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Tuesday, 12 January 2016


There is a huge market for turkeys all over the nation. The market research demonstrated none availability of turkey farms in commercial quantity. Nigeria have imported lots of frozen turkeys from other countries like Cotonou the capital of Benin Republic. Not until recently when the Government prohibited the importation of turkey to the nation, so there's a broad market for turkey farmer.

The meat, the droppings, feathers as well as fertilized eggs could be marketed. Frozen turkeys are readily available for purchase in markets through out Nigeria. Eggs that were fertilized and Turkey meat are generally demanded for all within the nation.

Turkey rearing starts from day old which should be held in a brooder house under appropriate temperature for approximately five weeks. Subsequently the fowl will likely be separated into various houses, while the females are kept in the house Separately (optional) from the male turkey which are considered as rapid growers. They may remain there till the time of maturity which is 20 weeks. You, then may sell them for money or leave them for generation of eggs. You hatch your fertilized eggs into Day old turkey, and you dont need to own a hatchery to be able to hatch this eggs.

Turkeys is and will remain the fasting growing of all fowl, referencing to their feed to meat ratio meaning the amount of feed it will take to make one pound of meat makes the difference, the feeding of turkeys is crucial. It's going to take thirteen pounds of feed, in case you intend to place eight pounds of meat. During this eight week interval the turkey surpasses other fowl in growth.

Many commercial growers choose to raise the tom turkey as they'll get more yield for their money even though the toms are butchered earlier to avert their being too large for marketing. You may consider only growing all tom turkeys as you'll be able to reduce feed costs because of the factor involving the feed conversion factor. A tom of up to eighteen pounds needs two pounds of feed. The hen of eighteen pounds will require fifty seven pounds of feed to reach the target.

People's preferences for meat differ. In fact all around the world this holds, some prefer to chicken, beef, pork, yet others would rather swear by turkey. To the contrary there some people who don't quite possess a preference, instead they are able to eat any type of meat, provided it's well prepared and flavorful.

The consumption of turkey meat has been in existence through out all states. many have venture into this business and Others who did not use to record high patronage have began to do so, today. Why is this? Well, that is so due to the high expense of procuring turkey, along with the truth that some sort of meat is prohibited in some states.

Above all, if you are an entrepreneur and of coping in turkey like the idea, then you may consider starting a business that's involved with raising turkey. What are the several aspects to be thought of in other to really earn from this is a burning target to be attained? below ....

Starting a Turkey Farm - Sample Business Plan Template

1. Ascertain Whether to Do This
This is the first task that you've got to finish. You have to inquire in the event you really need to raise turkey. Also, if turkeys are meant for the farm you'll really need to inquire. Unlike raising chickens, turkeys require a lot more attention since you may need to take care of youthful turkey called poults. You may even require spending more time with your buddies that are new, as there a much and societal friendlier than chickens.

2. Study about Turkeys
It is recommended that you set time out to examine about turkeys, the various species there- if any, how you can begin a small business as this, the capital needed to begin one, by what means the day to day running of the company will be like, and what have you. Having the correct answers means that you'll be on your approach to begin on the correct ground. You may want to consider requesting an expert that's somebody who's already in the line of business for a few guidance and snippets. You can also make use of the web to garner some advice.

3. Go Down to a Farm Yourself
That is not a type of company you want to start without having a firsthand experience about how things are done and run. It is really for this reason which you have got to decrease to some nearby farm to see how all these plays out. Make sure to go using a laptop so that you are able to record just as much as you would like. Also make sure that you scale through this hurdle nicely as you've got a lot to gain when you do this.

4. Determine What to Breed
It is extremely important that you just determine the turkey breed that you want to breed. Make your decision of whether it'd function as the broad breasted white turkey, wild bronze turkey, or the broad breasted bronze turkey. In the United States of America for instance; the broad breasted white turkey is the most commercial one.

5. Begin to Build
The next port of call is always to begin to build the turkey pen. This ten should possess a size 10 and this size can categorically house between twelve and ten turkeys. If on the other hand you are planning to increase a lot more than you could consider developing a sun porch. A typical sun porch has size of about 8. Using the 8 by 10 sized spaces it is possible to search plan to house between thirty and twenty turkeys.

