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Turkey Raring Business- How to Start A Turkey Farm In Nigeria


There is a huge market for turkeys all over the nation. The market research demonstrated none availability of turkey farms in commercial quantity. Nigeria have imported lots of frozen turkeys from other countries like Cotonou the capital of Benin Republic. Not until recently when the Government prohibited the importation of turkey to the nation, so there's a broad market for turkey farmer.

The meat, the droppings, feathers as well as fertilized eggs could be marketed. Frozen turkeys are readily available for purchase in markets through out Nigeria. Eggs that were fertilized and Turkey meat are generally demanded for all within the nation.

Turkey rearing starts from day old which should be held in a brooder house under appropriate temperature for approximately five weeks. Subsequently the fowl will likely be separated into various houses, while the females are kept in the house Separately (optional) from the male turkey which are considered as rapid growers. They may remain there till the time of maturity which is 20 weeks. You, then may sell them for money or leave them for generation of eggs. You hatch your fertilized eggs into Day old turkey, and you dont need to own a hatchery to be able to hatch this eggs.

Turkeys is and will remain the fasting growing of all fowl, referencing to their feed to meat ratio meaning the amount of feed it will take to make one pound of meat makes the difference, the feeding of turkeys is crucial. It's going to take thirteen pounds of feed, in case you intend to place eight pounds of meat. During this eight week interval the turkey surpasses other fowl in growth.

Many commercial growers choose to raise the tom turkey as they'll get more yield for their money even though the toms are butchered earlier to avert their being too large for marketing. You may consider only growing all tom turkeys as you'll be able to reduce feed costs because of the factor involving the feed conversion factor. A tom of up to eighteen pounds needs two pounds of feed. The hen of eighteen pounds will require fifty seven pounds of feed to reach the target.

People's preferences for meat differ. In fact all around the world this holds, some prefer to chicken, beef, pork, yet others would rather swear by turkey. To the contrary there some people who don't quite possess a preference, instead they are able to eat any type of meat, provided it's well prepared and flavorful.

The consumption of turkey meat has been in existence through out all states. many have venture into this business and Others who did not use to record high patronage have began to do so, today. Why is this? Well, that is so due to the high expense of procuring turkey, along with the truth that some sort of meat is prohibited in some states.

Above all, if you are an entrepreneur and of coping in turkey like the idea, then you may consider starting a business that's involved with raising turkey. What are the several aspects to be thought of in other to really earn from this is a burning target to be attained? below ....

Starting a Turkey Farm - Sample Business Plan Template

1. Ascertain Whether to Do This
This is the first task that you've got to finish. You have to inquire in the event you really need to raise turkey. Also, if turkeys are meant for the farm you'll really need to inquire. Unlike raising chickens, turkeys require a lot more attention since you may need to take care of youthful turkey called poults. You may even require spending more time with your buddies that are new, as there a much and societal friendlier than chickens.

2. Study about Turkeys
It is recommended that you set time out to examine about turkeys, the various species there- if any, how you can begin a small business as this, the capital needed to begin one, by what means the day to day running of the company will be like, and what have you. Having the correct answers means that you'll be on your approach to begin on the correct ground. You may want to consider requesting an expert that's somebody who's already in the line of business for a few guidance and snippets. You can also make use of the web to garner some advice.

3. Go Down to a Farm Yourself
That is not a type of company you want to start without having a firsthand experience about how things are done and run. It is really for this reason which you have got to decrease to some nearby farm to see how all these plays out. Make sure to go using a laptop so that you are able to record just as much as you would like. Also make sure that you scale through this hurdle nicely as you've got a lot to gain when you do this.

4. Determine What to Breed
It is extremely important that you just determine the turkey breed that you want to breed. Make your decision of whether it'd function as the broad breasted white turkey, wild bronze turkey, or the broad breasted bronze turkey. In the United States of America for instance; the broad breasted white turkey is the most commercial one.

5. Begin to Build
The next port of call is always to begin to build the turkey pen. This ten should possess a size 10 and this size can categorically house between twelve and ten turkeys. If on the other hand you are planning to increase a lot more than you could consider developing a sun porch. A typical sun porch has size of about 8. Using the 8 by 10 sized spaces it is possible to search plan to house between thirty and twenty turkeys.

6. Furnish pen
The next thin g to do would be to know what to put in there after you have assembled the pen or sun porch. There should be a feeder, litter region and Water trough inside the pen or sun porch. Make sure that the water trough do not always fill to the brim as there have been cases of that type, so that the turkeys can avoid drowning in them.

7. Discover the Type of Feeds
There are different types of feeds and you have got to determine which it really is you need to really go for. For instance; there are the pre- appetizer feeds, feeds, grower that is appetizer feeds, and the finisher feeds. As the name signifies, they all vary. What this means is that each feed serves as their age indicates. Do note that the feed you decide to settle for would show by the caliber of turkey you back.

8. Start and Be Watchful
Now that you've got begun to raise them, you have got to be cautious that you do not allow the turkeys drink cold water. Why is this significant? That is especially significant because cold water is lethal to turkeys. It is better that you just give lukewarm water to drink so as to avert a poor impact to them.

9. Advertise your Company
This is a thing of import that you tell and sundry about your turkey company. You can begin to tell folks about your turkey company even before they are ripe on the market. That is so your potential buyers can be conscious and have in the back of the heads that there is a serious seller. Remember to permit them to know when the deal would likely occur.

10. Stay Educated
Don't relent in training that is continuance. What this means is you have to keep getting trained so which you can consistently remain enlightened. This is because one of the means to remain on top in this business would be to remain educated.
Since you've read all the steps which is demanded of you in beginning your personal turkey company, to take, you have to also know that companies like this takes a little time to begin to produce profit and you should be prepared to be patient.

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