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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

How To Start a  School Chalk Production Business

The chemicals/ingredients for production are readily available in the marketplace and have become affordable. You don't need electricity NEPA/PHCN; you do not need generator.

Have you ever wondered How You Can Make Money School Chalks Production? if yes then today is your lucky day, below is an outlined detail on how to startup and make decent money from this business that needs little capital.


I'd like to start by saying that school chalk production is a very simple and straight forward process. Anybody can learn just how to take action and implement it without supervision. For this reason, school chalk generation has been incorporated into the curriculum of virtually every skill acquisition center in Nigeria.

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School chalk generation may be carried out in the comfort of your house. You do not need to establish a factory that is large. The leading equipment for school chalk generation is the Chalk Mould which is primarily used for molding the chalk to give it length, size, and its characteristic shape.

school chalk


1.Lubricants: this is just another significant raw material for school chalk production. It could be any cooking oil or coconut oil, mixed with Kerosene. It is useful for lubricating the chalk mould to forbid the POP from sticking to it.

2. The Plaster of Paris or as it is generally called "POP" is the important raw material for school chalk generation. It is utilized in the arts for making and sculpting casts, and in medicine for molding casts around broken limbs.

3.Clean Water: water is an essential component in school chalk creation, because it can be used for blending all of the ingredients.

4.Ultramarine blue (elective) ultramarine blue can be used to give the chalk a dark blue or sky blue colour depending on its concentration. In case you wish to create just white chalk, then you definitely would not need to add ultramarine blue.


school chalk

1) Chalk Mould: this is the important equipment utilized in school chalk production. It's either made from metal or rubber but normally using a wooden framework. But there are several chalk moulds that are completely made from metal. The moulds defer based on how many holes or cavities they have. Some could have even more or 240 holes. The number of holes or cavities a chalk mould has discovers the number of chalk sticks it could produce at a time... to get this mould do call us @08180081665

3) Paint Brush: this is used for applying the lubricant on the mould before filling it up with POP

4) Dryer: The drier is mainly used for drying the chalk after it's been taken out of the mould. The drier is electrically operated and is mostly used in large scale school chalk production. For small scale school chalk creation, sun drying is absolutely fine to conserve cost.

5) Hand Glove: This is essentially used for protecting the hand throughout the mixing of the POP and water.


It's no doubt that school chalk generation is extremely rewarding in Nigeria due to the ever increasing number of private and public schools nationwide. That is in accordance with one of the program of the current administration that's to make education affordable and available to every citizen. This has significantly increased demand of school chalk within the last ten years. To meet up with this particular increased demand, people and corporate organizations have delved into school chalk creation and supply with a play to balancing the demand and supply chain. This has not been successful, as schools keep springing up on day-to-day basis while the demand keeps skyrocketing. It's created a very huge investment opportunity particularly for those who plan to go into small scale chalk generation business.

The business is lucrative I want to show you the way to generate income from it from, creation process to marketing of products. To get this and add you email address below and confirm subscription.



Chalk creation is now a profitable company, the demand is high and also the cost of production is low, as well as the demand for the merchandise is still growing.

Visualize how many schools in cities, local government town, your village and also the state all together you may agree me with not less that you will find high range of customers to patronize you merchandise.


The delay after seeing the monetary breakthrough you can get from this business, it lucrativeness can turn the tide for you. take actions and begin making money.

Take a step further and order our step by step for my eBook on chalk production

In this eBook you will see how to create and sell for gain 100%guarantee.

 find out for yourself the measures within that can get you started today in making money, so i wont talk much concerning this eBook just order.

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Have a question or suggestion? use the comment box. we love your comments.

How To Start a School Chalk Production Business

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Friday, 23 October 2015

 Decorative Asbestos production

Its not a matter of what we know but its what we do with that which we know, if your just on this page just for reading sake , you might as well reconsider and consider starting something that is sure to keep you financially buoyant for the as long as you do it.Of such things to do is production of Decorative Asbestos. The decorative asbestos business is a lucrative business that for long been kept a secretly, serious guided by those that have ventured into it. but here i let you in on the secret provided you make money from it.