6. Furnish pen
The next thin g to do would be to know what to put in there after you have assembled the pen or sun porch. There should be a feeder, litter region and Water trough inside the pen or sun porch. Make sure that the water trough do not always fill to the brim as there have been cases of that type, so that the turkeys can avoid drowning in them.

7. Discover the Type of Feeds
There are different types of feeds and you have got to determine which it really is you need to really go for. For instance; there are the pre- appetizer feeds, feeds, grower that is appetizer feeds, and the finisher feeds. As the name signifies, they all vary. What this means is that each feed serves as their age indicates. Do note that the feed you decide to settle for would show by the caliber of turkey you back.

8. Start and Be Watchful
Now that you've got begun to raise them, you have got to be cautious that you do not allow the turkeys drink cold water. Why is this significant? That is especially significant because cold water is lethal to turkeys. It is better that you just give lukewarm water to drink so as to avert a poor impact to them.

9. Advertise your Company
This is a thing of import that you tell and sundry about your turkey company. You can begin to tell folks about your turkey company even before they are ripe on the market. That is so your potential buyers can be conscious and have in the back of the heads that there is a serious seller. Remember to permit them to know when the deal would likely occur.

10. Stay Educated
Don't relent in training that is continuance. What this means is you have to keep getting trained so which you can consistently remain enlightened. This is because one of the means to remain on top in this business would be to remain educated.
Since you've read all the steps which is demanded of you in beginning your personal turkey company, to take, you have to also know that companies like this takes a little time to begin to produce profit and you should be prepared to be patient.

For More Details Business Plan and Feasibility report call Us @ 08168710034 or 08180081665. email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Turkey Raring Business- How to Start A Turkey Farm In Nigeria

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

How To Start Garri Proccessing Business
Cassava production in Africa and Gari is a remarkable business opportunity for Central Africa, particularly West and the continent.
Cassava is among the most famous and widely consumed food crops in Africa.
As it's this kind of important food in an incredibly versatile harvest and the area, it's often called basis of food security.

The competitive demands for cassava cut across animal and human ingestion. It is a preferred material for making biofuels and is quickly being a popular raw material in industrial production.
As the people and market in Africa is growing quickly, the need for food basics like cassava has improved. Costs are being pushed by this high interest in assorted types of processed cassava to the ceiling.
Several small scale cassava farmers altering their lives through this company and are making a fortune.
Let us investigate the chances in cassava production and potential places it is possible to use...

Garri, has become a much needed staple food in Nigeria, and is processed cassava tubers. Once considered to be food for the poor, garri is slowly slipping from the range of average Nigerians who occasionally cannot do without helping themselves to a plate of eba (or Garri flour blended in hot water) or its saturated variation daily.

Someone once shared with me that the companies which will continue as long as human civilization stays are those companies that satisfy the basic needs of guy, i.e. food, clothes, health, and shelter. There exists an excellent awareness in this. It is because as long as we're living, we'd need clothes that is great quality as well as great food, good shelter and good health to lead an acceptable degree of existence. Nigerian communities must start to look at developing companies that can address these needs that are basic. For this reason Garri processing plant is one fantastic business opportunity that fits this mould. The industrial processing of cassava in Nigeria holds potential for investors. Cassava could be processed into various merchandises like Garri flour, fufu, tapioca, ethanol, processors, starch, glucose syrup, etc. Each one of these products have been have important export potentials and in high demand. Nonetheless, controlling your plant to processing just flour that is Garri on the market can nevertheless reach for you the standing of national, a big and international business.

The Garri Staple Food

Garri is a creamy- yellowish or white granular flour with a at times sour flavor and a slightly fermented flavor. It's made of fermented, gelatinous fresh cassava tubers. Garri is a staple food mostly eaten in other West African nations and Nigeria. Even in faraway America, Australia, Europe and a few other elements of Africa, this popular staple food is eaten by folks with distinct tasty African soups. The saturated variation of Garri flour taken with coconut, bean cakes (akara), legumes pudding (moinmoin), groundnuts, or smoked fish, is just another fascinating delicacy for a lot of people, particularly when taken with cold water and during hot periods. Some prefer to add sugar and evaporated milk to love their Garri that are saturated.

