The nations annual toilet roll requirement as been estimated at 105 million units out of which local production can only meet about 800 million units. The short fall in supply translate to a market gap estimated at about three hundred and seventy five million (N 375,000,000) annually in revenue and an investment opportunity for savvy investors to exploit.

Drinking Straw Production

The lucrativeness of this business is that above measurement as it’s a product that has only one time application/usage- that is drinking straw is a product that is used once, no one uses a particular straw twice neither do two individuals share a straw thus it’s a USE AND DEMAND PRODUCT (UDP) making demand high. Okay! I believe you’ve got it for am not here to neither lecture nor disturb you with this bulky details rather am here rather for you to understand and profit from this business so please read on………………………


Learn how to make money producing liquid soap, the market for liquid soap is growing and is still growing and location is not a detriment to its highly demand as there are individuals, households, churches, schools, laundry, hospitals around to patronize your products. So in the end you will learn all you need and will be able to produce good quality liquid soaps. \

Make Money From Custard Production Business

CUSTARD PRODUCTION FOR MONEY A business that will always spin money into the bags of the producer/ manufacturer is the food production business as man can never skip through a 24hours interval without food. One of such production business that is sure to ensure financial availability to the producer is the custard production business.

How to Create an App and Start Earning Money in 7 days

Yes it’s a new year, new privilege, privilege to start up a business, privilege to maintain the already started business and also a privilege to still expand your business borders. As a new year, you might as well consider the best business opportunity for the year 2013- “success” they say is doing the right thing, at the right time, at the right place with the right people.

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Showing posts with label BUSINESS PRINCIPLES. Show all posts

Tuesday, 28 May 2013



You have probably had someone tell you to think positive when you were in a trying situation. That is because the power of positive thinking is something that is a widely held belief. Most people easily accept that when you give off positive energy, you can infect others with that positive energy and that they will return that energy to you. It is basically the idea that what you put out there will come back to you. Positive influences are all around us. They exist because people love to feel good. People prefer the positive to the negative. You can likely relate to this. You would probably rather be around someone who is upbeat and full of energy than someone who is depressed and moping around. People see that thinking positive and having a positive attitude can play a large role in their life. Positive thinking can be very powerful and by putting it to work in your life; you can reap the positive benefits.

What is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking can be defined as thinking good thoughts or being optimistic. When it comes to positive thinking there is no room for the negative. When you are a positive thinker, you will always look on the good side of things. You will not dwell on bad things; instead, you will look for the good in them. Positive thinking involves no negative thinking. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, a positive thinker thinks about what can go right. A positive thinker is going to look for the good in things. That means they will always try to find something positive about every situation. Positive thinking plays a large role in life. A person who thinks positive will end up having a more positive life then someone who thinks negative. A positive thinker is going to be able to stay upbeat in any situation. That is because they do not dwell on the negative. They can always find a way to look at the positive in any situation. When bad things happen, a positive thinker is not going to let themselves get down and they are not going to let the bad invade their thoughts. Instead, they are going to look for positive things and look to find the solution to the negative situation. They also adopt a different attitude than a negative thinker. A positive thinker is going to try to stay upbeat and happy. They are going to try to stay energized and not allow themselves to get down. If they feel tired or lazy, they are going to do something to help bring them back up. Positive thinking can be used in every aspect of life, from the little things to major things. It can be used to help you get through trying times. You can also use it to just make your average day go a little better. Positive thinking involves being able to see the good things, even in something bad. It involves being able to turn off the negative thoughts and replace them with good thoughts. Positive thinking will allow you to avoid always going to the negative when something bad happens. It will also allow you to assume that good things will come your way and it will help you project an attitude that will help bring good things your way. Positive thinking is something that allows you to turn negatives into positives. It allows you to look on the brighter side of life. Positive thinking will open your eyes and your life to a world that is brighter and better than the negative one most people dwell in.
Positive thinking will help you grow and be open to success. Through positive thinking, you will be able to allow yourself to start to envision your life as being positive and

powerful. You will open up the door for good things to happen in your life.

