Thursday, 16 June 2016

How to Start a Successful Lingerie Business

Lingerie, another word for lingerie is underwear(bra etc) and lingerie is a personal component in a female's wardrobe. As a woman or a girl, your outfit is consider incomplete and in some cases trashy without lingerie.
      Now, to go into this business you need to know a thing or two and have the flair for female fashion,how to start your own bra line, know the undergarments manufacturing machines, how much it cost to make a bra and how to design your own bra. This will aid your smooth transition into this business.

      The market for this business is enormous because females worldwide cannot do without lingerie, it is already consider a part of their existence. So I urge you to tap into this lucrative business and be a part of a success story here, all you need to do is get the right funds together with good marketing/customer service skills and you will do well in this business.

     Now let's get down to business and let me show you how to start/launch your own successful lingerie business.


Conduct a good research on this business and gather all the necessary facts and figures that will be important for the growth of the business. This will prepare you for both foreseen and unforeseen events.


Once your research and business plan is in place, you need to source out your funds. The truth is, it all depends on how you want to start, if it's on a small-scale then you need not worry about getting big funds, with #20,000naira which is less than $100 you can get started but if you are opting for a large-scale with shops and everything then you need to source out ways to get the funds. There are micro finance banks to get soft loans from especially the ones sponsored by government, family members and individual investors who have the penchant for supporting start up businesses.


It is important you find yourself a good supply chain that will enable you you to stock up your shop or inventory with the right sizes, colours and designs. You might be wondering how to go about getting this supply chain, you can contract wholesalers that deal mainly on female merchandise or a manufacturer, that way you can be able to purchase and fill your lingerie inventory.

 In the process of getting your supplies, you can always add other range of lingerie items like, stockings, swim suits, beach wears, items for bachelorette party and bridal showers to satisfy and meet the demand/tastes of different customers. There are also female customers who like and would go for the racy lingerie while some will go for the conservative ones, all these are stuff that will bring in extra income for your lingerie business.


Here, you need to make sure that you are able to get a good shop in a secure and strategic area/location, because a good location determines how well you will do in terms of sales. It is expected that you will secure a shop in a busy area that will boost your business, busy areas like, shopping malls, local markets, or even close to a higher institution where students especially female students can easily see and patronize your business.


START marketing your lingerie in any way that you can, one very effective way is to open a website online and display photos of mannequins adorning various types, sizes and colours of your lingerie, you can even call your online shop "The lingerie palace" so that females everywhere can see and assess your product, get updates on new arrivals/trends and also grant promotional sales from time to time. 

Offline, you need to market your lingerie to offices, trade shows and handbills. Offer discounts to loyal customers to boost and increase sales and also ensure that your lingerie is of high quality because nothing beats a lingerie that can be able to make customers feel feminine and comfortable.

      There you have it, all the steps to guide you along. So let us know how you feel by dropping a comment. Thanks for reading.