Varieties in the Marketplace of Garri Flour

The various kinds of Garri flour in the marketplace is determined by the approach to grain size, processing as well as the place of Africa where it's created. The selection of size or feel is to match with the particular use you would like to place your Garri to. The additional coarse grain Garri is generally soaked in water and eaten while the fine or coarse grain Garri is generally all right for eba. Garri can also be classified on the basis of the amount of fermentation or whether palm oil is added to it. The following are the various 

kinds of garri in the marketplace:

1. White Garri: This is the most common type of Garri seen in West Africa in most areas. It's fermented with no inclusion of palm oil for two to three days.

2. Crimson Garri (that's really yellowish in colour): This kind of Garri is usually seen in states like Edo, Delta along with other Southern areas of Nigeria. Additionally it is called Bendel Garri. It passes through an identical preparation procedure such as the Garri that are white, just that red palm oil is added to give that strong yellowish colour to it. Present it that exceptional colour and the inclusion of palm oil really helps to decrease the cyanide content.

3. Ijebu Garri: This Garri is made exactly the same manner the others are made, only that the fermentation is all about seven days. No palm oil is added. It is starchy is fried to eventually become crisped and contains an extremely sharp flavor. Folks in the Western part of Nigeria like such Garri.

4. Ghana Garri: This Garri is produced in Ghana as well as the procedure is exactly the same with the others only that the peeled and picked cassava is soaked in water. In case of Ghana Garri, after grating the saturated and peeled cassava, it's not wet in sunlight before it's fried feel and to look.


The important raw material needed in the creation of Garri is picked cassava roots. The fresh cassava tuber needs to be free from insect or microbial damage. It also needs to be processed to avoid loss and deterioration of quality.
Machines and equipment for creating a plant that is Garri contain a 5 HP ability machine, which could make five lots of grated cassava tubers. Additionally, you will need a grating machine, hydraulic press, fryers, peelers/ etc., knives, wheelbarrow, bowls

Garri Processing

Of making Garri the process is easy. It may be exemplified as follows: from cassava farm - skinning - grating/grinding - pressing - sieving - frying - cooling - bagging. To put it differently, the cassava tubers gather in the farm or providers, wash the tubers and clean them to remove soil and sand; you then send the peeled tubers to the granulate where it's grated into a pulp and skin the tubers using a knife or machine. The pressing procedure helps to ensure the cassava pulp is dewatered, removing water and its hazardous elements. Before you fry subsequently sieve. Next you bag your final product after letting it cool and frying. There you go; your merchandise that is Garri is out!

Marketplace potentials
The market potential for garri is secure and enormous. Why? Regular Nigerian or some African someplace is using up the merchandise that is Garri. Garri flour goods, the variation that was saturated as well as particularly eba, are used up regular to mansions in town from huts in the villages. Your marketplace comprises everyone: men, workers, students, girls, kids, the aged etc. The market value of merchandises that are garri runs into billions of dollars annually. This marketplace has continued to grow as many are converted to making it part of the staple food or eating garri. The West African marketplace, for example, is close to 300 million individuals. Nigeria is 75% fall and about 170 million individuals to the effective demand segment using up at least a 5-litre pail of flour that is garri weekly. If this 75% is a 5-member family, we're speaking about (75% x 170,000,000=127.5 million/5=25.5 million families). If each family pays N400 for a 5-litre pail of Garri weekly, then the market potential is 25.5 million times N400, which equals N10.2 billion worth of Garri being consumed every week from our open markets. If for just about any reason, 50% of the capacity is accurate, we're still talking about N5.1 billion worth of garri flour eaten every week. Tell me, does not this company have a tremendous financial potential? It does!

To begin processing plant that is Garri

-- Startup price is not as high as N1million or less with respect to the size of investment
-- Can be jointly carried out with other sorts of companies
-- first year gains Prospective: From N2 million to nearly an N100 million
-- Break even time from first investment: quite fast (can be between 1 to 5 years)
-- Future increase potential high
-- sustainable business, Dynamic
-- Potential for Cooperative or Small business -established organisations
-- Not considerably staffing needed particularly in the start

It is high time our grads and well-informed individuals considered getting into this type of company so we are able to become self sufficient in food production and processing, thus creating jobs for a lot of of our jobless.
Planning is essential to making this type of company, an enormous success, like I always say.

