The nations annual toilet roll requirement as been estimated at 105 million units out of which local production can only meet about 800 million units. The short fall in supply translate to a market gap estimated at about three hundred and seventy five million (N 375,000,000) annually in revenue and an investment opportunity for savvy investors to exploit.

Drinking Straw Production

The lucrativeness of this business is that above measurement as it’s a product that has only one time application/usage- that is drinking straw is a product that is used once, no one uses a particular straw twice neither do two individuals share a straw thus it’s a USE AND DEMAND PRODUCT (UDP) making demand high. Okay! I believe you’ve got it for am not here to neither lecture nor disturb you with this bulky details rather am here rather for you to understand and profit from this business so please read on………………………


Learn how to make money producing liquid soap, the market for liquid soap is growing and is still growing and location is not a detriment to its highly demand as there are individuals, households, churches, schools, laundry, hospitals around to patronize your products. So in the end you will learn all you need and will be able to produce good quality liquid soaps. \

Make Money From Custard Production Business

CUSTARD PRODUCTION FOR MONEY A business that will always spin money into the bags of the producer/ manufacturer is the food production business as man can never skip through a 24hours interval without food. One of such production business that is sure to ensure financial availability to the producer is the custard production business.

How to Create an App and Start Earning Money in 7 days

Yes it’s a new year, new privilege, privilege to start up a business, privilege to maintain the already started business and also a privilege to still expand your business borders. As a new year, you might as well consider the best business opportunity for the year 2013- “success” they say is doing the right thing, at the right time, at the right place with the right people.

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Paint Production Business in Nigeria

There is undoubtedly the beauty of a house lies in the nature of paint utilized for its finishing. House paints add worth and excellence to both new and old paints is of distinctive sorts. These incorporate emulsion, composition or textcote, flexcote and marble trowel paints and so on. Are you yet to realize that you can make high profit through production and sale of quality paints? The Nigerian Real Estate Sector is currently experiencing a boom and a great deal of privately owned businesses, banks, enterprises and different financial enterprises are visibly investing considerable amount of money in the land/real estate sector. Private people are likewise setting up their own individual structures and structures which will be painted. Individuals rent houses, shops, workplaces and so on; these structures unquestionably will be painted.

Paints can be produced at a cottage, small, medium and large scale levels. capital needed to produce and deliver paint ranges from N200,000 to N500,000 for house level; N500,000 to N3m for little scale; N3m-N10m for medium scale and N10m or more for substantial scale level.

Exploration and research shows that two shops are needed for cottage, half to two plots of land are needed for small scale, six plots to one acre of land or more for medium and substantial scale level of production and two employees are required for cottage levels, five to 10 workers for small scale, 10 to 30 workers for medium scale while 30 or more may be needed for large scale level of production.

For effective and viable running of paint business, some level of training is required on the grounds that production includes measurements and calculations and entrepreneur must be equipped for dealing with the assets available to him wisely.
Raw materials used for paint production include extender, pigment, solvent, binder and additives of different forms, which he says, can be sourced from the local market.

Some of the machines required for operations, according to him, include roller mill, sand mill and attrition.

He says that the manual roller mill which can be fabricated locally for between N15, 000 and N20, 000 with a production capacity of 60 and 100 gallons per day, is also needed.

He adds that electric manual mixing machine, which he says, has a production capacity of 300 gallons of paints per day costs N70, 000 and it is useful for small scale level of production
it’s of no doubt that  paint production is a profitable business in which the capital invested  put can undoubtedly recovered within a short time.

production procedures includes the capacity of raw materials, water measurement into the blending machine tank, measurement of raw materials, directing, emptying of paints into the plastics, product storage and distribution followed by sales.
Worthy of note is that pricing of paint items is reliant on demand. Illustration- that producers cost of emulsion paint is N400 or more per gallon in the business sector, depends upon the quality and the brand name of the organization.

Emulsion paints are packaged in plastics, for the mostly in four liters and 20 liters, while gloss (shine)paints are packaged in steel jars. The expense of obtaining and printing a four-liter plastic is N95 and 20 liters is N380 while a four-liter steel can is in the middle of N220 and N260.

