How to Start a Coconut Sugar Processing Business

Coconut as known, is one of the most super nutritious fruit around. One can't help but Mabel at its many health benefits, it actually produce extra energy and it improves endurance during physical and athletic performance as well as promotes healthy thyroid function that help relieve fatigue.

   Now, with all these discovery about the coconut fruit, people have been coming up with different ways to utilize it's potentials and that is how coconut sugar came into existence. 
      Since it was discovered that the sugar gotten from coconut is much more healthier than the average sugar extracted from sugarcane, there have been increased demand for it. Individuals, athletes who are very conscious of their health mostly go for coconut sugar and it's highly recommended because it helps boost performance. The numerous health benefits gotten from coconut sugar include, potassium, iron, zinc, amino acids and of course vitamins B and C.

       So how does one start this coconut sugar business? Starting one is not that complicated, you do not even need any technical knowledge to start one. All you need is good capital firstly and the required knowledge of how to tap, sieve and crystallize the sap coconut sugar. 

A coconut tree produces about eight coconuts in a month and this eight coconuts can produce about 60kilos of coconut sugar. Now let's calculate the numbers of kilos in litres a farm full of coconut trees will produce for you, it will produce for you roughly 500 litres in a year and each kilo of coconut sugar sells for about #4,800 in the market. This is big money for your business I can tell you.
      Coconut sugar business is a money making business to go into due to the high demand of the product both domestically and internationally.

       The aim of this article is to take you through on the process of starting your own coconut sugar producing company.

1. Write a business plan: before starting a business you first need to come up with a good plan on how to manage the operational service and costs of the business. The future plans, like how you envisage the success of the company in a few years to come. Also you need to strategize how and ways to stand against competitors and how to sustain your product life cycles.

2. Capital/Investors: individuals and companies are always on the look out for good profitable business to invest in or go into partnership with. So you do not need to worry too much on how to get the necessary capital for your business but if you have all the capital needed to run your own business, then all the best.

3. Do research work: this is among the first important steps you must undergo to successfully start a coconut sugar processing company. You need to research and know everything about the business you're embarking on, it will surely be an added advantage later on.

4. Learn the making/process of the coconut sugar. You need to know and learn the process of tapping and crystallization of the coconut sugar. This entails the coconut sugar been tapped and cooked until it turns to a Crystal look paste form which then becomes the sugar, you then bottle or can, packaged then sold to final users.

5. Registration of your establishment: this involves choosing a name for your business and registering it as a legal company with the appropriate government agencies. Also you need to get all the required documents that will give you licence to packaged your products for consumption.

6. Source for your raw materials and get them ready(coconut trees): this process is a bit complicated. First, it depend on how fast you want to get your coconut sugar producing company running. And as I earlier said, you need the right capital for this business. With the right capital you can simply seek/contract a coconut farmer and buy off his coconut farm OR you buy a piece of land and plant your own coconut. Mind you, it takes about 7-8years for a coconut tree to matured.

7. Hire workers: of course one person cannot do all the man labour involve in the processing/production of the coconut sugar, that's when extra hands is needed. So you need to hire labourers and pay them according to the number of coconut tree they help you tap and crystallize a day. This will lessen work load for you and enable you do other things.

8. Invade the right market: Now that your finished product is ready, it is time to source for buyers. Search for middle men who stands as supplier and get them to patronize your products. Also, you can surf the internet and get manufacturing companies who needs coconut sugar as raw materials for their own products. While on the net, you can still open a website for your business and showcase your products so that people everywhere can see and make patronage.

          Finally, I hope this article have so far been able to spark off the entrepreneur in you and get you to pursue that dream of starting your own business.

Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a prospective Pharmacist but born an entrepreneur with the heart and passion for entrepreneurship and business. He has strong believe in Financial independence, since wealth is a choice like wise poverty, he has decided to make the best of every opportunity and here he preaches the same.