Top 15 Unique Photography Business Ideas and Opportunities

Moments are very important in life and some moments are just so beautiful and magical that we never want to forget them. How best to keep these kinds of memories then? We take a photograph. 

Currently, the photography industry rakes in billions of dollars every year and guess what! There is still one more opening for you to join in the business and make it big too. Training to become a photographer can be done at various eves of professionalism and as well, you have a lot of options to choose from in photography. Therefore, for current and aspiring photographers, below are 15 of the niches through which you can also break into the industry.


     1. Stock Photography:
This mainly involves taking of a lot of beautiful but random photographs and then selling these works for money to platforms such as blogs, websites, magazines, newspapers and the likes. It involves you having a great website to showcase your work to prospective buyers as much of the transactions are done online. A great watermark is also needed to prevent indiscriminate use of your work.

     2. Real Estate photography:
The real estate business is not just open to investors and developers alone but to photographers likewise. When an agent wants to sell a property, they usually require the most flattering pictures to be taken and if you are into this line of business, you are the man for the job.

     3. Wedding Photography:
The demand for wedding photographers these days is alarming with the amount of weddings that hold week in week out. Pre-wedding photo shoots are even additional sources of income for you before you get to the main event, and trust us, with the amount of pictures taken at weddings, you’ll be making a lot.

      4. Photography training:
If you are a pro at the business yourself, you could open up an institute to train others in photography and you can even vary your prices according to the level of expertise your students are being trained for – entry level, intermediate or expert.

     5. Fashion photography:
To become a fashion photographer is to go into the whole red carpet business, taking pictures of nice style at events, taking photographs of trends and the latest styles out there too.

     6. Studio photography:
Some photographers do not have their own studio and would love to rent yours. Other times, your clients might wish for an in-studio photo shoot which is pretty common these days too.

     7. Pet Photography:
Also known as animal photography, it involves taking the picture of pets for pet owners and lover who would want to keep it for reference or show it off to their friends and family too.

     8. Magazine photography:
Magazine publishers usually require the services of a good photographer to cover all the images that would be required for the publication, up from the front page of the magazine to the very back pages.

      9. Photo-Journalism:
in this line of work, you would have to be registered to a corporate news agency which you would cover stories for. You’ll be required to go out with journalists and provide pictures to back up the stories that they are investigating, breaking or reporting.

     10. Campus photography:
This is an especially lucrative venture for students. With the amount of people that flock around campus daily and the beautiful scenery that each campus provides, seeing you with a camera might prompt some to want to take a picture and you might even offer your services. People love that.

      11. Celebrity Photography:
Better known to many as paparazzi, you would need to do a lot of hanging out around celebrity houses, lounge and where they are likely to be and if you get a good enough picture, you would be able to sell that for a very huge chunk of money. Asides the fact that you might get beaten by a bodyguard for overstepping and the patience needed, this is real lucrative too.

   12. Freelance Photography:
This is the most part time kind of photography that you can go or. You would be willing to offer your services to anyone who would pay for them on a contract basis. You don’t even need a shop or studio to realize this dream.  Just have yourself, your skills and your camera.

   13. Under-water photography:
Although very lucrative and rewarding, you would need some considerable capital to start this to get things such as special underwater camera, scuba diving kits, boat etc. you would be required to take pictures of fishes, vegetation and other marine life.

    14.  Re-photography:
This kind is mainly for historic and research purposes. It involves recreating a picture that had been taken a long time ago from the same frame and angle in this new time frame. It helps comparisons and the contrasts makes it beautiful

    15. Portrait photography:

Portraits are costlier than normal photographs. You would have to take pictures of your clients and make them into beautiful, full size portraits.
Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a prospective Pharmacist but born an entrepreneur with the heart and passion for entrepreneurship and business. He has strong believe in Financial independence, since wealth is a choice like wise poverty, he has decided to make the best of every opportunity and here he preaches the same.