How to Start a Plumbing Service and Supply Company

Plumbing is the system of pipes which supply water to a building. And if you take a look around there is already one form of plumbing fixtures job in place or one been done either in the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, bathtub and so on.

Plumbing supply business is the distribution of plumbing materials in large quantity to households, companies and contractors. So you see that this plumbing supply business is not going anywhere soon, it will always be needed. 


You will be surprised at the rate of clients and profits seen in this plumbing business, it is such that guarantee to give you a good returns on your investment within a short period of time --especially if you can be supplying at a more affordable price.
Let's look at the following business template on how to start this plumbing supply business.

        A good business plan is like the lifeblood of a business. That is, it gives you in clear details all that you need to know to get you prepared for the business at hand. With your business plan you should be able to decide and focus on the scale you intend to start your supply business.

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       Plumbing supply business is a business that is capital intensive. So raising the capital to get this business off the ground should now be your primary focus. If you have a good savings, then all the best. But if you do not, apply for a loan in one of the micro finance bank and work out the details concerning their interest rate and repayment with them, make sure it is favourable to you before agreeing to any terms. Or you can go online, source for your capital from angel investors and work out a deal. 

        It is important to register your company before you go start and run it in whatever location or area you want. Take some time out and go apply for a business license along with your business name with the appropriate authorities.

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        Before going to search for suppliers of plumbing products, you need to decide first the kinds of plumbing products you wish to sell. Use the internet for your search to make it easy and get in contact with companies that manufactures plumbing materials generally and contract them for supplies, make sure when they start supplying it will be at a wholesaler price which will allow you to make good profits.

        You need to look into your budget and find a property in a conducive area to lease. But there are factors you need to consider before deciding on any property. Like if the area is busy enough to get you the right customers or if the area is motorable, enough space, security etc.

    This I believe is the most important part in a business, it is the main purpose of been in one. So your best bet in getting clients for your business should be, construction companies, contractors who are into building contracts, real estate managers and individuals involved in their personal building projects. Make contact with these targeted clients and offer deals they won't be able to resist so you can start supplying them with your plumbing products.

And that is it. All the basic steps to get you started. Good luck on your plumb supply business.

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