sent to your email. 

what you will get in the ebook:

1. The moringa plant.........................11
2. The need for a manual...................13
3. The scope of the manual................13
1. Site selection..................................17
2. Soil/land preparation......................18
3. Propagation...................................18
Seed propagation..............................19
Propagation by cuttings.....................20
4. Planting.........................................21
Intensive production..........................21
Semi-intensive production..................21
Seed production................................23
5. Caring for the plant.......................23
Shaping the trees...............................23
6. Pest and disease control.................28
Fungal diseases..................................29
and transportation..................30
1. Harvesting of shoots and leaves.....32
2. Harvesting of seed.........................32
3. Transportation...............................33
processing the leaves...............35
1. Stripping the leaflets......................37
2. Washing........................................37
3. Draining.........................................37
4. Drying............................................39
Room drying......................................39
Solar drying.......................................39
Mechanical drying..............................41
5. Milling...........................................41
6. Sieving...........................................41
7. Drying the leaf powder....................41
packaging and storage...........43
1. Personal hygiene............................44
2. Packaging in bulk...........................44
3. Final packaging..............................45
4. Labelling........................................45
using moringa leaves
for nutrition...............................47
1. Nutritional content of
fresh moringa leaves..........................49
2. Nutritional content of
dry moringa leaf powder....................53
3. Nutritional content of cooked
moringa leaves...................................56
4. Water soluble
and fat soluble vitamins.....................57
With two other ebooks on this business. to get this ebook call now or email
phone: 08180081665, 08168710034

How to Make Money From Moringa Proccessing and Packaging Business

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