We can continue endlessly, discussing the profitability of this business yet it will be of no use to us and of no help to you as our primary aim is to see you startup this business and earn massively from it. To help us accomplish the aforementioned objective we have packaged all the necessary information/data required from startup to success around here, and this data is in a digital ebook format which makes it easy for you to access it. this ebook will eposes you to:-

How to Produce Emulsion, Texcote and Gloss

Where To source for Raw Materials

Instructions on how to Package Your Paint

Instructions on how to Market Your Paint with maximized profit and equally Dominating The Market and so on

There are diverse sorts of quality paints; this ebook is deals on the production of emulsion, textured paint or textcoat, gloss paint which are the basic paints in the Nigerian market. You can begin your home-based paint creation with as meager as N10,000 (we will show you how through the ebook). The raw materials are promptly accessible in the Nigerian market. You needn't bother with any costly gear to create paint; you just need a few containers and your two hands to do the blending. There is no reason for you not to go into this business if you really want to.
This eBook simplifies paint production and uncovers the hidden secrets of creating quality paint. With what we will demonstrate to you in this eBook, you can match Dulux, Berger and other paint production firms. Orderly, how to produce and sell quality paint will be uncovered and set in your grasp.

So why still wait?  Order now
Call 08168710034 or email @[email protected]

procrastination is man's number one foe so act now; order now it’s of limited copy……… we waits……..

Ice Cream Production Business

One of the businesses you can do and profit within a short period of time is the business of production and sales of frozen yogurt (ice cream). The start-up capital is negligible and is very easy to start up and should be possible from home. You can begin with not exactly N10, 000 and the raw materials are promptly available in the Nigerian market. The raw materials are cheap, the net revenue (profit) is high and that makes it an extremely lucrative business.

Ice cream is nutritious refreshment taken by kids and grown-ups alike. It contains nutritive starch as sugar, fats, protein and minerals and so on. Ice cream is appreciated by both grown-ups and kids particularly in the urban communities. It is then again, consumed more in the dry seasons. This is another product taken by very nearly everyone because of its sweet taste.

Are you unemployed, underemployed or you are an occupation seeker, beneficiary, retiree, opportunity seeker or you are essentially searching for what to do to increase your pay, then this is the opportunity you have been searching for; so don't look any further.
How you'll profit from the production and sale of Ice Cream

These are a few routes in which you can unobtrusively profit from this business:
- Selling straightforwardly from your stand to potential clients
- Outdoor/catering for gatherings and occasions
- Special conveyances to homes and workplaces

Start up Equipments and Costs
Ice cream making machine –
Cooler/Freezer –
Furniture –
Rent –
Gen set –
Others -
Complete = ………….

NEED START? then your at the right place. simple take a step and order our eBook


  production procedure/feasibility report/business plan on ice cream production


  •   Step  by step how to produce quality Ice Cream
  • The equipments and raw materials required for ice cream production
  • ·  The hardware required for the ice cream production
  • ·  Where to purchase your equipments
    ·  Where to purchase your ingredients
    ·  Packaging
    ·  How to market your
    ice cream 

     To order this eBook call 08168710034 or email @ [email protected]

    note  a bonus of any of business feasibility report of your choice will be included so order now.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How To Start a Bread Bakery Business
Everybody eats bread. Bread contends with rice and cassava (gari) as the most prevalent nourishment and staple around the world. It has remained a generally acknowledged nourishment on account of its advantageous and ready-to-eat nature. It is a typical food item in numerous families and up to 70 percent of breakfast around the world contain bread. The extent of the bread business sector is worth billions of dollars consistently and almost all the bread we eat is produced and delivered locally. Bread is the third most mainstream sustenance staple in many parts of the world. It is generally expended over the continent by all natives, ethnics and religions groups. Everybody prefers the smell and taste of bread, particularly when it is freshly baked(newly heated). It is one of the speediest and least expensive nourishment to get your hands on in time of craving. It is a steady sustenance in the nation today. It is consumed by one and all, the old, youthful, the poor and even rich consume bread on consistent schedule. A bread pastry kitchen business is anything but difficult to startup and can be kept running from a home kitchen or a bread processing plant. In light of these, we can securely infer that starting a bread pastry shop business anyplace on the planet will be a reasonable business .How about we take a jump into this fascinating thought and investigate the open doors for African business people in the bread shop business… 

As per a recent study, the demand for bread is required to explode in the impending  years(coming years). South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya are as of now the biggest and largest bread markets in Africa. The key drivers of this demand are Africa's quickly developing populace, a growing working class which has more cash to spend, an augmenting work drive, and expanding rates of movement to African urban areas and towns. Africa now has more than 50 urban communities possessed by more than one million individuals. By 2020, more than 500 million Africans are anticipated to live in urban regions and urban areas. Insights uncover that urban inhabitants and city individuals eat more bread than individuals in the provincial regions. Given the fast development of African city populaces, bread is certain to remain an exceedingly sought-after food item by African families.