How To Start Garri Proccessing Business

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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Rabit Rearing

How beautiful will it be to start a rabbit farm? what ever be you answer, are you aware that rabbits may also be an excellent supply of additional income? Yes, these furry pets can in fact be sold and supply you with cash. If you know all these then you can make money by starting a rabbit farm.
Do not even think of starting a rabbit or continuing until after you have read this message...

How would you like to start raising rabbit "the appropriate manner" and fully AVOID hundreds of hours of frustration and wasted time that many newbies starting their rabbits project encounter?

If you have been raising rabbits for a little while as a hobby, have it occurred to you that you could make a little cash raising them. The idea may have even occurred to you that you can make a lot of money raising rabbits. After all, two
rabbits will be 200 in a brief amount of time, right?
Perhaps yes, maybe no.
Rabbits hold the capacity to be one of the more prosperous species. They often give birth to large litters, and offspring grow fast and reach market or breeding weight faster than just about any other species. They need small considerable space compared with most other species, plus they are often quiet, non demanding animals.

However you will find several things you should think about before making the jump into starting a rabbit farm for profit instead of as a hobby.
At the current time there's a higher demand for rabbit meat but not nearly enough suppliers. Many restaurants are adding it to their menus in an effort to be more European. There are a few grocery stores that take rabbit meat but most are unable to, due to the dearth of supply. Research facilities and universities also buy a lot of rabbits for medical research and testing. So with all this demand, why could it be so difficult to make a living off rabbits?
Bottom line, because RABBIT FARMING IS REALLY A LUCRATIVE BUSINESS. A high number of those would need to be managed to earn big benefits. It's very difficult to make significant cash from breeding rabbits, unless you are a commercial breeder with numerous rabbits and on a breeding program that is constant. The yields may be low when the expenses of employing staff for the care of the rabbits and for cleaning are taken into consideration.

There can, nevertheless, be tremendous profits in raising rabbits, if you're lucky enough to maintain the market for rabbit serum, or blood which has been cleaned. This is blood that is close to an individuals blood and consequently in very high interest in medical research. This blood can be sold for $15,000 a gallon or higher. Nevertheless, getting your name on the set of sellers that are biomedical is difficult; it is almost impossible you will have in order to supply an extremely sizeable quantity of rabbits.
Thus, can there be any gain in rabbit farming? Spending by raising your own meat at the grocery store on meat, simply, is exactly the same as making a profit. That is money that remains in your own pocket and this could be described as a gain. And as said earlier, this is exactly the same as making a profit.

As with any small business success won't be reached by you overnight. You should be able promote and to manage the rabbits. You'll also have to learn how to budget. So, there can be profits in raising rabbits made, but like anything else, it will take discipline and work. In our opinion, a particular quantity of rabbits are needed to be created annually to reach gains.

The Good News is that raising rabbits can in fact be rather simple and inexpensive, after you have acquired the proper wisdom and abilities that the project requires. Regrettably I do have some bad news... while raising rabbits might be reasonably simple and affordable when you understand what you doing many times it can literally take years of dedication and tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket to get to that stage.
In order for the cost (feed, utilities, materials etc.) of the meat produced by a rabbitry to be equal to or greater than that spent at the grocery store; each doe needs to raise out a minimum of 35 fryers per year. Using the mating practices that are above, the doe, if stock that is great, should create between 50 to 60 kits per year. How many kits which are truly increased out will be decided by how good of a mother the doe is and from the occupation which you do.

How to start-

How do you begin a rabbits farming business?Are you in need of a sample rabbit farming business plan? don't worry , i will provide detailed business plan and feasibility report so read on.

Rabbits farming company like other live stock farming can be very successful for an entrepreneur with a gift or a passion for animal husbandry. It's no expensive venture. Starting a rabbit farming business requires little cash unlike other business, instead it requires that the entrepreneur have a knowledge about animal husbandry.
It is also essential that you are enthusiastic about creatures aside the knowledge. If not, then get a person who adores spending time with animals.

