5 Business ideas for Startup Entrepreneurs

Many people are also interested in owning their own brands, shops and services as against having to work the regular nine to five where you slave away to put money in the pockets of someone else. 

A lot have even dreamt of and drawn up their own business plans but there it lies, gathering dust while nothing is done about it and the greatest excuse in the book of entrepreneurs is what keeps them away from making these huge investment leaps – little or on start-up capital. While this may truly be a great issue that faces entrepreneurs daily, there are actually a lot of businesses that you can start and successfully maintain out there with that amount which you have deemed a start-up capital. Some of those businesses are:

Gone are the days when photography is just something of a hobby or just a job that pays #100 per copy of picture printed. Far from it. there are now people making it big in different walks of life because they have decided to invest into photography.

You might have a passion for taking pictures of things,people, animal, nature and the likes and developing it and unknown to you, you could be sitting on a gold mine there. Advertise your services to people and let them invite you to their parties. A party would take nothing less than 50 pictures and if you have those kinds of event at least thrice a week, that is food on your table and some change in your pocket.

The world of today is a fast paced world and many don’t have the time for many things, one of which is washing and cleaning their own cars by themselves. Locate your car wash business near the roadside where people can easily see and patronise you. Have a well or storage tank to hold water in and also, a roof for your customers to sit and for you to work in. On the average, washing about 15 - 20 cars daily would yield a huge margin of profits for you, plus, you even get tips.

A lot of females have learnt hair dressing as a hobby and do not realize the kind of money maker they have at their disposal. Start by making hair for your friends (this is usually the first and best form of advertisement) at reduced or no cost and watch them reel customers in for you. In this age where beauty is a thing people chase like money too, you will be amazed at the high prices that some special hairstyles go for. Don’t brood, open that shop today!

4. Phone Repairs

Have you ever noticed that there is no time that you would pass by a phone engineer’s shop and not meet a pile of phones on his desk that he is working on? And have you noticed that the same goes for all other phone engineers? If you have, then what you have just witnessed is a market in high demand and you could contribute your own quota of supply to it likewise. Learn the trade from a reputable engineer which is usually at very minimal cost and start your own service to.  Of the 170 million Nigerians, more than half use a phone and nearly everyone in your vicinity does too. You might just be that knight in shining Armour they’ve been waiting for.

5. Electronic Repair

Every household you know in your area has a piece of electronic. Blenders, irons, electric coils, fans, etc., and the thing with electronics is that they do not warn you before they fail. Electronics engineers make a lot off of repairs because what might have been seen as a big problem by the client might just turn out to be an easy fix for you. Be honest with your services too (because most repairmen have a history of disappointing) and watch your customer base grow.

Even if these are not your dream businesses, hey, you had little start-up capital in the first place and these options would help you save better. Along the line, you might even develop passion for what you are doing and seek expansion in it. see? There is absolutely no arm in trying.

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Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a prospective Pharmacist but born an entrepreneur with the heart and passion for entrepreneurship and business. He has strong believe in Financial independence, since wealth is a choice like wise poverty, he has decided to make the best of every opportunity and here he preaches the same.