More than 80 percent of all imported and mainly created wheat flour in Africa is utilized by barkries (pastry kitchens) to produce & deliver bread. The rest is utilized by nourishment processors to make bread rolls, cakes, biscuits and pasta. In the course of the most recent decade, more bread has been consumed in Africa than maize and rice. Why? It's essentially on the grounds that bread is more moderate (expenses a great deal not as much as rice, yam and maize).Bread additionally speaks to the comfort and way of life of the vast majority – its a moment dinner that obliges no further planning, and makes an awesome quick nibble (other than its notoriety as a breakfast thing). Large portions of us may not know this: bread gives a greater number of supplements than some other single sustenance source and is especially imperative as a rich wellspring of carbs, proteins and vitamins B and E!

As at 2006, the number of inhabitants in Nigeria was put at 140 million by the Nigeria Population Commission. As toward the end of 2012, the population figure was assessed at around 160 million. The increment in population brings about more increment in demand for bread.

With the quick increment in population of Nigeria and relocation to the urban regions from the country zones, there is need to increase the number of bread producion and delivering firms in the country. Notwithstanding the increment in the costs of bread the demand for bread continues rising. Notwithstanding the increment in flour and other raw materials for bread making, investment into the business is still extremely lucrative.

As indicated by the publication made by the Nigeria bakers association, costs of bread-a noteworthy stable sustenance have risen in the most recent three years by about 25 percent from between N80 and N120 per family size loaf to between N120 and N150 in the midst of icrease in the costs of bakery materials.

In January, 2011, the costs of all sizes of bread were increased by 10 % for each. Despite the fact that the increment  in the costs of bread as connected with sundry baking materials, for example, sugar, butter, flour and fat, customers are willing to pay any add up to get the vital comodity for the family up keep.

In 2012, the costs rose again by around 10%  now bread sales between N200 and N250. One good thing in this investment is that the prices increases in proportion to increase in raw materials input and cost of production at large. With the increment in costs of the bread the demand for bread is steady. The supply of bread is still very low in comparison to demand. There is consequently requirement for more investors to come into the business to increase the production base of bread.

Benefit in bread production business

It cost about N80.00 ($0.50) to deliver standard cut bread in Nigeria. The bread cook offers at N130 to suppliers and makes N50 per bread. The suppliers offers to retailers at the expense of N170 and make N50 pick up per roll of bread they supply while the retailers offers between N200 to N220 to the last shoppers. In this way, N50 is the average gain made by each of the parties involved at each stage from production to the last supply.

A common standard bakery/pastry kitchen with great supply system produces and sell 50,000 loaves of bread week by week overall. Presently reproduce 50 by 50,000 and what you get is the benefit for the week after week production and supply - N2,500,000.

Since the expense of production have been dealt with by the N80. You simply need to subtract the running expenses to get your last benefit. How about we say you spend the entire N500,000 for the running expense

1. Expense of filling your diesel generator for the week = N50,000

2. Expense of powering and keeping up the supply vehicle = N100,000

3. Expense of work and staffs welfare amid the week = N100,000

4. Harms and different various costs = N50,000

When you subtract all these from the N2.5 million, you will have N2.2 million left as your take home for the week. Will you now see why bread pastry shop business is viewed as a standout amongst the most beneficial business in its class?

Since a great many people WILL eat bread more often than not, the bread business can be an extremely remunerating endeavor if business people can locate a huge business sector with couple of contenders. With some innovativeness and higher quality, another pastry kitchen can without much of a stretch win shoppers over from a built up bread shop. At the point when legitimately arranged and worked, bread shops can turn into a rich wellspring of enduring wage.

How would you begin planning? It's basic, recall the expression He who neglects to plan, plan to come up short. As to arrange well you have to request for the BUSINESS PLAN AND FEASIBLITY REPORT (Strategy for success/ Achievability) which gives details account of pastry shop generation business which traces the accompanying

•    How to Setup Your Bread Pastry shop

•    Bakery Types of gear You Have to Secure  and where to get them

•    Raw materials required

•    Get NAFDAC Regard

•    Risks Includes in Bread Pastry shop Business and how to evade them and so forth.