Decorative asbestos in this context refers to ceiling sheets that comes in measurement 2 * 2 and the common colour is white. It's utilized in many structures. this type is that which is now in large application as its preferred over its alternatives, it became widely accepted most from 2002. On account, that then it has been adopted by the middle classification, high category, inns, eating places, banks and only in the near past middle class started to admire the fact that they need it due to its price which is lesser to that of the customary ones and its capability to attract stunning colors thereby beautifying house than any one can think.

When the creation started right here in Nigeria it was a single sample in the course of but simply few years in the past it won more floor by using the introduction of different patterns like vegetation, pass etc to make the residence more lovely. The observations and feedback so far expose that it make house cooler than the long-established ones.Dear reader, as a result of all these qualities and its lucrativity out there the producers had made it one zero five% secretive simply to avoid people understanding what it takes to make it actual which I consider cant aid making this nation higher ‘cos it has been constrained to a distinctive field most effective.

Learn how to produce

 Decorative Asbestos production

Producing the asbestos is regularly by means of materials which might be mendacity waste around us, and for those that aren't in our on the spot environs we get it free at any place ‘cos they are different companies waste.

Cost OF production

The fee of producing a single piece of the ornamental asbestos is lower than the 1/2 of its promoting fee. The gain on it's at all times a hundred twenty five% i.E. If you invested N1,000 you’ll get N2,250. Mind you there may be continually a in a position market for it and a single plane one goes for N220 whilst the painted ones are between N240 and N260 relying on the number of merchandise wanted.

Amount needed to start

you need not as much as N2000 to ! Sure I imply it and the N2000 will fetch you your first contract ‘cos you’ll use it in producing like 20 piece of the asbestos for persons to see and once they comprehend you are into it, the industry started.

It’s invariably 60% down cost and you’ll use 40% for getting the whole product ready so even out of your first gather you've gained 20% and right away you provide your final product you get your stability, i.E. You’ll use the consumers cash to provide all its product with out going to borrow or get a mortgage.
Pal, I suppose I've stated little about what a decorative ceiling/asbestos is all about.

The step by step manner of manufacturing it with out stress or confusion is now on hand. It’s effortless to provide, not time ingesting and it’s a life time trade that you may’t have the funds for to miss. This is unique from different stream of earnings ‘cos it is constant as long as folks proceed to build house you’ll make your cash.

It’s effortless to do and that you can! So  a lifestyles time business now and also you’ll not ever regret doing so.

Ready to start? the order for our eBook which shows your all you need to start and start earning. to order call 0816710034 or 08180081665. the ebook is for a give away price of N2500 only. start now and enjoy hughe profits.

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How to start and Produce Decorative Asbestos in Nigeria

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Palm fruit

It had been stated and it’s an accepted fact that the solution to the economic challenge of Nigeria Is through production, production of goods and of such goods to produce is palm kernel oil.
Palm kernel oil, generally known as PKO is obtained from palm nut processing; palm kernel oil have already made market  and demand for palm kernel oil is high making the production of palm kernel oil a worthwhile business with quick and viable return on investment
The market demand for palm kernel oil is huge as it is used in soap production establishments, candle, food industries, cosmetics, edible oil, paint industries and also in the production of margarine and many other products- it’s a product having application and uses in major production units thus on 

constant demand.

