The nations annual toilet roll requirement as been estimated at 105 million units out of which local production can only meet about 800 million units. The short fall in supply translate to a market gap estimated at about three hundred and seventy five million (N 375,000,000) annually in revenue and an investment opportunity for savvy investors to exploit.

Drinking Straw Production

The lucrativeness of this business is that above measurement as it’s a product that has only one time application/usage- that is drinking straw is a product that is used once, no one uses a particular straw twice neither do two individuals share a straw thus it’s a USE AND DEMAND PRODUCT (UDP) making demand high. Okay! I believe you’ve got it for am not here to neither lecture nor disturb you with this bulky details rather am here rather for you to understand and profit from this business so please read on………………………


Learn how to make money producing liquid soap, the market for liquid soap is growing and is still growing and location is not a detriment to its highly demand as there are individuals, households, churches, schools, laundry, hospitals around to patronize your products. So in the end you will learn all you need and will be able to produce good quality liquid soaps. \

Make Money From Custard Production Business

CUSTARD PRODUCTION FOR MONEY A business that will always spin money into the bags of the producer/ manufacturer is the food production business as man can never skip through a 24hours interval without food. One of such production business that is sure to ensure financial availability to the producer is the custard production business.

How to Create an App and Start Earning Money in 7 days

Yes it’s a new year, new privilege, privilege to start up a business, privilege to maintain the already started business and also a privilege to still expand your business borders. As a new year, you might as well consider the best business opportunity for the year 2013- “success” they say is doing the right thing, at the right time, at the right place with the right people.

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Saturday, 25 May 2013

NICHE IN BUSINESS! Understand the term niche in business

NICHE IN BUSINESS! Understand the term niche in business

What is niche?

 Niche is a specialty or specific area in which a person, a business or service operates, that is the ability of an individual, entrepreneur and business owner to stick to a particular brand of business where there is difference other brand. In business. The need for you to identify a specific niche to operate in business, considering this term provide more opportunity for the business owner both in area of marketing, as they are likely not to compete. The uniqueness of a business lies in their ability to identify the proper niche they have the proper expertise knowledge and stick to.

NICHE  MARKETING in marketing and supply one ought to identify the niche with un-meet needs, and supply the need, there by supplying a product and service that might not or rarely be in a particular geographical area thereby creating a voice for his business. Finding smaller niche or group within an established market smaller that have unique needs that you can address. Because of the commitment (both financial and personal) required in a successful small business, it is important that you are ready to immerse yourself in filling these unmet needs. Therefore, your interests and passions are at least as important as the availability of a niche.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Writing at first was considered only as a hobby and not a way of making money as writers are considers not serious, the world want quick and fast money and I such fail to understand the potential in writing, the art of writing is a lucrative business but with one problem, not everyone can venture into it, not everyone can make money from it as virtually not everyone can write. Writing both in business and in general travels more and touches lives more than every other aspect of communication. How much poorer our world would be if some of the great writers of the past had not shared their expertise and inspiration with us. The world of books has taken us into realms we could not have imagined had it not been for the hard work of these authors as they left their legacy for future generations.

Please read

I know your waiting to hear how one can make money writing?, I know I will soon come to that cause it’s all about letting one talent work for him. so in this article we will consider writing as a business.

What to write

The question of what to write depends on the writer and his niche of perfection as there are many things to write, ranging from business article, proposal, novels, speeches, poems etc the list is so much and still continues increasing as there are new niche erupting from time to time.

Who to write for

Both online and offline there are companies and individuals seeking to find writers with unique and original content. The truth is that almost all articles in the web is in one way or the other a pirated copy and in such the demand for new original content. Also there are many niche in writing it’s about you identifying the one that best suits and write as there is a 100% of making money from it
You can increase the bucks in your bank account with your writing skills.
To help you can write for us and have our thousands of viewers been the judge. To do that sends the article as attachments to a mail to my email account @ [email protected]

Wednesday, 22 May 2013



As many entrepreneurs and business owner both of small and large scale business has achieved variable success in business. But still can’t say that there is a particular road map or how long it will take as all have different answers and experience, the higher the achievers the higher the different answers you get about ways to achieve success in business.

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However in the realm of this different answers I have found this formula that have help define success and the process of achieving it. This formula is based on four factors i.e. desire, efforts, believe/motivation, and result. DESIRE+EFFORT+BELIEVE/MOTIVATION=RESULT, just like every other equation neither each of this factors can produce a result without the other. 