It's not about knowing how lucrative a business is however its about how to make it lucrative for you and with our eBook you're certain to achieve accomplishment in this said business. To request call

08168710034, or email @ [email protected]

You have to have marketable strategy that will direct you and that we will provide you if you will just call or mail us with contact above.

How To Set Up a Taxi Company and Profit Hugely

www.abodebusinessonline.comA standout amongst the most lucrative organizations in presence today is the transportation business. Indeed, even in this innovative propelled world, where individuals can execute billions of dollars worth of business essentially, there is still need to move persons or merchandise from one piece of a nation to the next. 
Read also: cement block production
                 radiator coolant production
Transportation business has numerous features. There is air transportation, water transportation, rail and street transportation. we in the course of this article concentrate on one of the commonest part of street transportation -Taxi. Now and again they are alluded to as taxicabs; most times they are called taxis. Whatever you decided to call it, any method for transporting an individual or a little gathering of people from a piece of a city to another is the thing that this article is harping on.

In the event that you are keen on doing this business, you have picked enthusiasm for the right business, regardless of the nation you are quickly, taxi business have been around for scores of years and it is not prepared to go. Places that used to be towns have get to be real urban areas. Populace blast has made swarmed urban areas to end up more congested. Notwithstanding when a few countries case to be encountering financial hardships, organizations still blast, more speculators are pulled in, more individuals are utilized, numerous more move from one section to the nation to the next.

A large number of taxis are waved down the world over regularly, subsequently producing a great many dollars in salary for the individuals who own the taxi organizations. It is not very late to tap your own particular millions as you put resources into this business. What would you be able to do? By what means would you be able to go about setting up a taxi or taxi organization? It would be ideal if you read on.

The amount Money Can You Make From Taxi?

You choose the amount of cash you need to make from your taxi business, the better you are in overseeing it, the cash you make. Normal taxi in the significant urban areas makes about $150 (N25,000) day by day. From this you will settle the costs, for example, powering and others. You get the opportunity to keep whatever the remaining on the off chance that you are driving it yourself.

Since you are working as a taxi organization, charge rate of charges for the privilege to drive the taxicab from every driver. On the off chance that its new taxis and your organization is enrolled and affirmed by the Government, the rate you charge is about $70 (N14,000) every day level rate while the driver deals with powering and keep the rest. You reproduce that to what number of taxis you have.

Subscribe to get the steps to get you started. Or email @[email protected] or call 0168710034

Monday, 6 October 2014

Sanitizer production business- how to produce sanitizer

www.abodebusinessonline.comLiving in the world today, one would affirm that the most sought out product and the most consumed product both at individual level, co-operative organization level and even at government levels is this product of sanitizer as was confirmed that it is toxic to deadly virus that try to inhibit the human body- of the best known is the Ebola virus which broke out in the early quarter of this year. Sanitizers are now used in homes, hospitals, schools, offices both private and public, banks, churches and also in government establishments thus the demand is high for this product and its suppliers are continually smiling to the bank.
Well like we are known for here in ABODE BUSINESS is at its again serving you money not withstanding your current job as this business can even pay better but take little of none of your time.
What am I saying? you may be asking its simple; join the few that is making money providing sanitizers to the masses through production.
Yes! Through production of high quality sanitizers, learn how to produce quality sanitizers and start supplying to individuals, hospitals, homes, schools, banks, and cooperative organization and even to other public and private establishments.
How lucrative is the market for sanitizer? Well with 6.5 million population its lucrative more than one can imagine as demand is on continues geometric growth and also due to the presence of the deadly EBOLA VIRUS whose e cure is yet to be discovered but as its prevention is known and its with SANITIZERS the market is most lucrative for its said prevention is better than cure. Help prevent Ebola virus and any other contaminated virus through the production and distribution of quality sanitizers and make huge profit doing it.
What will you learn?
ü   Here you will be acquainted  with all the chemicals required for producing sanitizers
ü  Production procedure for sanitizers
ü  Where to sought for chemical
ü  Where to sought for packaging materials
ü  Possible list of dealers  where you can supply to and get paid
ü  All this and more you will get from ABODE BUSINESS in an eBook format that can be sent to your email address.
The year is almost at end, this might be your last opportunity to make the money just like you planned in your New Year resolution. With little money you can earn big, the track is already set for you to follow and reach wealth. All you need do is order our eBook on SANITIZER PRODUCTION and start earning big.
       To order call 08168710034
Note a bonus is open exclusively for you, order this eBook and get two more on
HOW TO PRODUCE AIR FRESHENER…………………..All for you to start making money
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Chocolate production business- how to produce chocolate