Palm kernel oil extraction is in all aspect a very lucrative business to invest in reasons: - availability of raw material- the raw material for production of palm kernel oil is palm kernel nuts and you will believe me that it’s found in every look of this country, in every tribe, religion and race. Raw materials are therefore easily sourced locally. Palm kernel nuts are abundantly found in the east, west part of Nigeria, in states as Anambra, Imo, Abia, Rivers state, Delta, Akwa Ibom , Edo, Ebonyi etc
The technology for production is simple and requires no many technicalities. With plants like or comprising of nut cracker, crushing plant, screw press, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, vibrating screw, expeller and pulley system production is considered covered. Machines comes in different types and model, efficiency of machine is reliable and some have capacity of processing one to hundred metric tons per day and many others can for lesser period of time. Though incorporation in machines they are still easily sourced as they are fabricated locally.
Yet another interesting fact about this business is that it’s very easy and acquiring both technical, management and maintenance skills to run this skill are highly affordable in low prices. Investment in this business guarantee earning profit in three dynamic ways
1.       Through PKS- palm kernel shells
2.       Through PKO- palm kernel oil i.e. the extracted oil
3.       Through PKC- palm kernel cake. This is the residue after extraction.
Palm fruit            It is unbelievable but true that you can make up to #100,000 and above daily from palm oil extractions either as a small, medium and large scale producer. Palm kernel oil product is one of the few produce you can sell right at the point of production, without necessarily going to the market.
The article lets us know the business' suitability. We see that the interest for Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO), palm-part Cake (PKC) and Palm Kernel Sludge (PKS) in the business sector is exceptionally immense, and actually, the interest for it is lasting through the year in addition to the benefit in this business is amazingly great.
We likewise see that because of the items' appeal, the purchasers some of the time book for the items ahead of time. Once in a while, purchasers even pay ahead of time keeping in mind the end goal to secure items.
I won't compose further about the business as the article referenced above is plain as day. Be that as it may, I exhibit underneath the generation process, hardware necessity and an upgraded gainfulness investigation of the business.
Generation PROCESS
In synopsis, the creation line includes gathering of good palm-part nuts, pulverizing the nuts with the nut-crusher, warming the seeds with the seed fryer to energize the oil atoms, and exchanging the warmed smashed nuts to the oil press.
The oil press presses the seeds, and ousts the oil substance of the seeds through the oil way out chamber, and in the meantime removes the cake through the cake way out chamber.
The raw petroleum is gathered in drums or over-head tanks and left to settle. Since the muck (residue) is denser than the oil, it settles beneath the oil. The oil can then be gathered independently from the muck.
A few persons can advantageously work the apparatus.
The following is a brief portrayal of the apparatus utilized.
1. Nut Crusher
2. Electrical Seed-Fryer
3. Oil-Press (2T/D)
~1 tone of palm-piece nuts gives a normal of 410liters of oil, 540Kg of cake, and 25Kg of slime.
~Average cost for 1tone of palm-piece nuts is N70,000.

~Average Selling Price of the items is
»Oil = N200 per liter
»Cake = N150 per Kg
»Sludge = N200 per Kg
So in the event that you handle 1tone, you offer:
»Oil @ N200 x 410 = N82,000
»Cake @ N150 x 540 = N81,00
»Sludge @ N200 x 25 = N5000
Complete deals = N96,000.
Benefit = N90, 600 – N70, 000= N20, 000
The above benefit is for handling 1tone of palm bit.
Presently, in the event that you prepare 2 tons for every day, you get N20,000 x 2 = N40,000 every day as benefit, which by expansion infers a month to month benefit of N1,120,000 (24days). Benefit increments as generation increments
Note: If you offer your items at somewhat lesser value, you will produce a great deal more deals and still make a sensible benefit. In the event that you are a decent moderator, you can get the nuts as low as N(60,000 – 65,000) per ton.
Palm portion handling business is lucrative and the business sector for the items
is unfathomable. It even reaches out to the worldwide business sector. Get purchasers offer them great quality items at aggressive costs, and that is it.
On the off chance that you have much money to process vast amount constantly, visit Nigerian send out advancement chamber; they will connect you to exporters or universal p
How to start;

