How to Start a Successful Charcoal Making Business

Charcoal is a black substance made by burning wood slowly in an oven with little air or in an open space outdoor.

Charcoal have been in existence for as long as you can imagine and there is still a high demand for it everywhere. Charcoal is used for personal and commercial purposes and it is used by people residing in the rural and urban areas.

Charcoal making is a profitable business because you start recording profits almost immediately when you start the business, unlike most businesses which takes time before you get your returns. Also, the business is easy to start and you don't need any basic training just the right knowledge on how to burn wood will get you by.

Let's now go through the steps that will help you grow this business into a successful venture.


      A market survey is needed in this kind of business, it will enable you learn about your competitors, locate potential buyers and give you a breakdown of other vital information that will help you grow and sustain the business.


       The charcoal business is one you do not need lot of fund for, you can start on a small-scale with little amount and as you make sales, expand the business into a big venture.


      It depend on how or where you intend to burn the woods that will produce charcoal, you can either set up a fire chamber outside a open space on your property or rent a land or even build yourself a cover medium sized chamber with a open air space for smoke passage.


      A store house or warehouse is needed in this kind of business because you need a place where you can keep the charcoals to cool off after production and package in sacks after cooling. Store house is also meant to keep the charcoals in good condition and to prevent rain or water from ruining them. You need a store house that can serve as a business location for customers to come by and make order or purchase.

      The major raw material for charcoal product is wood and there are different kind of wood you can use to produce charcoal, you have the hockery wood, oak wood, cherry wood among others. Knowing the type of wood suitable for making charcoal will enable you seek the right supplier to supply you with the kind of wood you desire and when contracting a supplier ensure to get the one who is license to cut down trees so that you can be sure of consistent supplies in large quantity.


      Charcoal making process involved;
           *Cut woods into small and medium sizes
           * Make a bonfire with the bulk of firewoods
           * Set fire to the woods and allow to burn                       intensively for five hours tops
            * Your charcoals is ready, take them to the                   store house to cool off then package in                      sack cloth.


       Major buyers of charcoal product are big hotels who used charcoal for their fire place and in their kitchen, bakery owners who still used charcoal ovens because it is economical. In Nigeria, there are restaurant owners, households, road side women that sell roasted plantains (bolle), roasted yams, corns and others. You can also take your charcoals to women in the local market who are wholesalers and retailers of charcoal.

Another way to locate buyers for charcoal is online. Selling your products online is one major way to grow, start by opening a website, upload pictures of your finished product and tag their prices to the photos. Visit other site like and advertise your product there, make sure to add transportation cost or shipping cost when you get orders online. Get in contact with a reliable international logistic company and contract them to assist you transport your product to wherever you get orders from.
If you are serious minded and consistent, in time you will be known as an exporter and your success will know no bounds.

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Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a prospective Pharmacist but born an entrepreneur with the heart and passion for entrepreneurship and business. He has strong believe in Financial independence, since wealth is a choice like wise poverty, he has decided to make the best of every opportunity and here he preaches the same.