Chocolate has been a well know consumable product though has been under many business name/ branding such as BONVITA, OVATINE, MILO, COWBELL, PEAK _______________,_____________ ________( add your own name) etc. fill the gap provided above with your desired business name/ brand name as you can be the next best seller of this product because with this killer step we are giving out success is guaranteed thus you can become the next best selling firm. With detailed step by step outlined here you are sure to produce quality powdered chocolate suitable for home consumption and for sale. With this steps success you will achieve success in production.
You will also discover the two basic types of chocolate (based on consumers) there are chocolates but with different production to suit consumers and this are
Ø  Full fat chocolates and
Ø  Fat free chocolate – for diabetic patients and slimmer’s
These two types follow different procedures for production, you will learn this if not for anything to help you choose the best chocolate for your consumption or that of your family or better still self produce it for your consumption.
Of a truth the best selling products are many a times consumable products and one of such is chocolate- a product that many Nigerians can’t do without in their daily breakfast meal. Thus creating a high demand for this product from the 6.5 million and still growing population of Nigeria. Chocolates in market comes in different packaging forms either in sachets ( big and small) tin (big and small) but that not being our concentration as our concentration is at the product its self and in such will disclose to you in detailed step the ingredients, production procedures that many renounced companies you have been patronizing are using. Thus we will teach you how to produce high quality and tasty chocolates.
WHY BUY WHEN YOU CAN PRODUCE BETTER AND ALSO SELL TO MAKE MONEY? Order our eBook on chocolate production to learn how to produce quality chocolate.
Ø  List of ingredients required
Ø  Where to get quality and high hygienic chocolates
Ø  Production procedures
Ø  How to package your product
Ø  Marketing etc.
All this and more you will learn from this eBook on CHOCOLATE PRODUCTION
Ø  To ORDER for this eBook call 08168710034, email: [email protected]

Monday, 21 July 2014

Serviette Production: Business Opportunity

A hygienic item used all over either to wipe hands or mouth before or after eating are serviettes - A small rectangular soft sheet of paper used as an absorbent used daily on eating tables. Serviette exists in varieties of different colours and designs but the basic and widely available is the white embossed serviette.
Following the ban by the federal government on the importation of serviette thus creating opportunities for local investors, and the extensive just concluded market research has proven positive in serviette production as are everyday consumer necessity, patronized generally by everyone, not dependant on economic cycles not restricted to religion nor does it suffer tribal crisis. Serviette production business provides a great opportunity for investors to tap into and start earning handsomely.
With the high number of hotels, restaurants food joints mama pot and other eateries outlets which are also increasing on daily basis, numerous events and occasion held always such as wedding, traditional marriage, traditional marriage etc makes the demand for serviette high and increasing exponentially. Market for serviette is global, with populations running in millions in countries, with high growth rates, supply is yet a dream to half the demand as serviette is consumed on daily basis by all irrespective of age, social class, religion nor tribe and with the expected growth on its market also is the income to be generated for investors.
Production process for serviette contrary to your though is not one that requires much capital nor skills, raw materials for production are 
Tissue paper
Paper carton
Polyethylene firm
And some other packaging materials
The good news is that all this materials are readily available and can be sourced locally. Just like tissue production business (please click here to view) paper rolls are fed into machine which print and cut to size individual serviette which viola are ready for packaging and sales.
Do you want to become your own Ceo and employ others; do you want to leave this year a more financially secured individual? Then this is your opportunity. Cash on nit now and call phone: 08168710034 or 07010646984 Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Friday, 18 July 2014