DESIRE, success as a business owner or as an entrepreneurs starts first with the desire to be successful, it requires a lot of desire to move forward, not minding the perfect and wonderful business ideas without a desire it remains, the truth is that many have a more magnificence ideas but can fail where you succeed just because of the desire you possess that they lack.

EFFORT, in other word the momentum required to propel a desire forward. efforts is the fire that activates the desire created by the dream and to achieve a desired result efforts Is required day in day out as without it a dream might be considered impossible..

BELIEF indeed is essential for success in business as one can have all the desire and effort in the whole world but without believe in oneself and dream you will never see success. For without believe and self motivation one might give up, without a strong dream a little set back will stop you as you will see it as evidence that a dream is unattainable. But with a true believe, desire and effort all dream will come to fulfillment.

RESULT. then the result which is the success. With a strong desire fueled with efforts and a true believe in you to drive with then success will be your destination. 

NOTE: with this formula one will get there but the journey won’t always be easy. With devoted time, efforts and energy is all to get there.
Please drop your comments as we love your comments.

Monday, 20 May 2013


                              How to write an irresistible business proposal

As a business organization, as a business manager and generally as an entrepreneur both for online and offline business would once if not repeatedly write a business proposal either to an organization, companies, schools, Private business owners and other establishments in request or to offer the newest idea, customers to manufacture relationships, business to business relationships, product relationship or business to business relationship and service to service relationships. In either way a proposal is written in respect to it. So  we here which is providing all round classified business supports have decided to start this week up with you on this post, business proposal. Many business around and globally have fallen prey to this quo “no or bad proposal syndrome” but having the privilege to be here you will be above as you will learn how to write an irresistible business proposal for your business and for others.

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·         How best to write a business plan
·         How best to market your business

 In our business life we have fallen need to write a business proposal to other business, proposing a partnership deal, requesting to render service and also to sell products to them or buy from them. Typically a business plan depends so much on its intention and mission the writer intent to pass across and in such is related to a particular business outreach.


·         RESEARCH

Here you will research on your potential business partner learn all you can about them, their mission statement, about them as it will reveal s the keys you will use in describing the important and benefits of such partnership.

·         BUILD  RAPPORT
Make yourself know to them as much as you can as the more the know and understand you the more they will want to opt in.


The truth is that your potential partner is looking forward to make more profit from the association and you must make the offer that they can’t refuse.


Here let them know how important and urgent it is to you and why they must comply and in the shortest period of time.


Explain in detail when it comes to their potential earnings, explain logically the amount they could reasonably earn (educated guess) based on your present marketing stats, conversion, sales etc.
Its important to consider this steps above as the guarantee a irresistible business plan

Did I miss any step let me know using our comment box and remember to subscribe for our newsletter

Saturday, 18 May 2013



 Registering a business name is as essential as setting up a business, Proper registration is important but entrepreneurs and small little business owners neglect this to their detriment. good number of this small business owners think it’s not important and some who think it’s important also assume it’s a difficult task. But the truth is that the importance of registering a business can never be over-emphasized.

PLEASE READ ALSO: how to grow your business and
                                      elements for a successful web presence
For individual business owners agencies, or other business owners when it comes to doing business with them will never consider you or your proposal important if your business is not a registered one.• Secondly, you might have to discover that people and that includes you and I, feel more comfortable paying for services and products into a corporate account with the name of an organization than paying into Individual account. You may have missed an important sale because when your prospect made up his mind to buy, the account number you sent him was an individual account in your name. He thought it too risky because it was a sizable amount involved.
People feel if the account is in a corporate name, the organization can be traced if the transaction went foul. If you register your company, you can use the documents to open a corporate account with less stress.
• Moreover, if you have a business idea and you go ahead and register the business name, even if you spend 2 years perfecting the plan and raising the capital, for it, those 2 years from when the business was registered can count for you as years of experience.
In this post, you’ll be learning simple steps you can take to register your business name with the corporate affairs commission in less than 21 days.
What's in a name? A lot, when it comes to small-business success. The right name can make your company the talk of the town. The wrong one can doom it to obscurity and failure. Ideally, your name should convey the expertise, value and uniqueness of the product or service you have developed.


