How to Start a Profitable Pineapple Farming Business

For every bottle of that pineapple fruit juice that you purchase and for every of that pineapple fruit you buy in the market to go enjoy with your family or by yourself at home, do you have any idea how much you are contributing to the constant millions flowing into someone else’s pockets?
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 Now, your cost of production could have been up to half of that and let us assume it is, you have 20 million Naira in profit alone. How lucrative can a business get? The thing is, you do even need to replant suckers every year because some can last as much as 10 years, meaning a reduced cost of production in the next year. Doesn’t that just excite you? Now, if it does, how do you successfully build a great pineapple plantation and earn big like we did in this analyses?
1 Choose the Location
Like many other crops, location is very important if you would get the best out of your pineapple plantation at all. The soil texture and soil profile is very important when selecting a site for pineapple. It is advised that you choose a well-drained sandy soil that is rich in nutrients, holds water well and in a humid area. These are the conditions that best support great yield of pineapple

2 Preparing the Land

Land preparation is also important to help your farm do very well. If you are very capital intensive, employ the services of a tractor, harrower and plough to successfully break the soil and get it ready for planting. Stumping is done after which the services of a plough is employed. Prepare beds on the land for planning of the suckers and in a bid to get rid of those insects that attack plants, turn the soil either manually or with the use of a plough. To ensure easy penetration, making ridges for the pineapple would be in your best interest.

3 Selection of Variety
Pineapple has different varieties and cultivars but only a handful of these are very great for commercial purposes. Of these are the Smooth Pineapple, The Gold Crown and Pure Gold pineapple. Select a variety that the market you are targeting also has an interest in because in the end, they would be the one to purchase and make you money. Always do your research and keep the market in mind.

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4 Planting
Pineapple is not propagated by the seeds unlike most crops so you need not go about looking for seeds to gather. Rather, you could propagate the pineapple in one of two ways – either plant the sucker or the crown. Get the sucker or crown and place the base into the soil then cover it up. Once again, making a ridge around your plant is advised. Good spacing is important to allow each stand of the plant thrive well on their own.

5 Post-Planting and Harvesting
You would want to come back to the farm from time to time to perform basic operations such as weeding and fertilizing. Check for pests regularly and any signs of disease or infection so that the infected plant can be treated fast or if need be, removed to prevent the spread.
Pineapple matures from about the time that it starts turning gold and for fear of pests, you could harvest early. Don’t worry, even when off the stalk, pineapple still ripens on its own.

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Although this is not a get rich quick scheme, if kept to with enough diligence and commitment, your financial status is so bound to change.

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