 first get the capital For small scale, you could with as low as #100,000 to #250,000, for medium scale, you could start with as low as #300,000 to #500,000 and for large scale you could start with #1,000,000 and above. It all depends on your financial capacity.
Location Getting a good location helps a lot when comes to business, it is very advantageous to set it up in a location where you can have access to palm kernel nuts in large quantity in order to reduce cost of transportation and other logistics. Palm kernel is largely produced in states like Anambra, Imo, Abia, Ogun, Ondo, Edo, Delta, Akwa Ibom and Rivers therefore it is advisable to locate your factory/mill/business close to any of these states.
How to produce/extract/package and bag This involves feeding the machine through the hopper with sorted and dried palm kernel, after which the palm kernel will undergo the process of crushing in which the oil comes out from one end of the machine and the cake will be packaged at the another end. The oil will be collected, filtered and kept in storage tank or bottled while the cake will be packaged and bagged ready for sale to feed millers, industries and exports.
How to estimate/ calculate your profit A ton of palm kernel is sold for #80,000 naira, the palm kernel oil is sold for #120,000 per ton and palm kernel cake is sold for #100,000 per ton. In every 25 metric ton of good palm kernel nut one is expected to get 10metric tons of palm kernel oil and 13.5metric tons of palm kernel cake. You will require about 10tons of palm kernel which will cost  #80,000 to extract 5ton of oil which is sold for #60,000 and it (the 10tons of palm kernel) will also produce 4tons of cake which will also be sold for #400,000. Giving you a total of #1,100,000.
When  the cost of raw materials(palm kernel) which #80,000 is subtracted from the total gross product on the ten tons of palm kernels produced per day will be #300,000.
Cost of production/ machines
A 2 unit 2.5 ton perday input palm kernel expeller with 30 horse power electric motor (primary crusher) goes for #850,000. Sundry factor experiment equipments including dryer and filter press goes for #800,000, provision for raw material goes for #500,000. Installation expenses goes for #250,000.
A small scale project with capacity for a daily output of 10 metric tons of processed palm kernel oil and cake will cost between #17000- 1.5million. The amount is prone to increase or decrease pending on the financial ability of the promoter.
 It is recommended that you consider your capital outlay, sources of raw material, production cost and extent of market before choosing a machine of any capacity. Note machines can locally be fabricated.
The use of the mass media is also a very viable means to market the product in other to build your reputation in the business.
The business of palm kernel production is in all aspect a viable and worthwhile business and investing guarantee huge profit for investors. To start order our eBook which covers all the required information,
Table of Contents

2.1 Origin of oil palm
2.1.1 Early trading in palm products
2.2 Oil palm farm systems in Africa
2.2.1 Small-scale farms
2.2.2 Medium-scale farms
2.2.3 Large-scale farms
2.3 Principles of preservation and processing methods
3. 1 General processing description
3.1.1 Bunch reception
3.1.2 Threshing (removal of fruit from the bunches)
3.1.3 Sterilization of bunches
3.1.4 Digestion of the fruit
3.1.5 Pressing (Extracting the palm oil) Batch presses Continuous systems
3.1.6 Clarification and drying of oil
3.1.7 Oil storage
3.1.8 Kernel recovery
3.2 Process equipment design and selection criteria
3.2.1 Batch systems
3.2.2 Semi-continuous systems
3.3 Plant sizing
3.4 Process technology/capital investment considerations
4.1 Mechanical extraction
4.2 Direct screw-pressing
4.3 Hydraulic presses
4.4 Combination digester and hydraulic press systems
4.5 Combination mechanical digester and screw-press
5.1 Mechanical extraction
5.2 Solvent extraction
5.3 Traditional method of palm kernel extraction
6.1 Treatment of solid waste products
6.2 Treatment of aqueous effluent