Your business name needs to be original, legally available and it must be able to represent you and what you do for many years to come. here we are going to focus on five things to consider when brainstorming your business name.
Are you starting your business with the intention of selling it down the track? Lots of soloists name their business after themselves but if you plan to sell, it is better to come up with a more generic name.
Another reason for using a generic name is that although you probably have a good idea what your business intends to do in its first year. My experience of dealing with businesses is that what they start doing and what they end up doing may be totally different.
Don’t limit your business to a confined geographical area, here geographical area refers to extent you desire a business to go, across a city, state, country, continents or across the globe, don’t limit your business by confiding it to a particular geographical area, example why will I name my media business which I intended to take across Africa and the rest of the world “NIGERIA BEST MEDIA” one can actually limit a business with a name.
 Also its importance for one to grab hold of the type of business he intend before naming a business, a business name is suppose to convey the meaning, goal and aim of a particular business. Other things to consider is
All this is to be considered before naming a business.
Registration of a business name is done under the cooperative affair commission (cac)

: The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) was established by the Companies and Allied matters act, which was promulgated in 1990 to regulate the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. The CAC is in charge of registering businesses in Nigeria. They have offices all over Nigeria.
Registering a Business name
If you want to register a business name, you can do it in 2 ways.
• One is to engage the services of a lawyer and he will get it done for you with about N10,000. But for serial entrepreneurs that do have number of ideas this doesn’t work best as the amount above will be renewed anytime you want to register another name, but following the simply steps below will be a lot easier.
 • the second option is to walk into any CAC branch In Nigeria and register a name yourself. Yes you can register a name yourself but the trouble is that if you don’t know this secret am about to expose, you will spend months even years trying to register just one business name.
Once ready to register your business name with the corporate affairs commission, the first thing you should do is to go to their office nearest to you, request for NAME RESERVATION FORM  
 which costs just five hundred naira, in this form you are required to fill in your name, address, your desired business name, and the type of business you want to  register. You will also be required to choose two business names. The reason is that if one is not available, they can reserve the other for you. If none of them is available, you will need to do it all over again. You will have to pay the N500 again.
How long does it take to reserve a name with CAC?
It takes less than 2 weeks  when you ask for a name reservation, it takes about 2 weeks before the results are returned. It is sometimes as fast as one week or 10 days but it generally takes 2 weeks. But can take longer if your required name is not available repeatedly, but one can top that from happening, and that is by choosing a name no one would have chosen and that still take me back to factors to consider before registering a business. If you choose just any name, I can assure you someone has registered it.
Names that stops with “ventures”, ”enterprise”, “consulting” and the rest have high tendency of not being available so be creative in choosing a name for your business.
_ The details of a partner (you cannot register alone, add someone…
_ The partner’s photographs.
_ 2 passport photographs
_ Your address (you can use your home address)
_ Telephone number (use GSM)
_ Local government area and a few other requirements.
Registration of Business Name =N=10,000.00
Change of Name =N=2,000.00
Business Name Search =N=500.00.
Change of Partnership =N=1,000.00
Change of Address =N=1,000.00
Certified True Copy of a Business Name Certificate =N=1,000.00
Filing of Annual returns =N=300.00
Business Name Registration Form =N=250.00
VISIT THEIR [email protected] for more information 

Over to You

That’s it from my side and if I have missed any important one, let me know through comments. If you don’t agree with any of these methods or want some proofs on how they work, let’s start the discussion now
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If you started with us over the past years, I believe by now you would have started a business that is trending with success, but if not, it’s not yet late to start.

To select a business that will best work for you considering your location, availability and proximity to raw material.

Here in this article you will learn how to grow your business or businesses but dear do read or re-read the above linked articles, as I recommend them before going on this.
How to grow a business


Starting up a business to success requires a well defined definition about the said business, what will this business do for me? The producer, what will this business don for my customers? As the consumers.


In other words this means defining the best marketing strategies for your business, the best method or methods in which you business could reach its desired audience, a business is is said to have achieved one of two success with a marketing strategy.


Be self desired towards achieving success in business both for customers and producers, to grow a business one must work towards success in the area of marketing, for how will one grow a business if if its desired audience have little or no crew about the said business.

NOTE, your business is a solution to problems and needs of individuals, households, school, agencies, government and private establishments and in such let know the solution to their  problems through taking it to them.


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