The Potentials and Profitability of Rabbit Farming

  • Rabbits are productive in nature
  • As it's medically recommended over red meat rabbits meat is highly in demand. 
  • Rabbits require minimal handling and usually are not competitive
Below is a blunt guidance on how to begin a commercial rabbit farming business without wasting your time.

1. Consider the availability of breeding materials
If you are thinking about investing in this company, it's crucial you know just how to acquire your materials at an extremely minimal cost. These substances includes "the rabbits, breeding cages, feeds, concentrates, etc because all these are what are regarded as the raw materials there are required for the business.

2. Get the essential understanding of rabbit care
That is essential to avoid unnecessary loss because of diseases and high mortality. Get to know everything you can about rabbits, to their own gestation period, feeding design, etc. from their common disorders and ailments You can get this information by carrying out an internet search on the internet or visiting with your local library and reading up about rabbits.

3.This is extremely important especially if you're likely to breed rabbits on a commercial scale. You must factor in every possible details including your fiscal overhead cost and profit possibility.

4. Determine on where to place your rabbits
It is necessary that a rabbits house be wide enough, in order to give opportunity for the young ones as well as expansion and the growth of the business. Rabbits can be kept in hutches or in cages. The rabbit cage should be built in this way that the
rabbits will be shielded from rain and direct sunlight.

5. Feeding

rabbits feed on grasses like potato, elephant grass, shrubs, leaves and herbs or either compounded feed. They must be allowed at least two times a day to food. 24 hours a day must be not made unavailable for them by clean drinking water. Regular basis must be cleaned for the sake of the wellness of the rabbits. To be able to prevent wasting the feed it is best to study their exact daily ingestion of feed that is compounded.

6. Creation

rabbits are productive in nature and they do multiply quickly. rabbitsare with the capacity of copying seven times in a year. In one place, the doe and the buck ought to be held for reproduction to take place to conjugate. After that, you will need to separate them.

7. Factor in your total expenses
Running and starting a rabbits breeding business is not all that pricey but, you still must do everything possible and everything within your power cost in such a way that it will not change your gains in the company. try mapping out strategies to maximize your profit.

8. Advertising your
Start with creating awareness among individuals starting with friends, your families as well as coworkers, hotels, restaurants, eateries etc. Let them know about the nutritional value of rabbits together with the economical importance.

 Nevertheless, it is advisable that you simply carry out more research on your own even before you invest a dime in setting up your rabbits farm. You have to understand the amount of demand as well as the market strategies; as this will allow you to avoid unnecessary loss and regrets. And to help you on that we have packaged an the business plan and feasibility report in an ebook format and can be sent to your email.

Before you consider directing and starting a rabbit farming company on your own, you should Order for this eBook as it will help you assess and ascertain whether franchising will be worth while. If you're able to get a franchise, then why start from scratch.

to get this ebook email us @ [email protected] OR [email protected] also you can call me @ 08168710034 or 08180081665.

Rabit Farming: Commercial Rabbit Farming Business in Nigeria

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

snail farming business

Snail farming also called Heliculture, is simply the domesticating snails at home, making them feel as though they are in their natural habitat (home). Heliculture is quite a lucrative enterprise that's yet to be appreciated in the Agro industry, because very few are conscious of its profit potential. But the bright few in the business discovered this, and are making a fortune.

Snails are seen by individuals here and there, Some people take it but quite a number don't know how to go about rearing them. This can be made worse because snails, which belong to the family of animal is a hermaphrodite- It has both the female and male sexual organs one cannot actually distinguish between its female and male specie.