Saturday, 11 May 2013



Creating an online product is easy but creating a sell-able product is challenging, in this article we will be learning how to produce a product that will become consumer favorite.
 Will be learning this  key principle in two broad rules, I wont do much as I have taken time to surf a video that solves this problems.


video one

watch the second video and learn, though as you can see this video is not made by me but its content i recommend.
video 2 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


 I have recived number and number of calls, emails and messsages from people requesting  to know the best lucrative business ( in their own words without rephrasing “ ikoi I appreciate your post on list of lucrative business but help me which one is the best and perfect lucrative?). It is actually disturbing for  one searching for a perfect business to start for no one wants to invest without hope of a better return on investment on a short run. So I consider this question thus serious and important so have decided to share it with you “ factors that favours starting up a lucrative business”

 Please read –business to business
                       affiliate marketing
 Permit me to start by stating the fact that all business are lucrative and profit yeilding never the less   there is so such thing as perfect or most lucrative business, all business are lucrative and profit yeilding if not would’t be called a business.
Factors that favour starting up a lucrative business helps you consider the challenges of man and also helps you provide solutions to them. Every business is as aresult of mans problem and the quest of a business idealed man to solve those problems that has made  way for earnings. So a business is lucrative if highly patronized, and a business is not patronized if they dosent provide high solutions to mans problems.
 In starting up a business one must consider the factors that favours starting up a lucrativebusiness:
This are the fact to consider prior starting up a business as they determine the lucrative ness of a business. Th geographical location , availability of raw materials , demand rate, and nearness to customers determines lucrative ness
Lucrative ness is either = high demand with low or equal supply  or
                                          = high supply with low or no demand
In either way the for factors are the determinants.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013





I know you might be wondering what I meant by my title  business to business but believe me there is no better combinations or bond as one between like materials, people, business, company e.t.c to another.
We entrepreneurs seems to get carried away with the effort of making business work, making ways and creating avenues for generating revenues that we often care less if we bound to; who we get our business connected to? Does it really matter? Who I relate to does it really affect my business, does it makes me any better or lesser to my business aims and goals? It’s understandable to ask this question but tell me your experience in business in connection to friendship (do use our comment box to add yours) through life of trial and error of great people, of world changers am happy to confide in you that the process,the success and future of your business life depends on the contact you make, the people you connect to and the friends you make.


We are familiar with this proverbs much that we are now overlook it but hey friend, its important than you can ever imagine. You may again ask why I border about your connection, contacts and friends if they know nothing about my business or my business plan.
Yes but consider this story, a story you are familiar with may be as a kid it was thought by our teachers or parents but as a story to know only as religion demands, and we are yet to grab the best as a business man.
  Jonah as we  all know was given a message to carry across to Nineveh ,but due to disobedience and lack of wisdom  he decided to go the opposite direction to tarshish,(here is what you need)he went down to port of Joppa to board a ship , there  some wealthy business men made contacts with him and together boarded the same  ship, and headed to tarshish, while on the ship a violent storm threatened to break the ship apart (why because of Jonah) the business men with their goods were forced to through their cargo, goods and wealth’s over board just to lighten the ship.
  Believe me many of this business men that threw their cargo over board became poor and lived in penury thereafter, many also took their own life and many were also thrown to jail for the money the borrowed that was never recovered because of the contact and connection they made with jonah.
Well you may say that is just a coincidence that all this happened or its just ill luck for the business men, this may be will be your judgement but consider that of Abraham a well established business man heading for success, success was prophesied, success was seen all around him but he never achieved or saw the long prophesied success early, (it took him a whole 24 years) why? Because of his connection, contact and friendship with lot. he only achieved success in his business and life only when he cut the rope of friendship between him and lot (when they separated).
  This stories duo thousands of years is still applicable in today world of business, this stories is still seen around as I have received testimonies after sharing this institutional discoveries with my clients. So dear for your business to prosper you must be cautious of your contacts and connection thus separate yourself from non- business oriented individuals, many have used their money to buy tickets and have therefore boarded the ship of business like you have but with no goods like Jonah and you mustn’t let them make you throw your goods over board rather threw them over board.
Like in my previous post we made it clear that for a business man to succeed he needs to belong to a cooperative organization.
  Dear, wise men associate with wiser men and in such business men associate with already established business men. Your success depends on it.

   Show me your business partner/friend and I will show you the success of your business
Friendship, family or any other bond does not determine good partnership in business so does neither determine success in business, if you can’t beat them join them doesn’t just  work in business  as you can’t win a business ill luck individual over it just doesn’t work separate yourself don’t waste your time trying to win anybody over.

Friday, 8 March 2013




Many business today have bankrupt not because he lack planning or principles but because the fail to save properly and so fail to spend but expend.
It has been discovered buy my crew and I that certain business all over the world both ones in start up stage, and the already thriving ones  are loosing heavily due to expenditure, many business remain a baby business, not growing, not making profit due to their mode of expenditure.
 Ignorant this  expenditure rule has caused more harm than good to business all over
 Are you planning to start up a business , is your business not still up to your expectation or do you desire to dominate the world of business the here is the solution. Consider our findings and rule “ THE EXPENDITURE RULE”


 If one must spend the expense must be ordinary and necessary.

