How to Start A Fabric Shop Business

Fabric is a material made by weaving wool, cotton, and silk. Fabric is used to make curtains, clothes and for covering furniture. It is largely used by people everywhere which is why there are a lot of people selling fabric and more people getting into the business.
Fabric stores cater to various set of people including, fashion designers, artists, tailors, costume designers, furniture makers etc. If you live in a town that is home to people who work in the fashion industry or there are lots of professional furniture makers in your town/area, then you are sure to have a good customer base catering to their needs for quality fabrics and sewing supplies.
Let's get down to how you can start your own fabric store business.

    Obtain a business license. You need to register your fabric store business with your state's cooperate affairs office either on a partnership, corporation or as a one man's business. Contact the relevant revenue office and apply for your tax identification number and also open a merchant account with your bank.

    Rent a space. Once you have your business license settled, you need to find a space , an affordable property suitable for your kind of business to rent. Ensure that the rented place is in a busy part of the town or in a shopping complex and the space should be big enough to keep all your inventories and also enough to showcase your fabric materials and sewing supplies. Set up your fabric store in a way that will be appealing and inviting to customers. Build colourful furniture like, shelves, tables, chairs and fabric holders.

    Find fabric manufacturers. You need to research and find fabric manufacturers or vendors online and offline with wide range of fabric designs and purchase from them. You need to include other products in your fabric store such as buttons, pin, zippers, ribbons, lace etc. Also, purchase cash registers to keep record of your sales and earnings.

    Marketing plan for your fabric store. Start by building a website for fabric business and showcase pictures of your store and the different quality fabrics that you sell - both plain and pattern designs and other sewing equipment.

Print brochures and business cards and distribute in and around your business area to attract customers such as , costume designers, crafter, sewers, dress makers, furniture makers etc. Remember to include all your contact information and customer's testimonials.

Ensure to monitor your fabric sales monthly to determine the fabric that sells the most , while at it, write down the list of these fast-selling fabrics so that you can get enough in stock for customers.

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