But the simple fact is the fact that snail farming is as easy as ABC. The sole thing the snails may always demand from you is the attention and care. Themselves barely fall sick. You do not have to purchase their food and you may not need to spend much to assemble a Pen (House) . The wonder of it is the snails reproduce rapidly; they are effective at producing countless eggs, which hatch into snails. It is now possible to produce 1,000,000 snails worth more than N5 million twice a year. That is made possible because of the accessibility to really tremendously prolific ACHATINA. ACHATINA species of snails, which lay 200400 in one batch 2-3 times a year. There is the urgent demand for Nigerians to really have a radical shift on government for occupation from complete dependence to self-employment. Certainly one of such alluring place for self-employment is snail rearing. It truly is a great money-spinning company that provides a substantial supply of protein to complement carbohydrate meals that are Nigerian. Unfortunately Nigerians where thousands have already made their bundle disposition to go into company has led to the ulter negligence of such successful section of snail farming in Nigeria or export at international marketplace.


-- The demand for snail is more compared to supplies as such snail's market potential is not exhaustible and globally.
-- This technology has really been approved to be most lucrative farming enterprise presently, as it requires far less capital investment, while much gain has been generated in a short interval that was substantial.
-- Nearly every part is of critical use in Food, Pharmaceutical industry, production and fishing businesses.
It truly is a foreign currency income earner. Our climate is among the best in snail breeding.
-- Snail farming requires the running cost as well as small capital is very low, therefore their feeds are extremely local
-- Snail company really is a JEWEL in the livestock business. So benefit from the opportunity of being among the forerunners in this unbeatable enterprise.
-- you are able to handily earn income a higher than your current making. Since your present job will not demand much time you'll be able to keep it and do this.
-- This is a genuine export market without you running from pillar to post, that brings in foreign revenue.
-- This is just not fiction but factual. Not fantastic but a fact.
-- No pressure, no time consuming, no noise no odour with no annoyance.
-- Snail farming is a feasible and practicable enterprise yet unexplored in Nigeria. It is going to work in Nigeria, if it's worked elsewhere.


There exists a ready market for snail, globally and locally. They is only going to need your guarantee of routine supply weekly. There's also great marketplace for snail meat in the international marketplace if only you'll be able to do a packaging that is good. It's possible for you to make millions from this vast and inexhaustible market. Snail farmers are making huge gain as the global need for the delicacy increases. In Nigeria the prices of raw, matured snails goes for N250 to N600 determined by the size. The international trade in snails is flourishing in Europe, France, China, and North America. The usa imports more than $5million worth of snails per annum from throughout the world, including Nigeria. France additionally demands about 15000 metric tons per annum.

At this point you see that this really is a chance for one to get loaded. You don't have to go in search of Job when you can conveniently make millions of naira right at your backyard on bases that are part-time and with little capital.
The snails reproduce rapidly. They've been effective at creating more than 300 eggs. It's now possible to produce snails that are 1,000,000 worth more than N20 million twice a year.

Snail meat has been consumed by people worldwide since prehistoric times. A current study has revealed that the glandular substances could be of worth in fighting with various ailments, including whooping cough. Snails also can be helpful to Asthmatic patients.

If you're seeking a company which you would have you raking in millions within a short while and should start with very little capital, then you should really start looking into Snail farming. Would you understand that you can also export snail both in large and small scale?

Well, you're likely to learn everything you need to know in this post. Even though this post is using Nigeria as case study, the techniques, approaches as well as ideas shared here can be executed in virtually any nation of the earth; whether Ghana, United States, Canada, U.K, etc.

Why you need to begin a Snail Farming Business Now

  •   With a population of over 160million individuals, and eateries scattered all around the nation; then starting a snail farming business in Nigeria is actually a clever move as the demand cannot even be fulfilled by the existing local farmers.
The feeds are readily available and also you can also create yourself to it as snails feed. You can not start large out of your backyard and grow from there.
  •   because of its high nutritional value, snails have become a very popular delicacy.

  •   Snails are also a good source of protein. Snails are very popular among weight watchers as they are extremely low in fat and calories. Snail meat is likewise very good for people afflicted by cancer cardiovascular diseases and individuals trying to recover from an injury.

You'd need some snails to start up your snail farm and also you need to ensure in perfect condition as well as they are productive. The best spot to source for your first stock is in the bushes. Snails gotten straight from their natural habitat are in the very best condition since they haven't been exposed to too much sunlight which would dehydrate them and cause them to become less fertile.