 ORINARY EXPENDITURE an ordinary expense is one `that is accepted in ones niche or business

NECESSARY EXPENDITURE is one that is helpful and appropriate for your trade of business.
 To explain this above motion more and clear , “one must spend not expend”
To expend means spent or use up ( a resources or money) but
To spend means pay out (money) to buy or hire goods or services
Go over the two definitions and use our comment box to tell me what you think

Spend as the meaning implied has its business advantage to expend. If one desires to be successful in business one then mustn’t use up  its resources to be successful but can spend the resources.

Even if spending on business ground and motive one mustn’t spend above earnings in other words our spending shouldn’t exceed earning.

  Business men never fail to spend but successful business men never fail to spent to earn above heir spends. (note the difference)
·         Only spend to earn the business life of CARLOS SLIM  the worlds richest man illustrates this rule, he is the highest spender but always cautious of spending he only spend where he will earn.

 So if one must attain greatness in business one must spend only to earn and in such separates his personal needs from that of his business.

Remember your comment mean much to us so please do not fail to leave a comment about this post and blog.

Friday, 1 February 2013



Many entrepreneurs look up to the already established and wealthy entrepreneurs with bewildered spirit as how they amassed such wealth.
 I have received question from some baby entrepreneurs under my guidance (as clients) such questions are “Mr. IKOI are we not missing anything, is this how great men in business today started. It’s a tough question duo but believe me all this great business men started just like every other entrepreneurs, many of us are even privileged to start up easily and in more conducive environment than most of this great men in business.

In sameness of effort to help you in every aspect to achieve success like them, I have dug dip and have come up with this wealth secret video, this video “the secret law of attraction” I consider a must watch for every entrepreneur that aspire to be successful in business.

 But before then lets consider advice and tips from the top business players of the world

 John D. Rockefeller – founder of Standard Oil

      “I have always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity”
2.            “If you want to succeed, you must strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn out paths of accepted success.” – John D. Rockefeller
3.            “Singleness of purpose is essential for success in life.”
4.            “There’s no mystery in business success. If you do each day’s task successfully and stay faithfully within these natural operations of commercial laws which I talk so much about and keep your head clear, you will come out all right.” – John D. Rockefeller

  • Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft

5.            “I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions; they will be moved to act.
6.            “I like my job because it involves learning. I like being around smart people who are trying to figure out new things. I like the fact that if people really try, they can figure out how to invent things that actually have an impact.” – Bill Gates

  • Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway

7.            “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.”
8.            “Focus on your customers and lead your people as though their lives depend on your success.” – Warren Buffett
  • J. Paul Getty – Getty Oil

9.            “Buy when everyone else is selling and hold when everyone else is buying. This is not merely a catchy slogan. It is the very essence of successful investments.”
10.          “My formula for success? Rise early, work late, strike oil.” – J. Paul Getty
11.          “I have no complex about wealth. I have worked very hard for my money; producing things people need.
12.          “To build wealth today, you must be in your own business.”
13.          “You must take risks, both with your own money or with borrowed money. Risk taking is essential to business growth.” – J. Paul Getty
  • Henry Ford – Ford Motor Company

14.          “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.
15.          “Wealth like happiness is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a product of providing useful service.” – Henry Ford
  • Henry Ross Perot – EDS

16.          “If you see a snake, just kill it. Don’t appoint a committee on snakes.
17.          “Most people give up just when they are about to achieve success. They quit on one yard line. They give up the at last minute of the game one foot from a winning touch down.” – Henry Ross Perot
  • Ingvar Kamprad – IKEA

18.          “Time is your most important resource. You can do so much in ten minutes. Ten minutes; once gone is gone for good.” – Ingvar Kamprad
19.          “Ten minutes are not just one-sixth of your hourly pay; ten minutes is a piece of yourself. Divide yourself into ten units and sacrifice as few of them as possible in meaningless activities. Most things still remain to be done.
20.          “Simplicity and common sense should characterize planning and strategic direction.” – Ingvar Kamprad

  Wealth Attraction Secrets from the Richest People in the World

  • Li Ka Shing – Hutchison Whampoa

21.          “I wasn’t lucky. I worked hard to achieve the goals I set for myself.
22.          “That’s why I am always conservative. I never forget to maintain stability while advancing, and I never forget to advance while maintaining stability.” – Li Ka Shing
  • Howard Hughes – Hughes Aircrafts and tools

