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Top 5 Most Profitable Business Ideas in 2016

Top 5 Most Profitable Business Ideas in 2016
2015 has come and gone. This is the onset of 2016- a New Year, new life new things and new opportunities. Below we will provide you with in depth study of the top 5 most profitable business ideas to start. Many Individuals, employers and employees are looking at becoming their own boss by starting a business enterprise and have in such searching for a lucrative and profitable business ideas they can start. In answer and as solution to this question I will below in this article discuss top 5 most profitable businesses anyone can start and earn handsomely from it. Am sure you’re ready to go through this article for I understand nobody wants to invest on non Profitable business. I would like to add that the business below are not new, they are not self invented most of them have been around for years in fact this list was proven to be highly lucrative and profitable in the course of past years. In this article I will only bring these profitable businesses to your notice if you haven’t heard of it, if you have and yet to know its potential then definitely this article will be of immense help. In sectors, the top five profitable business sectors to invest into in 2016 is:

    1.  Oil and Gas –
Since the discovery and exploration of crude oil, oil and gas business emerged and has since then experienced massive boom more than most other profitable businesses. My research reveals that this remains the billionaires’ creation business. Prove- The top 20 billionaires in Nigeria and in most other countries are into the oil and gas sector.

    2.  Telecommunication-
Telecommunication business has since it emergence been a goldmine for investors. Telecommunication business in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large is a profitable business idea to invest into.

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   3.  Education-
The quest for knowledge and education is universal and to acquire knowledge a great deal of wealth is invested. You can invest into the education sector and have a fair share of the money the population spends constantly on education. Nigeria as a nation having a population of 1.6million plus with above 60% seeking to be educated makes the education sector in Nigeria a lucrative business.

Agriculture remains bedrock for other businesses. Agriculture feeds the nation. Notwithstanding the oil and gas business agricultural business is a goldmine. Food, meat, milk etc are a major necessity for mans survival and can only be obtained through agriculture. Agricultural business in Nigeria is still untapped and filled with much potential. Currently, the federal government is providing support for Agricultural business so it’s an opportunity to earn.

    5.  Real Estate-

Real Estate business is a sure investment with increase in profit with time. Real Estate is definitely a profitable business and business open for interested investors.

All the above mentioned business sector are sectors that through my research over the years has proven to be profitable with 100% return on investment and easy for anyone to start. These are the business that has made the top 20 billion in Nigeria what they are today and it still has the potential to make even more Nigerians. Invest now, invest wisely.

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