How to Make Money From Domain Buying And Selling Business

There is a lot of exploration yet to be done in the world of business and just when we think a door is getting closed or a market is getting overly saturated, a new door just opens up and also creates a whole lot of other investment opportunities for people who are willing to take it. 
While physical businesses are still thriving a lot and making a lot of money for their investors too, a new wave of entrepreneurs have opted to not conduct their own business in the physical world but set up shop and office online to offer their own services, and one of such ventures that rakes in a lot of millions is the aspect of domain management. 

It is like the real estate business of the internet where you capitalize on a domain not being in use now or not being available to future potential clients and then holding it till they decide to buy from you. Although this might be risky as they could not end up buying, but isn’t risk all part of business?

If you are doubting how lucrative this business might be, let us tell you that in the time frame of the years 2001 -  2010, a lot of mega deals occurred between such domain name traders and the customers and we would mention a few ere. 

In 2001, a dotcom domain was acquired by for a whopping sum of $11 million. Fast forward to the year 2008, Gentile Philip and ATTN Diamond acquired their ow dotcom domains for approximately $10 million and $7.5 million respectively. Facebook even had to buy its own dotcom domain name in 2010 for $8.5 million. The list goes on but you get the idea already. What is the business then all about?

Basically, your job is to scout the internet for new brands and websites that are growing rapidly but have not yet upgraded their subscription to a better dotcom domain. You then create and subscribe to such domain and wait till such organisations need the upgrade and they would have to buy the website back from you. Another thing you could do is to watch the internet for website owners whose subscriptions are running to an end. By the time it ends, you can take advantage of the window to register the site for yourself and should they need it back, they would have you and your pocket to deal with.

Like any other business, this one is also risky as we have said earlier on. Sometimes, you could have to hold the domain name for years before they even offer to buy out from you at all, that is, if they ever wish to buy it from you. Also, some owners might be looking to move on and then leave their website subscriptions to finish. If you jump on such websites, you won’t be making anything since they have no intention of keeping it. you also need to be very wary of copyright and trademarked names in the business (e.g.Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and the likes) because they are trademark protected and if you should create a website with their name, you could face legal measures.

The domain business is a great one and a huge investment too. With the right tools, knowledge and a good eye for scouting, you are also on your way to join the dotcom millionaires.
Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a prospective Pharmacist but born an entrepreneur with the heart and passion for entrepreneurship and business. He has strong believe in Financial independence, since wealth is a choice like wise poverty, he has decided to make the best of every opportunity and here he preaches the same.