23.          “I intend to be the greatest golfer in the world, the finest film producer in Hollywood, the greatest pilot in the world, and the richest man in the world.” – Howard Hughes
  • J. P. Morgan – Morgan

24.          “Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.”
If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it.” – J. P. Morgan
  • Larry Ellison – Oracle Corporation

25.          “You have to act and act now.”
26.          “I think I am very goal oriented. I’d like to win the America’s cup. I’d like Oracle to be the No 1 software company in the world. I still think it is possible to beat Microsoft.”
27.          “The most important aspect of my personality as far as determining my success goes; has been my questioning conventional wisdom, doubting experts and questioning authority. While that can be painful in your relationships with your parents and teachers, it’s enormously useful in life.” – Larry Ellison

Orji Uzor Kalu – Slok Group

28.          “A good businessman must have nose for business the same way a journalist has nose for news. Once your eyes, ears, nose, heart and brain are trained on business, you sniff business opportunities everywhere.” – Orji Uzor Kalu
  • Donald Trump – Trump Organization

29.          “When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.”
30.          “I was relentless even in the face of total lack of encouragement because much more often than you think; sheer persistence is the difference between success and failure.” – Donald Trump
  • Carlos Slim Helu – Telmex Corporation

31.          “When there is a crisis, that’s when some are interested in getting out and that’s when we are interested in getting in.” – Carlos Slim Helu
  • Aliko Dangote – Dangote Group

32.          “I built a conglomerate and emerged the richest black man in the world in 2008 but it didn’t happen overnight. It took me thirty years to get to where I am today. Youths of today aspire to be like me but they want to achieve it overnight. It’s not going to work. To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big. In the journey of entrepreneurship, tenacity of purpose is supreme.” – Aliko Dangote
  • Ted Turner – CNN

33.          “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.
34.          “I decided I wanted to be a success.” – Ted Turner
  • Dave Thomas – Wendy’s

35.          “When I was eight years old, I dreamed that I would one day own the best restaurant in the world. My restaurant would serve great tasting hamburgers made just the way you like them, and all of the customers would love the food and come back again and again.”
36.          “Believe in your dream. People may tell you that you won’t make it, that you’re wasting your time. If you keep your dream in mind, have done your research and are willing to work hard, you can make it come true.
37.          What’s the secret to success? It’s no secret. You need a winning attitude, honesty and integrity, and a burning desire to succeed.” – Dave Thomas
  • Andrew Carnegie – Carnegie Steel

38.          “Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparallel success. A whole clear glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!! Achieve!!!
39.          “I believe that the true road to pre-eminent success in any line is to make yourself master of that line.” – Andrew Carnegie
  • Richard Branson – Virgin Group

40.          “Above all, you want to create something you are proud of. That’s always been my philosophy of business. I can honestly say that I have never gone into any business purely to make money. If that is the sole motive, then I believe you are better off doing nothing.” – Richard Branson

Friday, 7 December 2012


Visa card
 A necessity for online shopping
        Visa card is a product of visa inc. a global payments technology company headquartered in San Francisco California. Visa card issued by financial institutions and can be used as a debit or credit , a bank account or credit account it consist of a 16 digit unique numbers with a three digits security code , issued month and year and expiring month and year, all this information is used whenever you need to do online transaction
       Why I write this post you may wonder besides is not Wikipedia – yes you are right but I just want to tell you the necessity of visa card as in owning a visa card in this computerized world of ours.
      In this article you will be learning uses of visa card and in above all how to secure one for your self. I remember  am supposed to be telling and saying much about howwith ideas of business and how to start one but hey- almost   every business transaction is now done online  and in such if you must succeeds in business of today you must have a visa card. Visa card is a necessity as it can be use for

-       Online payments

-       Receiving of payments online.

       It uses continues to grow, before continue in on this page have you read my previous post on  computer if not click this link to view clickhere, as you will discover why as a business man you need computer.
     With visa card in your hand the world opens to you, in other words with your business having an access to an activated visa card the world opens up for it. With more than 24 billion places across the world accepting visa you can use your visa card instead of cash to pay for everyday purchases- in the above mentioned previous post of mine I laid out how an average level man  can own a computer from all over the globe. After that post I received call from clients and prospective clients complaining of not having a medium of payments. I must say I screwed up by not making mention of it in that post of mine, any way that’s what  prompted this post as I will provide  all the details you need, again its not a must that you securing a visa card doesn’t necessary mean you must shop online cause even if you are shopping in a grocery store, dinning at a restaurant, filling your car with petrol and buying a perfect gift on your travels. also visa card is perfect for you as you can see from above that you are limitless with it.