Buscuit Production Business

One common item of consumption at all levels, most commonly available product, important product of bakery, highly consumed and patronize both by the rich and the poor, a tasty nutritious snack preferred over its alternatives because of its readiness and easy to digest characteristics and long life of preservation. The product with huge market and earning potentials- is the product of BUSICUIT.
A product found all over, highly patronized by nursery, primary, secondary and to some extent by university students and adults at all level and stages of life can’t be a bad business for one to invest in. having three widely consumed variant in Nigeria biscuits which are
·         Hard dough (sweet cabin)
·         Soft dough and
·         Cream cracker.
Manufacturing or production of any type of this variant of biscuit is conventional and easy, with proper machinery such as
·         Shifter (dough shifter)
·         Mixer
·         Sugar grinder
·         Moulder( for moulding the biscuit into sizes)
·         Rotator cutting and puncher machine
·         Oil fried baking oven (with accessories)
·         Cooling conveyor
·         Stacking & Packaging table
·         Spraying machine
·         Trolley
·         Other laboratory equipments
One can start production easily. Production procedure include Flour and other ingredient mixed properly together with addition of water are allowed for some time (couple of hours to enhance fermentation and rising) after which its feed into trays which after cutting are placed in oven for baking. After indispensable baking which may last for some time are brought out cooled and packed and ready for sale.
Major needed raw materials for production are flour, sugar and oil (palm oil). Other ingredient (will be revealed) are readily available and are sourced locally.
With a mind on the million population in Nigeria with estimated % annual increase, the number of student and individuals at large one can understand the high readily market for biscuit in Nigeria. It has with estimated consumption of 60,000 - 80,000 MT of biscuit Are consumed annually, proven the high profit potential available for investors.
To get started get the step by step video on biscuit production and eBook on the general market research on this business. Order for this now and start earning from this lucrative business of biscuit production now. Call 0816710034 or 07010646984 or email us @ [email protected] or [email protected]

Monday, 14 July 2014

Soap production and Sale Business

This is a business that requires neither introduction nor long talk even on its profit potential for if you can answer the following questions then you’re sure to get much on this business. Knowing that Soap is used for washing clothes, scrubbing of floor, bathing, and lubrication of machines for washing and for other cleaning purpose
·       What is hygiene?
·       What role do soaps play in hygiene?
·       To what percent do you depend on soap?
·       Can you skip through a day without it?
·       Can you pay to get it?
·       How many persons feel the same way?
·       Can they skip a day without it?
·       Can they pay to get it?
·       How many organization and establishments feel the same way?
·       Can they skip through a day without it
·       Can they pay to get it?
This are basic questions that self explains the potential profit in soap production and sales business. The science of health and health promotions and preservations entails getting rid of dirt which at times come from excreta (e.g. sweet), dust, oil substance, infected water etc. owing to consciousness of man to healthy living getting of this dirt is composulory and to ensure the smooth removal soaps is an essential commodity.
A commodity which human existence solely depends on for healthy life promotion, consumed daily as man can’t skip a day without using it either once or twice per day. It have been calculated that the average consumption of bathing soap tablet to be over a thousand million annually, having a population of 6.5 million. The consumption of soap daily is high and increasing, you can capitalize now.

Types of soap
1.      Toilet soap
2.     Laundry soap
3.     Medicated soap
4.    Antiseptic soap
 Forms of soap
1.       Powdered
2.     Liquid soap
3.     Solid soap
Method of production
There are two main method of production
1.      Hot method system, this process where chemicals are subjected to heat or fire. Its major advantage of this method is that the quantity of the soap increases up to double compared to those product under cold system.
However the hot method system has a number of disadvantages. The soap dissolves easily, the production shrink and develops white hairy particles within a period of time.

2.     Cold water system, this process involves production without passing through fire.
The major disadvantage of this method is that the volume does not increase like that of the previous method. Its advantage is that the soap does not shrink, remain the same even under harmattan and does not grow hairs even for years.
All this forms of soap are daily patronize by individual, organization, public places, hospitals, schools, laundry e.t.c it’s a product that if was illegal every body will guilty for its found in every home, office, workshop, banks, hotels, e.t.c the list goes on and on and you can start production and supply to any of the above mentioned establishement. With no much capital needed, no such as chemical expertise, no training, no sitting I will be providing the list of chemicals, the feasibility report, production procedures, packaging, and marketing and more in any type of soap from the list above. You can start in your home, and sell to the readily available markets and make huge profit.
The year is fast coming to an end we are in the first month of the second quarter (its not yet late) you can achieve your goals for this year and be financially stable.
To start now (no time) call 08168710034 or 07010646984. Email @ [email protected] or [email protected]
We are ever ready……………………………………………………….