In case you feel getting snails from the bush would be too much of a strain for you, then you can get snail eggs in the market and cover them up with wet sand inside it with cocoyam leaves in a plastic bowl and leave them to hatch.
The hatching process would take about 21-28 days you then watch your snails multiply in amounts because snails reproduce rapid and in large numbers and can begin feeding and taking care of one's infant snails. You should learn about the various species of snails and which ones are best for raising, before you rush off to the marketplace to get your snail eggs.
The Achatina Achatina is, in addition, easy to locate.

Snail feeding
Snails are very versatile feeders. They could feed on anything from leaves to fruits. Snails can feed on eggplant leaves together with cocoyam leaves, okra and cassava leaves, cabbage, lettuce, pawpaw. Snails can also feed on fruits like tomatoes, banana, pawpaw, mangoes and pears.
There are specially invented snail feed in the market that you may use to feed your snails for productivity and improved growth.

  Picking your snails
It is vital to handle them carefully, when harvesting your snails. You can pick them or in a carton to be carried to the point of sale. Don't overload the containers. 10 kg in every container is simply okay so that the snails do not get hurt or stressed.

  Marketing your snails
There are different advertising chances for snail farmers. You are able to sell them to hotels and restaurants that have snail meat or sell to market men or girls who will buy them from you in wholesale amount. It is also possible to process your snails to other nations for export.

Challenges of Beginning Snail Farming in Nigeria
The opportunities in snail farming far outweigh its challenges / difficulties. Apart the challenges of raising capital, obtaining a great place to back the snails, getting advertising and their feeds your snails; the sole concern you could confront is the issue of pests such as ants, termites, hawks, etc. Snails scarcely fall ill.

In conclusion, I want one to be aware of that snail farming is a very profitable business guaranteed to bring an enormous source of income to you in a brief period! Venture. I bet you won't repent it! Get our ebook which will equip you with the info you have to begin.

Conclusively, I would advice one to give it a daring trial and you're certain of being on your approach to some sound financial liberty and freedom you so much desire; if you judiciously and religiously use the principle highlighted in the ebook, with good luck and Almighty God's blessing and guidance, success is ensured.

Take Action Today! Order The E-book for a give a way cost of 
N5,000 only payable into our Bank Account. In case your purchasing from outside Nigeria, pay $40, send through any acceptable payment medium available or direct bank deposit or western union. Yes with such little amount, you may get started on commercial level with Heliculture.

Pay into account
bank: GTBank
Account Name : Eucarl Global Resources
Account Number: 0179415426

after payment send your payment details and email address to 08180081665 or to our email @ [email protected]

1. Important reasons for snail breeding

2. Economical significance of snail

3. Medicinal value of snail

4. Site building and location of the pencil

5. Other types of Home snails

6.The best way to have the species that is proper to begin your personal farm

7. Hatching/ incubating care of creation and the Hatchlings of snail eggs.

8. Snails' Foes and Disorders

9. The Break Down price of beginning a Snail farm

10. Stocking capacity

11.Organizations that were significant to be reached in snail company

12. Overview of snail breeding secrets that are contemporary

13. The future prospect of raising a lot more and snails!

14. What's snail?

15. What's snail farming?

Bonuses include. Only if you act now or before the year runs off.


How To Start A Snail Farming Business

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Friday, 20 November 2015


  Have you heard of MORINGA before now? if yes Do you know you could make hundreds of thousands of Naira from Moringa? Have you ever thought of going into this physical business of  Moringa? if not you have been ignoring an excessive profiting business.
moringa business is now a means of generating agricultural income, developing the food processing industry and founding new businesses. These moringa plant are rich in vitamins and minerals and are used in fighting  many (if not all) health problems and against malnutrition.
      Moringa plant (Moringa oleifera) is known worldwide as The miraculous/wonder tree due to its nutritional and medicinal benefits and industrial uses. And almost every part of moringa plant has it own nutritional values.

Below is a detailed nutrient of a typical moringa plant:

 Some useful ingredients in parts of the moringa.

 Tree Part
Linolenic acid
 Oleic acid
 Seed and leaves
 Leaves, flowers and stems
 Linoleic acid
 Seed and leaves
 Linolenic acid
 Arachidic acid
 Seed and leaves


Plant parts and their benefits.