This work studied the refining of crude palm kernel oil derived from the kernels within the nut of a palm fruit.
This research project was aimed at reducing the non-glycerides present in oil in their crude from using an alkali method of refining.
The crude palm kernel oil was first washed with distilled water by heating the mixture in an electric heater for about 2 hours to reduce the impurities present in the oil in their crude form, degummed with phosphoric acid and neutralized with NaOH (caustic soda).The saponification value, iodine value and acid value was analyzed and their values are: for crude palm kernel oil, 33.1, 695.45 and 746.13 respectively, for neutralized palm kernel oil, 11.22, 725.6 and 687.24 respectively viii
Chapter One
1.1 Introduction - - - - - - - - -1
1.2 Background Of The Study - - - - - - -1
1.3 Statement Of Problem - - - - - - -4
1.4 Aims/Objective of the Study - - - - - -4
1.5 Scope of the Study - - - - - - - -5
Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review - - - - - - - -6
2.1 Vegetable Oils - - - - - - - - -8
2.1.1 Classification of Fats and Oils - - - - - -9
2.1.2 Characteristics of oil Classes Lauric Acid Group - 10
2.1.3. Uses of Vegetable Oil - - - - - - 12
2.2 Method of Extraction of Vegetable Oil - - - - 13 ix
2.2.1 Hydraulic or Mechanical Press Extraction - - 13
2.2.2 Solvent Extraction / Leaching: - - - - - 15
2.2.3 Factors Affecting the Rate Of Leaching - - - - 17
2.4 Methods Of Refining Of Crude Palm Kernel Oil - - 19
2.4.1 Chemical / Alkali Refining- - - - - - 19
2.4.2 Physical Refining - - - - - - - 20
2.4.3 Aim Of Refining - - - - - - - - 21
2.5 Origin Of Oil Palm (Palm kernel Oil) - - - - 22
2.5.1 Palm Oil Processing Unit Operations - - - - 25
2.5.2 Kernel Recovery - - - - - - - 26
2.5.3 Principles Of Preservation - - - - - - 27
2.6 Methods Of Treatment - Crude Palm Kernel Oil - - - 28
2.6.1 Degumming Treatment - - - - - - 28
2.6.2 Bleaching Treatment - - - - - - - 29
2.6.3. Deodorizing Treatment - - - - - - 31
2.7 Fractionation Of Palm Kernel Oil - - - - - 33
2.7.1 Dry Fractionation - - - - - - - 34
2.7.2 Detergent Fractionation - - - - - - 35
2.7.3 Solvent Fractionation - - - - - - - 35
2.7.4 Palm Kernel Oil Fractionated Products - - - - 36 x
Chapter Three
3.0 Methodology - - - - - - - - 38
3.1 Research design - - - - - - - - 38
3.2 Research setting - - - - - - - - 38
3.3 Instrument for data collection - - - - - 39
3.3.1. Material - - - - - - - - - 39
3.3.2 Equipments - - - - - - - - 39
3.3.3 Reagents - - - - - - - - - 40
3.3.4 Preparation of Reagents - - - - - - 40
3.4 Refining Procedure - - - - - - - 41
3.4.1 C.P.K.O and Distilled Water - - - - - - 41
3.4.2 C.P.K.O and Phosphoric acid - - - - - 41
3.4.3 C.P.K.O and NaOH (caustic soda) - - - - - 41
3.4.4 N.P.K.O and Distilled Water - - - - - - 42
3.5 Characterization of P.K.O - - - - - - 42
3.5.1 Physical Characterization - - - - - - 42
3.5.2 Chemical Characterization - - - - - - 43
Chapter Four
4.0 Results and Discussion - - - - - - 46
4.1 Results - - - - - - - - - 46
4.4 Analysis Table - - - - - - - - 48 xi
4.5 Discussion of Results - - - - - - - 50
Chapter Five
5.1 Conclusion - - - - - - - - 52
5.2 Recommendation - - - - - - - 52
References - - - - - - - - 55
Appendixes - - - - - - - - 56 1
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How to Start a Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business in Nigeria

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