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pure Water and Bottle Water Production Business

Starting a pure water production can’t of cause be just a dream; it’s a reality and actually yields lucratively. It’s not a dream not for Abode business for  In this post we will dedicate this to alleviate our ignorance on this business hat have made the poor rich, have made entrepreneurs hungry, and have kept the rich on top. For one to start or for one to launch one’s net into the lucrative business of Pure Water production, he must have to put into considerations the following:
As startup in business involves investment one have to invest little in the following area such as in the area of facilities which include Factory Building, Machinery and Equipment, Utilities like Vehicle; Registering company and being registered under NAFDAC (read the post on How To Get your Business Above NAFDAC) as it must be obtain and are important items that must be done before any other thing will take place.


Like you like we know the business is very lucrative with 100% yield and Return On Investment is high and within a small stipulated time after setup in less than one year,  if the entrepreneur/management knows how to run the business effectively. However, it's unfortunate that many people who are already in pure water business are not knowledgeable enough or are ignorant of the huge profit potential in bottled/sachet water production.

Again in our simplification, we will explain the steps that when taken ensures success. What is the first step to take? Firstly it’s the step of:

1.      Register your business name – have posted on this post am sure its easy, read through it again @ how To Register Your Business Name With CAC.

2.      Step1. Factory/Site – neither a rented place or a self developed site, one must have a site for the successful running of this business with some consideration on proximity of the site to needed raw materials.

3.      Sink a Borehole with Overhead Tanks – of course knowing fully well that the most needed Raw material for the production business is water, so a lot of consideration is given to the provision of this raw material and the most common source of water for commercial drinking water production like sachet water and bottled water is borehole, let there be tested and certified borehole within your factory premises for constant supply of water.

4.      Distillation System – Use of a (see the eBook) and depending on your start up capacity (capital), but it is advisable to use

5.      Be Approved(see the eBook) There is every need to obtain approval from them because  their approval to produce or manufacture any consumable product in Nigeria or even to import any consumable product is inevitable ( read more Click Here)

6.      Sealing Machine – (see eBook for choices and price) this is a machine that is being used to seal the water sachets. 

7.       Staffs - You will need minimum of persons to work in your factory for a start then increase    as it may demand.

8.      Distribution Mechanism –You can start with any distribution means.

9.      Power Generator- You will need a standby power generating set, of about (see the eBook) KVA for the job.

10.  Branding- Is very important in business, so design a very professional (see the eBook) for your product because perception is the best sales man. Make your (see the eBook) stand  out among others, let it do the talking and marketing.

To get this eBook its easy just call 08168710034 or email @ [email protected]

It’s just for 5000 naira. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

How to start Shampoo production Business

Shampoo can be define as a hair care product used for the removal of oils, dirt, skin particles, dandruff, environmental pollutants and other contaminant particles that gradually build up in hair. The goal is to remove the unwanted build-up without stripping out so much sebum as to make hair unmanageable.

What Shampoo Does
Unless you've been rolling around in mud, you probably don't have hair that is truly dirty. However, it may feel greasy and look dull. Your skin produces sebum, a greasy substance, to coat and protect hair and the hair follicle. Sebum coats the cuticle or outer keratin coat of each hair strand, giving it a healthy shine. However, sebum also makes your hair look dirty. An accumulation of it causes hair strands to stick together, making your locks look dull and greasy. Dust, pollen, and other particles are attracted to the sebum and stick to it. Sebum is hydrophobic. It waterproofs your skin and hair. You can rinse away salt and skin flakes, but oils and sebum are untouched by water, no matter how much you use.

How Shampoo Works
Shampoo contains detergent, much like you would find in dishwashing or laundry detergent or bath gel. Detergents work as surfactants. They lower the surface tension of water, making it less likely to stick to itself and able to bind with oils and soiling particles. Part of a detergent molecule is hydrophobic. This hydrocarbon portion of the molecule binds to the sebum coating hair, as well as to any oily styling products. Detergent molecules also have a hydrophilic portion, so when you rinse your hair, the detergent is swept away by the water, carrying sebum away with it.