Tree  Part
Use or Benefits
 Nutritional, forage, biomass,
plant growth hormone, medicinal
 Rope making, gum for tanning hides, medicinal
 Nutritional, medicinal, honey
 Cosmetics, food, water treatment, medicinal
 Nutritional, medicinal
 Paper, alcohol production, animal feed, medicinal

"The moringa plant (Moringa oleifera) is known worldwide for its nutritional and medicinal

benefits and industrial uses (Tables 1&2). Almost every part of the moringa plant

has nutritional value. The pod is cooked as a vegetable and exported to many

countries for  expatriates, fresh or canned. The root can be used as substitute for

horseradish. Foliage is eaten as greens, boiled, fried, in soups or for seasoning. Dried

leaf powder can be added to any kind of meal as a nutritional supplement. The seed

can be roasted and eaten like a peanut.

The seeds can be used as a flocculent to clarify water and as a source of a non-drying

and very stable oil, known as Ben oil. This oil, which was once used for lubricating

watches and other delicate machinery, is clear, sweet and odourless, almost never

going rancid. It is edible and it is becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetics

industry. Leaves and young branches are used as fodder. Moringa may also be used

in fish and poultry feeds. The bark yields a blue dye and can also be used in tanning.

The wood can produce paper. A plant growth hormone can be extracted from young

shoots, which when applied as a foliar spray, increases yields dramatically in almost

any plant. Last but not least, almost every part of the plant has pharmacological properties. "

Over the years moringa plant farming has continued to flourish, as many farmers seize opportunities it offers for them to earn a living.
In up to date instances there’s been a worldwide crusade for a inexperienced revolution and agricultural sustainability thereby opening the transformation agenda, accordingly enabling individual and corporate institution key into the business.

Moringa pods can be cooked as vegetables and also can be exported to many country of your choice. these moringa plants can be used to cure many kinds of diseases like; diabetes, hypertension, chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Osteoporosis etc. i will tell you this moringa tree is such a miracle tree. No wonder they called it the tree of life.

    Now enough already, you might be wondering how you can make a figures of money out of these Miracle tree, its very simple. The best way of making money  through these tree is through one of these process

  • Through Moringa farming
    Processing and packaging of seeds
    Through leave processing and packaging
    Through moringa oil extraction


 No part of moringa plant is a waste as they are all very useful . which ever aspect of it you want to go into be guaranteed of huge profit. eg, say you start moringa seed oil extraction and you Produce  at least 10 liter of moringa per day believe me, you will be making a hell of money.

To get you started we have packaged all the information you need to start up theis business either as a moringa farmer, processing and packaging of leaves or seeds, or oil extraction. this information is packaged in an ebook format and can be sent to your email. 

what you will get in the ebook:

1. The moringa plant.........................11
2. The need for a manual...................13
3. The scope of the manual................13
1. Site selection..................................17
2. Soil/land preparation......................18
3. Propagation...................................18
Seed propagation..............................19
Propagation by cuttings.....................20
4. Planting.........................................21
Intensive production..........................21
Semi-intensive production..................21
Seed production................................23
5. Caring for the plant.......................23
Shaping the trees...............................23
6. Pest and disease control.................28
Fungal diseases..................................29
and transportation..................30
1. Harvesting of shoots and leaves.....32
2. Harvesting of seed.........................32
3. Transportation...............................33
processing the leaves...............35
1. Stripping the leaflets......................37
2. Washing........................................37
3. Draining.........................................37
4. Drying............................................39
Room drying......................................39
Solar drying.......................................39
Mechanical drying..............................41
5. Milling...........................................41
6. Sieving...........................................41
7. Drying the leaf powder....................41
packaging and storage...........43
1. Personal hygiene............................44
2. Packaging in bulk...........................44
3. Final packaging..............................45
4. Labelling........................................45
using moringa leaves
for nutrition...............................47
1. Nutritional content of
fresh moringa leaves..........................49
2. Nutritional content of
dry moringa leaf powder....................53
3. Nutritional content of cooked
moringa leaves...................................56
4. Water soluble
and fat soluble vitamins.....................57
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How to Make Money From Moringa Proccessing and Packaging Business

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