Now lets  consider how you can secure one for your self, lets look at Nigeria how you can obtain a visa card here in Nigeria, mainly there is three types of  e-payments card here in Nigeria,

We have the           - zenith bank web surfer

                                -   Uba  Africard
-       stand alone prepaid visa card

the first and the second is nice just that there are certain strings attached to it that makes many dislike it, like the first  you will have to pay $120 us dollar and after activation $20 dollars will be deducted and when you will want to recharge it you will have to do it but only in dollars but I want us to focus on the latter one  the stand alone visa card- its ideal and unique in many ways – its not attached to any bank account, its just rechargeable and in naira  just like SIM cards, I once doubted this but haven used it for my online transaction  I taught it wise to share it with you, its secured  and you wont have to worry about losing your bank account details to strangers. Again i have made efforts to proffer solutions to this situation and here again you can obtain a secure and activated visa card for just #1000. below is information about the company that issued me this prepaid visa card for the came amount,


   Genius global communication is a telecommunication that’s into

Website designing

Web hosting


Recharge card printing business

Visa card reselling

Logo and all graphic design.

  This company issue secure standalone visa card to any one that sole desire just for a give away price of #1000. There card is:
Globally accepted
Has unique security feature
Can be recharged in almost all banks in Nigeria
Can be recharged in naira
Its affordable.
There are many affordable and cheap product ranging from computers, home gadgets, phones etc online that you can buy and forever be happy you bought them so now is time to start shopping.
Go ahead and get your self a visa card today call 
08096730085 or


        Remember to leave a post or subscribe to get updates on ABODE BUSINESS.

Call 08168710034




Its through you have a successful business one that you boost of, one that keeps food on the table, yeah you also make an income from it , yes but is that really the stage you want to operate , do you want to  attain a higher level or do you want just to make the little that your making? If yes then you have to consider this post on the 3 keys to keep your business running. It  guarantee your business healthy future  just as a car needs this to keep running so also you need this essential keys to keep you business running.
What are this keys to keep this said business of yours running, well its something you might know something or something you might have come across well the thing there is that you needs it  and mind you this 3 keys was written and composed buy ikoi abode ikenna, and in such was as a result of great research conducted on both small and large business. Without wasting your time the first key is:
Ideas I love it. Great, rich and great men the world ever witnessed all archived this greatness just because of the ideas the had, and ideas as defined by the English dictionary means  a thought or suggestion about  a possible cause of action – it’s a mental impression a belief and the aim of purpose. If you have read my previous post I talked about aim and purpose and as you can see from the above definition that ideas when put into business will not only be inevitable tool that will guarantee success  cause if new ideas is being brought into a business then  the business will not only survive but the business will also stay above all odds and above average- ideas they say is the only factor needed to start up a business every other thing is capital(money). I don’t know if you agree with this  caused I have made use of this same key when I sent a proposal for bulksms to a company , yes and that was in my start up stage, I have no money but only have ideas that I forwarded to the company, knowing freely well that with big companies that have long existed  before mine but just the ideas that I presented to the company made them consider me before others.
The same applies to business, are you into production, marketing or any sort of business  you need is business  ideas that your competitors don’t have crew and you will be above them, generate new ideas  to present under your companies name and your business will continue to strive  in good health. to your customers all you need to win them in is your irritable ideas and they forever pay for those ideas
Do you know you can start a business with just an idea, I will talk about it in my next post, only if you demand for it through  your honest comments on how you feel about this blog.
Even a newbie in business knows the important of a good and proper finance management , also one must know that for a business  to keep running requires a proper management  of finance and for your business to manage it finance one must be     
For one to manage his business finance  one must be disciplined in the area of finance to be able to manage his resources and thus keep his business running for good, also one must have focus , focus is also essential for the good management of finance in a business cause without a good well define focus vies about the  said business will be vague and will guarantee retardation of the business  due to the mismanagement of funds.
Also saving of  fund  in preference  to business is also important for a proper management in the issue of finance.
Like I said early in my previous post that the first stage of a business star up is the imagination and good imagination produces a good result and every stage is a growth and every  growth is a result , so for a business to keep running one must learn how to grow and how to obtain a desired result easily and in a shortest possible time. Read my previous post and remember to revisit  or register to receive weekly updates on business ideas you can start and how to start them and how to maintain and keep them running.

 Please leave a comment.                                         

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