Let's Make Shampoo! 
In a large pan, mix together the olive oil, shortening, and coconut oil.
In a well-ventilated area, preferably wearing gloves and eye protection in case of accidents, mix the lye and water. Use a glass or enameled container. This is an exothermic reaction, so heat will be produced.
Warm the oils to 95°F-98°F and allow the lye solution to cool to the same temperature. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to set both containers into a large sink or pan full of water that is at the correct temperature.
When both mixtures are at the proper temperature, stir the lye solution into the oils. The mixture will turn opaque and may darken.
When the mixture has a creamy texture, stir in the glycerine, alcohol, castor oil, and any fragrance oils or colorants.
You have a couple of options here. You can pour the shampoo into soap molds and allow it to harden. To use this shampoo, either lather it with your hands and work it into your hair or else shave flakes into hot water to liquefy it.
The other option is to make liquid shampoo, which involves adding more water to your shampoo mixture and bottling it.
You may have noticed that many shampoos are pearlescent. You can make your homemade shampoo glittery by adding glycol distearate, which is a natural wax derived from stearic acid. The tiny wax particles reflect light, causing the effect.
You know shampoo cleans your hair, but do you know how it works? Here is a look at shampoo chemistry, including how shampoos work and why it's better to use shampoo than soap on your hair.

To get our eBook on shampoo production, please call us 08168710034, or email me @ [email protected].

Thursday, 11 April 2013

TOILET ROLL PRODUCTION. Make money producing toilet rolls

Doors of opportunity don't just open , they have to be unlocked & it's up to you to turn the knob.
Easy to operate, yet difficult to copy
"Success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time" (Barack Obama-February 2008)


Also make roller towels, garage & hospital wipes & disposable towels (enq. CALL 08168710034)

  • A No1 Business opportunity & one of the fastest growing industries.
  • Historically toilet roll manufacturing has always been secretly profitable & only enjoyed by big companies. We now reveal these secrets to you.
  • Machines can operate 24 hours
  • Its easier than you can imagine
  • Cheaper toilet rolls are needed.
  • Make up to *40000 rolls per day (depending on model).
  • Free Training, Free Installation (Enq Conditions)
  • The demand has never been stronger. The timing has never been better. The time to start is now!!
  • Economies can go up or down & will never effect the sale of toilet paper. It's the one commodity that nobody can do without.
  • Make from 43c* ($0.06c) {26mt}.
  • Compact floor space
  • Easy to operate
  • Low capital investments
  • Not much research is needed
  • Everyone must use toilet paper
  • Sell to: Factories, Hospitals, Prisons, Chemists, Shops, Hawkers, Cleaning companies, general public, Schools, Big buildings, Big companies and the list goes on...
  • This business needs not so much talking as the product speaks for it self, with high demands and highly patronized. No culture or religion trival its patronized by all not minding social status,relgion, middle class or high class its just the product that cant be done away with. To start or to get more infos GET THIS COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING AND INSTALLATION  MANUAL

High Speed Toilet Roll Making Machine with Auto core Loading & Self Gluing
Model 2.2
Make a toilet roll from as little as 43c ($0.04c).

Jumbo tissue
pulp plant
Jumbo Tissue Making Plants Available.

Make 250 000 cores from one ton raw material.

Supply many different industries with this core

Machines make embossed & perforated toilet rolls, roller towels, garage wipes, hospital disposable towels in single,double & 3 ply.
  •  self-sharpening diamond cutter machine  To cut the finished toilet roll.
  • Heavier embossed look, a "Better Quality" finish.
  • Makes 25 to 80 rolls per minute*. (Depends on model & operating speed)
  • Jumbo production tissue rolls easily available.
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate - Learn in an hour how to work machine.
  • Requires 1 to 2 operators.
  • The business is easier than you can imagine. Historically toilet roll & nappy business has been profitable, protected & a secret held by big companies & proved to be No.1 Business Opportunities.

Your dreams to become an Entrepreneur can be fully realized if you are willing and ready.
The first step is to have this comprehensive manual that will give you all the information you have requested.
Within this manual are links to  local fabricators or importers of the machinery/
equipment for Tissue Roll and Exercise Books production, and the raw materials, for negotiation and

procurement. As soon as you acquire them, this e-manual will help you  offer training services for
your staff.

The cost of locally fabricated set of Tissue Roll making machine

The cost of imported set of Tissue Roll making machine

The locally fabricated set of Exercise Books making machine ranges

. The cost of imported exercise making machine

Raw materials depend on the quantity ordered. They are abundantly available in some of the companies
producing  and in the open market.

The cost of a ton of jumbo reel for tissue roll

These and other vital information and how to run proposed company are provided  in this


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